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In March of 2017, Pangent Technologies announced an outreach request, including a personality test and a Locker Reservation system. It appears the tumblr post on Pangent's blog is gone, but the information is still available on our 'solves' blog here

The message in the post was as follows:

Are you smarter than the crowd? Are you motivated and ready to innovate? Do you see patterns where others only see noise?
Then you may be able to join our team! Fifty-four new positions have opened up, that can be handled remotely or at our sister locations.
Create the future with us! Help us unlock the secrets of a changing world!
Try our free personality test and make your reservation today via our social media. We will be in contact.

The personality test is available here

Once a Locker Reservation was made, Pangent created a puzzle revealing the reservation. Here is a list of the solved Locker Reservations, and links to the solves blog which describes how the puzzles were solved.

The goal was 54 lockers and as of November 12, 2020, all 54 were solved.


# Locker Reservation/Dedication Solution Link
1 Locker #1 (of 54) claimed by user MayorSassenheim in the name of David Lynch and the cats of Cat Town. 158801478563
2 Locker 2 reserved by Lucario in the name of Thom Yorke. 158761814153
3 Locker 3 reserved by Timescape in loving memory of Horselover Fat. 158762278828
4 Locker 4 reserved by Randomiser in the name of Luigi. 158764977618
5 Locker 5 reserved by Renpy in the name of Linnell Flansburgh. 158764977618
6 Locker 6 reserved by Dopler in the name of Gangow. 158762672323
7 Locker 7 reserved by Szescian in the name of Spice and penguins. 158763741013
8 Locker 8 reserved by W1ckr in the name of Kvothe FRP2 158762909803
9 Locker 9 reserved by Taurtini in the name of Roxy Lalonde 158764231968
10 Locker 10 reserved by Agent-Codex in the name of Mike Grisha. 158764977618
11 Locker 11 reserved by Benzopyrene-612 in the name of Luck I Am Your Father. 158800579298
12 Locker 12 reserved by Majora-12 in the name of Thyme. 158835012348
13 Locker 13 reserved by Tron in the name of Olivia Wilde-n-John. 620244352737918976
14 Locker 14 reserved by Gavin Lorenz in the name of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. 620244352737918976
15 Locker 15 reserved by Omega12 in the name of Niklaren Goldeye. 620244352737918976
16 Locker 16 reserved by Doctah in the name of Rick James. 159475658093
17 Locker 17 reserved by Gh0sttrick in the name of Test Solution, Please Ignore. 159475658093
18 Locker 18 reserved by Catcat in the name of Felis Margarita and some other cats. 159475658093
19 Locker 19 reserved by Digitalis in the name of Dinkies McYankies. 159475658093
2 Locker 20 reserved by Diamondpenguin in the name of best girl Megumin.0 159475658093
21 Locker 21 reserved by Every Song is Worth a Million Words in the name of Phil Collins. 159475658093
22 Locker 22 reserved by PoppyJ in the name of Viktor Vaughn. 159475658093
23 Locker 23 reserved by Chemical Kid in the name of Caelus Deus. 159475658093
24 Locker 24 reserved by Orion in the name of Dan Fox. 159479085108
25 Locker 25 reserved by LevelOneKnob in the name of an endless swarm of bees. 159660383523
26 Locker 26 reserved by Zaelong, under the name of Gavin Hawkins 161403405828
27 Locker 27 reserved by Kuurbis in the name of Menger Sponges 162064798778
28 Locker 28 reserved by ORiginalname999 under the name of locker mc lockerface 161403653523
29 Locker 29 reserved by Silox in the name of Smash Mouth - All Star 164419697083
30 Locker 30 reserved by Percy Miles in the name of Dark Matter. 163849212653
31 Locker 31 reserved by Kbloowit in the name of cute pictures involving cats. 164644903963
32 Locker 32 reserved by Whirls in the name of The Final Pam (Locker32/Whirls/The Final Pam) 164646647223
33 Locker 33 reserved by Arteris in the name of PeanutButter (Locker33/Arteris/PeanutButter) 164646647223
34 Locker 34 reserved for Blu, in the name of Prince Sidon. 165950207668
35 Locker 35 reserved by Axwell in the name of Rocket League 176382723063
36 Locker 36 reserved by un1dent1fied in the name of the art of concealment. 166685087523
37 Locker 37 reserved by Jasper in the name of Reno 170288075653
38 Locker 38 reserved by Phagequack in the name of the Illuminati 171433635888
39 Locker 39 reserved in Memory of George Buzinkai 183176715753
40 Locker 40 reserved by FanboyGamer64 in memory of Tumblr and female presenting nipples. 628117229050937344
41 Locker 41 reserved by DarkSentinel in the name of Really Bad Superhero Movies. 183177631063
42 Locker 42 reserved by Zomperzon in memory of a childhood frisbee lost to the sewers 628117229050937344
43 Locker 43 reserved by Argentina in memory of Peter Mayhew 185185367283
44 Locker 44 reserved by Guineapix in the name of Tfarchctiw Dna Cigam 187398130318
45 Locker 45 reserved by Cricket in the name of Team Rocket 628117229050937344
46 Locker 46 reserved by SeptaCube in dedication to the independent programmers of the world. 641160649917038592
47 Locker 47 reserved for Sofia Padre in the name of Grand-Kitty Rex 641162064462757888
48 Locker 48 reserved for Sirkdas in the name of the CIA 187398461678
49 Locker 49 reserved for ScopingLandscape in the name of My Little Gravity Falls: Steven Universe is Magic 641161671973486592
50 Locker 50 reserved for Mr. Alex in the name of whisky_love 641162352715317248
51 Locker 51 reserved for Frogmoss 10 in the name of Luke Skywalker 641165267110690816
52 Locker 52 reserved for Intrigued Voyager in the name of Amber. 641162941080731648
53 Locker 53 reserved for sesamepinwheel twenty four in the name of Jack in the Box. 641164958766399488
54 Locker 54 reserved for GreenJam in the name of Karl Marx. 641164549227216896

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