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Intel ARG
A race to earn wonderful prizes
Type Investigation
Creator Intel Corporation
Discovered 2017-3-16

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The following is the chronological documentation of a series of puzzles by Intel.

Intel AI video

On February 21, 2017, Intel Software posted a video titled "Intel® AI Pursuit" to YouTube. It lasted 29 seconds. The description simply read, "Hello world Shall we play a game? Follow the clues." The Game Detectives became aware of the video's existence on March 16th. A string of JavaScript was discovered scattered in the video. b986465b8d.png

The section (){var a,b,c; for(myArr=["S","ud","o"],urArr=["c","it","y"] was found in the text. This led to the discovery of the website, a potential hub for the ARG.


At 0.02 on the video, text was found that contained URLs and telephone numbers. It also contained incoherent strings which were later discovered to be hashes. These hashes hinted at the existence of the website, but their purpose is yet unknown.

Sudo City website

When registering for the Sudo City page, you are asked for an e-mail address and country of origin. When you have registered successfully, you are redirected to a thank-you page. The trail appears to end there. However, the following was discovered in the website's source code:

Intelsource1.png Intelsource2.png

The Singularity

The "singularity" text decodes via hex to a phone number. Calling that number led to a recorded message. The recording contained an e-mail address- [email protected]. The name Delta Inducers led solvers to an artist by the same name, and a track titled Dark Dreaming.

Delta Inducers

Running a spectrogram at the tail of the track yields the following image:


Additionally, the profile picture found in the Delta Inducers site has caught the attention of the solvers, speculating that a matrix bar code (such as QR) could be extracted;


EDIT- This puzzle has been solved, and the solution has been published. it can be found here.