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Layton World
Lady Layton.png
Layton World: A puzzle trail with over 50 different puzzles scattered across the world between June 20th and September 21st, that is based on the new upcoming Professor Layton game!
Type Official
Creator Level-5
Discovered 20-06-2017

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Layton.World is a puzzle trail created by Level-5, the developer behind the Professor Layton games. The puzzle trail started in early June 2017 and is predicted to run until September 2017. Much like the Professor Layton games, the objective of the Layton.World puzzle trail is to solve the 50 puzzles scattered across the world. In order to aid players who cannot reach these real life locations, other players must first find the puzzles and then post them on Twitter with a specific hashtag. Posts with this hastag are then displayed in the "Translaytion" feed of the website, where it is translated to any language the user has chosen when registering. For each puzzle you complete, you earn a currency called Picarats, which determines your global leaderboard ranking, as well as a Roulette ticket, which can be used to earn 1 of 30 collectibles. Players will be able to transfer some of these 30 collectibles to the new Professor Layton game, which releases on July 20th 2017.

Please note: There are no puzzle solutions or hints on this page, as Level-5 does not permit the publishing of puzzle solutions. This page is mainly for story, collectibles, and biographies.

The Story

The Abstraction Contraption and The Global Puzzle Search

Unlock Requirement: Go to the website, comes up as the intro.

The game began with a short exposition:

A mysterious box that spirits away those who open it in the blink of an eye.

"This little box has had me and so many others around the world embroiled in all kinds of puzzles."

"Who on Earth made it? Why? And how?"

"There is both hope and despair metaphorically locked in this box, and as yet, I don't have the key to unlock its secrets."

"It all started one day when a small package arrived at the Layton Detective Agency on Chancer Lane..."

The game then cuts to a scene with Katrielle "Kat" Layton (Professor Hershel Layton's daughter), and her talking dog Sherl receiving the peculiar box mentioned in the speech above:

Kat: Ah-ha, Post!

Sherl: What's in there?

Kat: Perhaps a new case for me to investigate! Let's see...
The contraption

Sherl: It's more of a box than a case. And a letter, is it?
Kat: Hm, it's addressed to Dad... Well, he's not here. So it looks like it's down to me to solve this little puzzle!

Sherl: Don't even think about opening that thing! Not unless you want to see the Sherly gates.

Kat: You know the agency motto: Any mystery solved. So...let's see... How do we open it? Four locks and a button. Hm, let's press it and see what happens.

Sherl: Oh yes, great idea. Press the button on the contraption of doom. Don't be such a cocky spaniel!

Kat: Oh! What's happening? Is, is it some sort of hologram?
Hologram letter.png
Sherl: The power to change the world? Hard to believe when it didn't even do what it said on the tin and abstract us away.

Kat: Well, it sounds like we need to solve all these puzzles if we're going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Sherl: Oh yes, that'll be a walk in the park. There's only fifty of them...scattered all over the world! How are you planning on managing all that?

Kat: Haha, elementary, my dear Spots-on. I'll enlist the help of my international friends!

Sherl: I'm not a dalmatian. I haven't got spots. They're patches. ...And what international friends?

Kat: The ones I'm going to make on the Internet. I had a feeling something like this might happen, so I'm streaming our conversation live as we speak!

Sherl: What? You mean...people are reading this conversation we're having? Right now?

Kat: Yup, every man and his dog! ...With an Internet connection. Friends, if you're reading this, look out for puzzles in your area. We have fifty to find and solve. Remember, if we all work together, we can solve any mystery!

Sherl: Um, yeah... Pups, this Abstraction Contraption is too dangerous for us to handle alone. We need you all to lend a paw.

Kat: So join the mystery journey, people! Let's solve these puzzles. All fifty of them!

Worldwide Celebrity

Unlock Requirement: Complete Puzzles a-e

Discussion between Kat and Sherl about Piko-taro, the creator of PPAP, and the first puzzle.

Kat: You made that look easy. You've got quite a talent for puzzles, haven't you?

Sherl: I'd never have thought Pikotaro was a setter of puzzles... The sly dog.

Kat: He's really popular all around the world now. I can't say I understand why...

Sherl: You don't get it? It's a pen and an apple. Put them together, and you get an apple pen. See? An apple pen.

Kat: Yes... Well, anyway, I'm a little tired. I think some tea

Sherl: Might? You seemed to drift away there at the end. Is something on your mind?

Kat: I have tea... I have an apple... Uh... Apple tea!

Sherl: Hm, that actually makes a lot more sense than an apple pen. Give it a Gangnam setting, and that could catch on.

Kat and the Parisians

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles f-j

Discussion about Paris, the location for puzzle i, and the quality of the dogs living there.

Kat: The Eiffel Tower almost touches the sky, doesn't it? I certainly didn't expect our puzzle hunt to bring us to Paris!

Sherl: This place is swish. I mean, tail-swishingly swish. All the dogs have shiny collars.

Kat: Parisians have such style, don't they? They can make taking the dog for a walk look chic. ...Although you can only work with the material you're given, I suppose.

Sherl: Hm? Are you looking at me?

Kat: .........

Sherl: Are you trying to say I'm scruffy? Is that it?

Kat: .........

Sherl: What, has some other cat got your tongue? Say something!

Katrielle's Sushi Strategy

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles k-o

Kat tries to get one of the coconspirators to 'spill the beans' by using sushi.

Kat: Hmm, who are those gentlemen handing out fans around Tokyo, I wonder...?

Sherl: They must be coconspirators with whomever has a hand in the "Abstraction Contraption". Were you able to get any information from them?

Kat: No matter what I ask them, they claim to know nothing. I wonder how we can get them to spill the beans...That's it! What do Japanese people love more than anything? Sushi of course! We'll lure them with sushi!

Unknown Gentleman: .........

Kat: ...This exquisite snow-like marbling! What an incredibly sumptuous looking piece of toro sushi! Now sir, if you tell me who sent you, I'll allow you to partake in this delicate delight!

Unknown Gentleman.........

Kat: Oh you don't want it? Well then, allow me! Mm! So delicious!

Unknown Gentleman:.........

Kat: Haha. Next up is the diamond-like sparkle of this plump yellowtail sushi!

Unknown Gentleman:.........

Kat: Here, open wide....*gulp* Too bad! I've already eaten it!

—1 Hour Later—

Kat: Mmm...I'm so full. I think I've got all the answers I need from you today…

Sherl: ...This is hopeless. We'll just have to move on to the next puzzle!

The Movie Capital of the World, Hollywood!

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles p-t

Kat and Sherl go to the location of puzzle s, Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

Sherl: Incredible! So this is Hollywood!?

Kat: I hear a puzzle has begun at the TCL Chinese Theatre! What a magnificent box!

Sherl: Look! Hand and foot prints from Hollywood celebrities!

Kat: Everyone knows these movie stars! Incredible!

Sherl: It's a real cinema! You can see all the new films here!

Kat: Really!? Then let's go see one!

Sherl: Ah! I wonder if they have durian popcorn...?

Kat: Well then, let's go! Oh.......hmm? What's that? Dogs are not permitted in the theatre?

Sherl: .........

Kat: ......I'm afraid there's nothing I can do! I'll tell you all about it after the film!

Breaking News! This Dog Tells All!

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles u-y

Kat tries get publicity through The New York Times, by using Sherl as a "scoop".

Sherl: Thanks to everyone's help, we solved the puzzle!

Kat: Who would believe that even the New York Times would release a puzzle...That's it! Do you think that if the New York Times were to do a story on me, I would make even more friends?

Sherl: Well yes, probably, but how do you expect to convince them?

Kat: Hmm. Do you think a talking dog would be a big enough scoop?

Sherl: I refuse! Besides, only a few such as yourself can even hear me!

Kat: Okay then, how about we join the circus as the dog that understands human speech and follows my orders! We'll be rich!

Sherl: I refuse---!

The Fountain and the Coin

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles z-D

Kat celebrates solving the puzzle in Rome by tossing coins into the Trevi fountain.

Kat: We've solved the puzzle in Rome! Why don't we visit the Trevi Fountain to celebrate?

Sherl: Oh! So this is the Trevi Fountain! They say that if you throw a coin into the fountain with your back turned, you'll be able to come back to Rome someday.

Kat: Perfect! I would love to come back to Rome. I'll give it a try! Turn my back and...!

Kat: .........

Sherl: .........

Kat: Hmm? Not even a plop. I wonder if I missed. Hmm...Sherl? Why is your tail wagging?

Sherl: What? Oh, n-nothing...

Kat: Hmm...Open your mouth!

Sherl: S-stop!

Kat: I knew it! Why have you eaten my coin!

Sherl: Ah see...when someone throws something, I can't help myself...I just have to catch it.

Kat: Now, I'm going to try one more time, so please contain yourself! Here goes!

Sherl: .........Errghhh! I can't help myself!!

Sherl's Big Match!

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles E-I

Kat and Sherl go to the baseball stadium where puzzle F was located.

Kat: To think there would be a puzzle in a baseball park! I've always wanted to see an authentic American baseball match. Let's go!!

Sherl: Whee! How exciting!!

Kat: …Look at that hit! Amazing!! It's a homerun!

Sherl: Ugh… Groan…

Kat: C'mon Sherl, be a little more excited. You just saw a homerun!

Sherl: Katrielle! L- Let's get out of here!! I can't take it any longer!

Kat: What!? What's wrong?

Sherl: I want to run and catch all the flying balls, but there are too many of them to catch! It's torture!

Kat: …Sometimes I wonder why my partner is a dog.

Smoke at the Shrine

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles J-N

Kat and Sherl visit a shrine in Kyoto.

Kat: We solved the Kyoto puzzle! Well then, shall we visit the shrine since we're here?

Sherl: So this is a Japanese shrine! What a view! Hey, what's that? They're all bathing in the smoke…

Kat: Hmm.. Yes, I believe that's incense. Apparently, there's a tradition of bathing parts of the body in the smoke to make them better. For example, you could bathe your head to make yourself smarter.

Sherl: Wow! I want to bathe in it too! Pick me up and put my head in the smoke, Katrielle!

Kat: Hmm… Your legs are quite short. Let's do those too.

Sherl: It's fine, Katrielle. Put me down. I'm choking on the smoke…

Kat: And your face isn't exactly ideal. We've got to get that too.

Sherl: H- Hey! Wait!

Kat: Let's see… What else…

Sherl: Hurry up and put me down!!!

Puzzle-Solving at the Olympics

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles O-S

Kat and Sherl visit Munich(where the Olympics were once held).

Sherl: So we're in Munich this time. They had the Olympics here, didn't they?

Kat: The Olympics… Don't you think they should add puzzle-solving as an event?

Sherl: Hmm… That's an interesting idea!

Kat: Do you think that papa would return?

Sherl: Katrielle...

Kat: I could also put the puzzles I've solved so far in a prep guide and sell it for some good money…

Sherl: Katrielle...?

Kat: And I'll get even more money if I, detective extraordinaire, were to win the gold!

Sherl: Katrielle...!?

Kat: But that would mean that everyone who solved the puzzles with me would be a rival, huh…? A bit intimidating… But it means I could go all-out! Right! I've decided! Let's do it!!

Sherl: Hey! Where are you going, Katrielle! Waaaait!!!

Triumph in London

Unlock Requirement: Complete puzzles T-X

Kat and Sherl visit Big Ben in London, before returning to their detective office.

Kat: We're back in London!

Sherl: I can't believe there was a puzzle in Big Ben!

Kat: It reminds me of the time the hands on Big Ben disappeared.

Sherl: And this time it's people disappearing! Things are always disappearing…

Kat: But I'm sure we can get to the bottom of it. Let's head back to the office and organize our clues!

Kat: Hello there, my lovely detective office! Ooh… It's quite chilly in here.

Sherl: I- Is this…

Kat: Eek! We left the air conditioner on!

Sherl: Now that you mention it, it was stifling on the day we left. How many days has it been…?

Kat: This time what will disappear will be my money!

The First Key And Note

Unlock Requirement: Open the first lock(Complete puzzles a-o)

The first lock is opened, revealing a cryptic note.

Kat: Finally, we've undone the first lock.
Sherl: We're in! Now...what's it hiding?
Kat:It looks like...a note from someone, is it?
Sherl: Oh...

Kat: Perhaps it was written by the old owner of the box? Oh! Or maybe even the person who made the box!

Sherl: Well we're not dead. And we haven't been turned into abstract art. The mystery deepens...

Kat: Yes. Well, all we can do is keep solving the puzzles and hope that reveals some clues.

Codes and War

Unlock Requirement: Open the second lock(Unknown how to do so)

The second lock is opened, revealing more details about the machine.

Sherl: Finally! We've opened the second lock.
Kat: Oh look. It's a new note.
Sherl: A story about an old war, huh…

Kat: The puzzles were used in the war… I can't imagine…

Sherl: But what on earth does this story have to do with the "Abstraction Contraption"?

Kat: Could it be… No, we don't have enough information yet. Let's solve the puzzle!

The Name of the Box

Unlock Requirement: Open the third lock(complete puzzles a-S)

The 3rd lock is opened, and Kat thinks she has an explanation...

Sherl: We've opened the third lock!

Kat: The last note had a story about how the doctor made an encryption machine for the war. I wonder what we'll find this time…

Sherl: It looks like a continuation of the story.
Kat: Artur Schmidt… The famous deceased mathematician? So he made this box…

Sherl: But what the heck is a regenerating box!?

Kat: A regenerating box… Ah-ha! I think I've solved the mystery disappearances!

Sherl: What!? Really??

Kat: Yes, the people who experienced disappearances...

Sherl: C'mon Katrielle! Explain your reasoning!

Kat: In order to know the complete truth behind this mystery, we'll have to solve all the remaining puzzles. Everyone! Please solve the remaining puzzles! Everything will be clear at that point.

Sherl: Hmm… I'm still in the dark. Almost there... We're counting on you, guys!

The Last Puzzle

Unlock Requirement: Open the fourth lock(complete puzzles a-W)

The 4th and final lock is opened, making the way for one final puzzle.

Sherl: Well done, everyone! With this, we'll be able to open the last lock! Who knows, we might vanish, so let's open it carefully…

Kat: Hup!

Sherl: Hey Katrielle! Can't you be more careful!?

Kat: Don't worry. I think what we'll find is…

Sherl: What we'll find is…?

Kat: The last puzzle!

Puzzles that Connect the World

Unlock Requirement: Complete all puzzles

All of the puzzles are completed, and Artur Schmidt's final message is revealed.

Kat: Now we've finally solved all the puzzles!

Sherl: Good job you guys, solving all these puzzles! But what will happen now? Will we vanish!?

Kat: I'm pretty sure this means Professor Artur's plan has been completed! Let's unveil the truth!
Sherl: So that's why the puzzles were all around the world! But what about the disappearances!? Why did the people who opened the boxes vanish!?

Kat: It's not easy to set up puzzles around the world. And the professor's time on earth was limited. So he needed help from a lot of people.

Sherl: S- So, the people who vanished…

Kat: Are the people who set up the puzzles for us!

Sherl: What---!?
Sherl: I see… So the reason people seemed like they had vanished, was because they were busy solving the puzzles…?

Kat: Wow, the professor really managed to touch a lot of people with his plan!

Sherl: You knew the truth, but you persevered to the last puzzle, just like the professor wanted!

Kat: You're right… I think I understood what the professor was trying to do. Mr. Schmidt was quite a man.
Kat: Professor… Don't worry! I'm sure the people who solved your puzzles understand just how many people were connected, and how incredible that power is!
Kat: I couldn't have done it alone… And it also wasn't just Alice(discoverer of Puzzle n), Anna (discoverer of Puzzle s), Jack (participant of Puzzle s) or Zoe (discoverer of Puzzle h).

Kat: Everyone around the world cooperated to solve the 50 puzzles. Yes, the puzzles connected the world!

Sherl: People we didn't even know cooperated with us. The professor's plan was incredible!

Kat: Yes. And even if the world breaks apart again, we can use this box to create new puzzles, and have an even bigger puzzle-solving festival!

Sherl: What a wonderful idea!

Kat: But now that we've solved the puzzles, our adventure is over… We'll have to say goodbye.

Sherl: You're right… Thanks to everyone around the world! Even if we part ways now, I'm sure we can connect again! See you then!

Kat: Thank you so much! Please solve puzzles with me again the next time we meet. Goodbye!


Kat:And that's how our journey came to an end.

I'll never forget this adventure that took me around the world, and all the people I met.

Puzzles connect the world.

Puzzles connect the world.They might connect me to papa as well.

They might connect me to papa as well.In fact, they might connect me to everyone at some point.

So keep solving puzzles, you guys! I know I will!

Keep solving, and I'm sure we'll meet again.



There are 30 collectables that you can earn from spinning the roulette wheel. Some of these 30 items can be transferred to the next Professor Layton game, called Layton's Mystery Journey, as use as a decorative item.

Image No. Name Description Transferable
Pyjamas.png No.1. Kat's Pyjamas Loose clothing that's just right for relaxing. Yes
Walls.png No.2. Ancient Civilisation Walls A wall design that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Flooring.png No.3. Ancient Civilisation Flooring Flooring that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Curtains.png No.4. Ancient Civilisation Curtains Curtains that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Mat.png No.5. Ancient Civilisation Rug A rug that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Table.png No.6. Ancient Civilisation Table A table that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Chair.png No.7. Ancient Civilisation Chair A chair that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Sofa.png No.8. Ancient Civilisation Sofa A sofa that evokes the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Cushion b.png No.9. Ancient Civilisation Cushions Cushions that evoke the mystery of a forgotten time. Yes
Cushion.png] No.10. Large Cat Cushion A fluffy feline cushion from Madame Doublée's residence. It feels divine! No
Striped.png No.11. Stuffed Striped Cat A stripy and catty soft toy from the Doublée residence. Rather cute...for a jail cat! No
Statues.png No.12. Cat Statue Triumvirate A set of three cat statues found in the Doublée residence. They look like purrfect sentries. No
Tea.png No.13. Agency Tea Set A tea set that no self-respecting English gentlewoman would be without. No
Ship.png No.14. Luxury Liner Model A magnificent model that graces the foyer of the Saveloy Theatre. No
Projector.png No.15. Saveloy Film Projector A cutting-edge projector recently purchased for the cinema. Not a blemish on it anywhere. No
Reel.png No.16. Saveloy Film Reel A reel of film belonging to a certain someone's masterpiece. No
Movie.png No.17. Saveloy Film Poster The poster for ‘A Naval Advance: No Sub For Love’ — a much-talked-about film by Maverick D. Rector. No
Bicycle.png No.18. Katrielle's Bicycle Kat's cherished transportation. It has a basket and a saddle bag. No
Biscuits.png No.19. Lipski Bicky These special biscuits are a must-have treat at tea time. No
House.png No.20. Lipski House of Sweets This model made of all things sweet has been crafted down to the finest details. No
Tower.png No.21. Lipski Tower of Sweets A dessert stand that makes afternoon tea all the more special...and worthwhile! No
Vase.png No.22. Lipski Vase and Flowers These red roses have a sweet, sugary scent. No
Cuckoo.png No.23. Lipski Wall Clock For some reason, this clock's hands have stopped. Well, it's probably tea time anyway! No
Sweets.png No.24. Lipski Sweets Multicoloured, fruit-flavoured bonbons that are well worth sucking on. No
Lamp.png No.25. Lipski's Lamp A very elegant lamp shaped like a tulip. No
Bear.png No.26. Lipski's Big Bear Everyone notices this enormous bear when they come into Lipski's pâtisserie. No
Case.png No.27. Agency Suitcase This travel case sits in the corner of the Layton Detective Industry. No
Alarm.png No.28. Agency Alarm Clock Though small, this alarm clock has an ear-piercing ring. No
Calendar.png No.29. Agency Calendar A calendar contains all the important dates that Kat needs to keep track of...when Ernest isn't around. No
Wireless.png No.30. Agency Wireless This radio is an essential piece of detective equipment for gathering information. No


For each puzzle that you complete, you will gain 'Picarats', a points system that determines your ranking in the world. If you gain enough picarats, you can also be featured on the leaderboard as one of the top 50 people in the world, at ranking.html. The amount of picarats you gain from each puzzle is as follows:

a. I Have a Puzzle...: 60 Picarats

b. Block The Letters: 90 Picarats

c. Two's Company: 50 Picarats

d. Balloon Puzzle: 60 Picarats

e. Chew On This Puzzle!: 50 Picarats

f. A Puzzle Of Nothing But Hats: 60 Picarats

g. We've Got This Puzzle Surrounded: 75 Picarats

h. A Bridge Puzzle: 80 Picarats

i. A Curious Math Puzzle: 75 Picarats

j. A 3-Colored Hat Puzzle: 80 Picarats

k. A Puzzle of Straight and Curved Lines: 60 Picarats

l. A Bullfighter Puzzle: 80 Picarats

m. A Puzzle of Fractions: 55 Picarats

n. A Pizza Puzzle: 50 Picarats

o. A Puzzle of Fasteners and Fittings: 60 Picarats

p. A Puzzle of Ancient Glyphs: 50 Picarats

q. Contemplate 88: 60 Picarats

r. Full to the Brim: 75 Picarats

s. The Mysterious Four Shapes: 70 Picarats

t. A Hidden Hint: 65 Picarats

u. Musical Mystery: 70 Picarats

v. The Shuriken Secret: 60 Picarats

w. Two Times Topsy-turvy: 80 Picarats

x. A Chess Mystery: 60 Picarats

y. Square Things Away: 80 Picarats

z. Hide and Seek: 75 Picarats

A. Jigsaw Puzzle: 70 Picarats

B. Macaroon Mystery: 65 Picarats

C. Animal Antics: 70 Picarats

D. The Interloper: 100 Picarats

E. Follow The Instructions: 70 Picarats

F. The Mysterious Coloured Balls: 60 Picarats

G. Video Mystery: 80 Picarats

H. Meat Pie Mystery: 50 Picarats

I. These Days are Numbered: 60 Picarats

J. A Colourful Puzzle: 50 Picarats

K. Invention Puzzle: 60 Picarats

L. A Magnified Mystery: 65 Picarats

M. A Puzzling SOS: 65 Picarats

N. A Pile-on Puzzle: 70 Picarats

O. The Mysterious T-Shirt: 50 Picarats

P. A Problem of Scale: 70 Picarats

Q. A Puzzle Out of This World: 60 Picarats

R. A Polarising Puzzle: 70 Picarats

S. A Window Puzzle: 60 Picarats

T. A Place Name Puzzle: 50 Picarats

U. A Puzzle in Time: 90 Picarats

V. Something's Stupid: 55 Picarats

W. The Korean Mystery: 60 Picarats

X. The Final Puzzle: 100 Picarats

This puts the grand total of all picarats from all puzzles at 3330 Picarats.

However, extra picarats can be awarded in the form of a time bonus. It is unclear what the maximum amount of bonus picarats per puzzle is, but the general assumption is that it is 10 per puzzle.

This then puts the grand total of maximum picarats with time bonuses included at 3830 Picarats.

However, the highest score on the leaderboards at the end of the event is 4034 picarats, achieved by Minami. There must therefore be another method of earning extra picarats. The most likely method is via being one of the first people to complete a puzzle, but the amount of people that get the bonus is unknown.