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Jim Crawford's podcast (THD) contains many clues. It is available on youtube at , in downloadable MP3 at , and has it's own Wiki at .


The original premise was that Jim Crawford would look up a random topic on his phone, while catching the train home from recording Video Game Hotdog. He narrates the experience and reads out some of the web pages he comes across.

Later episodes have varied from this premise, with a monthly 'GDC Hot Dog', recorded by Jim Crawford, Rachel Sala and Justin Bortnick as they drove to and from the Game Developer's Conference in March 2015, and several one-off specials.

Jim also admitted on the 'How was work' podcast that recent episodes have not actually been recorded on a train, and that he has been editing in the train noises.

Rider Mail

Each episode generally opens with a segment called "Rider Mail" where listeners can call or write in, usually by phone at (469) BEARDS-4 or (469) CEASE-PI]. It is also possible to leave a rider mail by posting a youtube comment on a THD episode. Rider Mail may contain clues, but my also contain copious red herrings, because it is impossible to know whether or not an individual message was written as part of the ARG, or sent in by a random listener.

Font Changes

The title cards of Episodes 45 to 60 (inclusive) on Youtube all follow an unusual font pattern. "Train Hot Do" is in one font, the 'G' of Dog, the word 'episode' and number, and the first letter of the episode title are in a second font, and the rest of the episode name is in a third font.

One of the most notable aspects of the font changes is the letter from the episode title in the different font, as this changes from episode to episode, while the rest remains the same; This string is PPAHTCGUWNGNABGL.

GDC Hot Dogs

During the Game Developer's Conference of March 2016, Jim Crawford, Justin Bortnick and Rachel Sala recorded a series of 'GDC Hot Dogs' on their daily commute to and from the conference. 12 editions were recorded, to be release monthly for a full year. Unlike regular THDs, these are all 'out of character', and at times include the developers discussing their work on Frog Fractions 2, though due to the nature of the project, these discussions remain vague.

So far, no clues have been found in any of the GDC Hot Dogs, however the content is often quite interesting as a look behind the scenes of a small development studio, and the goings on of a large gaming conference.


No. Title Subtitle on Wiki Solved Clues Unsolved/Potential Clues
1 Dorf on Golf [This episode transcript is a work in progress, but less of a work in progress than it was a while ago.] The first letter of this episode, when combined with that of the next two, spells out DNA.
2 Nintendo Nepotism [This episode transcript is not yet finished]
3 A History of Username Decoration [This episode transcript is under construction]
4 XOOX [This episode transcript is incomplete] This title is often considered a divider - If there is a DNA related clue hidden in the titles, it is assumed it starts from the next episode.
5 Groovy Adult Master [This episode transcript has some issues.]
6 Drabtz [This episode transcript isn't perfect.]
7 Keyboard Kato [This episode transcript needs your help!]
8 Touch Inference [This episode transcript needs work.]
9 Hot Dog Time Machine [This episode transcript is flawed] Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
10 Steam Hot Dog [This episode transcript is.] Borg King of Spades visible in spectrum.
11 Sedona Party Clowns [This episode transcript will be a real boy some day.] Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
12 Stay On Your Toast [This episode transcript is missing important information] Encoded Message leads to Audio slowed down says "I have a message for/from Jim Crawford" Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
13 Butt Folk [This episode transcript has nothing to prove.] Spectrogram contains gadsby/password123. Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
14 Discharge [This episode transcript is wanting.] Contains a Ridermail from Tunisia discussing time travel. There are Quotation marks in spectrogram around this section.
15 Water Reckoning [This episode transcript is disappointing.] Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
16 A Trip Through the Graphics Pipeline [This episode transcript is a little off]
17 Kitten Gains/Decay Truth [This episode transcript is more like a synopsis] Youtube image shows the title 'Decay Truth' upside down. The wiki page was initially labled 'Kitten Gains', but was edited to 'Decay Truth'. Missing from YouTube playlist.
18 Nightcore Night Court [This episode transcript will feel better next week.] Around 23 minutes into the podcast you can hear the train conductor voice say, "Attention Passengers: Don't believe his lies. Find the truth about the decay. Thank you."

Jim reads the stack trace error incorrectly

19 Dog Holding a Bucket [Only you can improve this episode transcript]
20 BART Noise Reduction Plugin [beep] Pixel Strips in Youtube Thumbnail
21 Shark Lips [This episode transcript is shark lips.] Contains slowed-down speech that is found to be a line from Myst mentioning 'Red Pages'. Jim reads a Ridermail that mentions 'Herbie Screams'
22 Ashen Stools [This] Referenced to on a plane February 3, 19- Possibilities are;The day the music died, 1984; Space Shuttle program: STS-41-B is launched using Space Shuttle Challenger; 1966 – The unmanned Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft makes the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the Moon.
23 Accessory Bolt Holes for Camel [This episode transcript is perfect and should not be changed.] Braille in spectrogram contains the GPS coordinates for Indiecade
24 Flirting in Traffic [Only you can improve this episode transcript.]
25 YouTube Videos I Like [Youtub.]
26 Extrinsic Blood Coagulation Cascade [This episode transcript leaves much to be desired.]
27 Enhance Any Dining Experience [This episode transcript enhances no dining experiences.]
28 The Fifth Most Important Cereal Crop Grown In The World [This episode transcript is rated T for Troubled]
29 Bumper Sandwich Booger Lips [This episode transcript is the best one.] Contains a Slow Scan TV signal, decodes to operation gobbledop picture by using a program called MMSSTV. You just play the audio while the program is running and it automatically recognizes the format and decodes the image. This was most likely meant a Happy Thanksgiving message from the developers.
30 Mobius Face Meeting Itself [] Arcade noise in the background are this
31 Krampusloaf [Kroafuslamp] id3v2 tag info for thd31.mp3:

COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: "We're in space, and space is the place," Began the Champ, pallid utterly; "The madness is running wild, and so shall you."

32 Blini [This episode transcript is delicious.] Jim just says Blini for 2 minutes. He also tweeted "Train Hot Dog, with its most recent episode, has achieved 32-bit fidelity".
33 Bagophily [This episode transcript knows what it likes.]
34 The Brown Devil Inside [This episode transcript is sick of your shit.]
35 No-Han Pics [This episode transcript is shorter than usual.] Jim talks about the "Biger Luke Theory". Suspiciously, Jim read from a page on the wiki that was created only days before the release of the podcast. There was only one reference found to any Bigger Luke theory before the ARG started.
36 Gunmetal and Tennis Balls [This episode transcript smells funny.]
37 Top Ten Citrus Fruits [This episode transcript is mostly rind.] The MP3 version contains a thumbnail of the Museum of Jurassic Technology's logo.
38 Odonym [This episode transcript is how people die.] Missing on Only available on
39 The Invisible World of Urine [This episode transcript should be neither seen nor heard.]
40 GopherVr [This episode transcript contains implicit hyperlinks to itself.]
41 The Noisy Organs [This episode transcript should be seen but not heard.]
42 Ultem Glasses Airplane [This episode transcript can fly with your help.] This episode title has an abnormally large number of anagrams. One of note, due to it's release proximity to the propaganda posters is "line up all art messages". As we have been unable to figure out how we should line up the art messages, this is generally considered to be a coincidence.
43 Desolate Clovis [This episode transcript is Desolate Clovis.] Jim talks about DST, which would seem to reference the camelCasing in the metadata of the Propaganda Posters
44 GDC March Dog [This episode transcript will get to GDC eventually.] The first of a monthly episode recorded by Jim, Justin and Rachel, on their drive to and from the 2016 Game Developer's Conference.
45 Poop Dreads [This episode transcript has the Poop Dreads.] The first in a run of episodes in which the G of Dog, the word 'episode' and number, and the first letter of the episode title, (P, in this case)are in a different font to the rest of the title card on Youtube). This lasts until episode 60.
46 Poison Oak Place [Los Angeles is Poison Oak Place.] Several audio glitches surrounding Jim saying the word 'oak'. In some, it sounds like it is being screamed, possibly by someone else.
47 GDC April Dog [This episode transcript is still at GDC] Appears as 'April GDC Dog' on the Youtube title card, meaning the A is in a different font, rather that the G.
48 Happy Tooth, North Carolina [This episode transcript needs braces.]
49 (The) Modern Day Desk Sentence [Will the real episode transcript please stand up?] The MP3 lists the title as Modern Day Desk Sentence, while Youtube lists it as The Modern Day Desk Sentence.
50 Cronenburger [This episode transcript is the most delicious burger.]
51 GDC May Dog [This GDC May Dog] Transcript by Quaxo
52 Unicode Disaster [This episode transcript is less of a Unicode Disaster than expected]
53 Waffles Are For Pubic Lice_ Pancakes Are For Head Lice [This episode transcript is for armpit rice]
54 Nictitating Membrane [This episode transcript can only be seen if you annoy the cat.]
55 GDC June Dog [At press time this GDC June Dog has yet to receive a sandwich.]
56 Numerous Usurpers [This episode transcript is pretty hungry]
57 A More Glabrous Body [This episode transcript traps pheromones]
58 Beef Despair [My other episode transcript is a porsche]
59 GDC July Dog [Sometimes a cigar is just this episode transcript]
60 Let Me Show You Them [This episode transcript has caught some of them]
61 Likes: Standing Up Against Tyranny [This episode transcript is a strict constitutionalist] From this episode, the unusual font changes that began in episode 45 have returned to normal.
62 Pineapple Hot Dog [This episode's transcript is unfit for human consumption.]
63 The One Where Jim Doesn't Talk [This episode transcript is the best yet] Hosted by Justin, rather than Jim. He reads out a list of events that occurred in 1901, tying into his recent references to this era. Many of the facts are inaccurate, including Abraham Lincoln being exhumed and becoming the first Cyborg, and Alfred Nobel inventing antimatter. Annie Taylor going over Niagara Falls in a barrel is also mentioned, which he also brought up in a previous podcast.
64 GDC August Dog [This episode encourages bored games.]
65 The Other One Where Jim Doesn't Talk [This Episode puts the Tea in THD] [This summary puts the 'in' into inaccurate] [This summary is a work o fart, like a Pablum Picasso. See below for an attempt at transcription.] This episode was recorded by ARGer Terkim Fethrog, who sent it to Jim to upload. At the 6 minute mark there is a message in morse code that has been translated to; "Terkim Fethrog is with you. Stay Safe. Frog got your back." There are several incidents of backwards speech. When played reversed they say "Let's keep this time loop" and "I wonder if I can escape this time loop".
66 Mom Dream XncQwf4XncQwf4 Jim googles shit in front of (Frog Fractions 2 sound designer) Ryan Ike.
67 Mommy's Milk Cheese [This Transcript is For the Wonder of it all meet me at Foxwoods]
68 GDC September Dog
69 Conical Steamed Buns China This episode was recorded by ARGer myansar.
70 Moonrooves
71 GDC October Dog
72 Wander Also the Orbit The train is extremely loud These episodes were released on the same day
73 A Big Papers Please Screenshot Background audio is loud at times These episodes were released on the same day
74 Manufacture Your Critter This episode contains Ridermails from three members of the FF2 Discord who did not send the messages in, implying either the Ridermails crossed over from an alternate timeline, or that the episode itself originated there.
75 GDC November Dog