Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

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Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
Completed on 2016-09-09
LFH Mount.jpg
The Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a secret mount hidden in World of Warcraft, obtained by locating 5 Ephemeral Crystals.
Type Official
Creator Blizzard Entertainment
Discovered 2016-09-01
Completed 2016-09-09

Most of the information on this wiki page was taken from this guide, written by Super.

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The Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a secret mount hidden in World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard Entertainment.

The primary solving hub for this puzzle was the WoW General Secret Finding Discord.

How to Obtain

An Ephemeral Crystal

The Long Forgotten Hippogryph can be obtained by clicking 5 Ephemeral Crystals that spawn in random locations across Azsuna. The crystals can be activated in any order. After using the first crystal, a player is granted a hidden buff called Crystal Dummy Aura, which lasts for 8 hours. If this buff has expired by the time the fifth crystal is activated, the mount will not unlock; effectively, players are on an 8 hour time limit to find all 5 crystals.

After a server restart, only one crystal will have spawned. Activating the first crystal causes the second crystal to spawn, and so on and so forth. More than one person is able to click any given crystal, but only the first one to click all five crystals receives the mount. Additionally, clicking the final crystal causes all 5 crystals to despawn, so only one player can receive the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph during any given cycle.

After a player clicks all 5 Ephemeral Crystals, the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph appear in the player's bag. Additionally, the following message is displayed for every player in the zone:

LFH Caw Message.png

Crystal Locations

Here is a list of all known coordinate locations in Azsuna where the Ephemeral Crystals may spawn. The list is taken from this Pastebin.

/way 29.68 26.84 (on island)
/way 30.30 23.95 (in the cave)
/way 30 36 (corner crack between the hills on an island)
/way 34.91 17.15 (behind the ruins)
/way 34.8 35.3 (on cliff's edge)
/way 34.6 35.7 (in cave, bottom of the hill)
/way 35 22 (beachside near the water)
/way 35.72 25.07 (beside tree; lantern & fence)
/way 36.55 12.15 (in the open; PvP zone)
/way 36 23 (between two trees on road)
/way 35.6 37.8 (next to tree - Llothien Highlands)
/way 36 36 (on cliff's edge)
/way 37 21.75 (by tree)
/way 37.5 32.9 (behind wall; bush & tree)
/way 38.69 9.31 (on green land, next to bush)
/way 40.3 32.8 (next to tree)
/way 40.55 37.6 (center of road, beside tree)
/way 40.72 35.90 (next to tree)
/way 41.4 31 (inside Llothien Grizzly cave to the right)
/way 42.2 8.5 (on hillside)
/way 42.66 18.06 (inside Runa’s Hovel Cave; on rock, between spine and skull)
/way 42.2 62.3 (on hill, near Cove Skrog)
/way 42.9 28.8 (behind tree next to Doomlord Kazrok)
/way 44.1 59.8 (on tiny hill, next to the ship)
/way 45.5 17.2 (next to lake, where lake turns to river)
/way 45.42 45.42 (next to tree, east of Illidari Stand flight path)
/way 45 53.6 (at the coast; inside the broken half of a ship)
/way 46.56, 8.53 (next to tree)
/way 46.90 17.75 (at the top of slope)
/way 46.9 49 (up on hill, behind tree)
/way 46.58 53.60 (between some rocks, by sleeping bears)
/way 47.1 25.8 (next to the blue crystal lake where Senegos lies)
/way 47.2 33 (next to the river)
/way 47.30 61.90 (between two rocks, on hillside)
/way 48.88 45.61 (on a rock)
/way 48 48 (next to two neutral giants, bottom of valley)
/way 48.05 52.70 (cave next to some piles of gold, inside Oceanus Cove)
/way 48.57 57.28 (inside broken ship, inside Oceanus Cove)
/way 49 8 (on little rock, inside Lair of the Deposed Cave)
/way 49.4 24 (inside bushes, behind shrine, up on a hill - overlooking Azurewing Repose)
/way 49.39 27.70 (next to tree - a little hidden)
/way 49.3 31.5 (south from Azurewing Repose, corner of hill behind bush)
/way 49.30 50.55 (behind the sleeping giant)
/way 49.18, 53.54 (on cliff, just above the bridge where Warbringer Mox'na patrols)
/way 49.67 55.35 (next to some piles of gold, inside Oceanus Cove)
/way 49.28 58.03 (by broken pillar, right next to bride and groom)
/way 50.5 16.4 (between three trees on left with unicorn horses)
/way 50.5 20.3 (inside Leyhollow Crystal Cave)
/way 50.21 23.49 (very hidden! - it's inside the crystal formation, only the tip shows)
/way 50 33.1 (next to shells and hut in murloc area)
/way 50.73 49.89 (inside cave with some neutral NPCs at Shipwreck Arena)
/way 50.48 56.99 (in cave to left, close to eternal bride and groom)
/way 51.4, 37.6 (underwater)
/way 51 65 (next to tied rope around the poles)
/way 51.8, 57.6 (corner, next to broken ship, inside Oceanus Cove)
/way 52.4 13.4 (next to tree - Rhut'van Passage)
/way 52.29 25.10 (off road, next to tree - a little hidden)
/way 52.15 31.85 (by shrine)
/way 52.96 35.94 (underwater, next to Narthalas Academy)
/way 52.7 57.9 (up on hill, around giants)
/way 53.36 26.08 (between three trees, to left of the path)
/way 53.70 28.05 (in cave, by river)
/way 53.61 63.36 (by torch, inside alcove)
/way 54.33 26.03 (next to roots of tree)
/way 54.8 28 (behind tree, next to lake)
/way 54.1 27.6 (behind cement hut, in bushes)
/way 54.8 28 (behind tree, next to lake)(edited)
/way 54.5 33.5 (in lake, next to basilisks)
/way 54.85 52.25 (inside cave where Cole neutral mob is)
/way 55.55 10.30 (up the side of the cliff)
/way 55.9 29.4 (inside the three pillars to right of the building where Pridelord Meowl is)
/way 55.56 32.72 (bottom of cliff, next to tree)
/way 55 55 (bottom of hill)
/way 56.42 12.56 (by pink flower)
/way 56.9 38.84 (at edge of land and water)
/way 56.92 26 (inside the cave at Llothein, entrance: 55.7, 25.4)
/way 56.27 40.40 (in lake, under the bridge)
/way 57.40 16.79 (at Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar, on edge of hill)
/way 57.5 26.6 (next to road)
/way 57 31 (next to statue, in middle of circle)
/way 57.69 42.31 (inside cave with big giant)
/way 58.22 24.65 (by tree, on the top of cliff)
/way 58.81 45.02 (in cave at Ruins of Nar’thalas; on rock between spine and skull - Commander Eksis)
/way 59.7 37.7 (on edge of hill, next to tree)
/way 59.06 37.48 (near female NE statue)
/way 59.3 38.3 (behind naga tent)
/way 60.66 17.87 (next to tree)
/way 60 27.8 (behind tree)
/way 60.1 35 (next to broken pillar)
/way 60.2 54.6 (near shadowfiends, under little half tent)
/way 60.4 46.7 (to left of blue teleporter cave)
/way 60 49 (bottom edge of hill)
/way 60.1 53.2 (next to a shadowfiends)
/way 61.1 30.4 (cave, on rock, to the right)
/way 61.9 30.9 (behind tree, up on hill)
/way 61.6 40.1 (next to tree, near Eye of Azshara portal)
/way 62.25 35.90 (by trees)
/way 62.3 40.5 (next to naga tent)
/way 62.65 52.46 (next to tree - Olivian Veil)
/way 62.2 54.7 (next to tree)
/way 63.38 46.14 (under tree)
/way 63.48 54 (cave for imp quest - Gloombound Barrow 63.48, 54.00.)
/way 64.41 33.22 (near crossroads; near the table in The Empyrean Society Enclave)
/way 65.4 29.5 (inside stump of big tree - Felblaze Ingress)
/way 65.5 42.4 (next to water; near bridge, in the corner of Hatecoil Warcamp)
/way 65.15 50.82 (under tree)
/way 67.7 32.8 (down hill, near water - Felblaze Ingress)
/way 67 33.7 (on hill, next to pillars)
/way 67 46 (next to the log)
/way 67.1 52 (outside doorway to building - The Ruined Sanctum)
/way 68.2 24.3 (north of demon camp)
/way 65.4 38.4 (On the hill)

Recommended Route

The route below, made by Super, covers all the coordinates listed above. It has been split into 2 separate loops, so that 2 players can quickly reach all the possible locations. However, this route can still easily be followed by a solo player. Both routes start at the Felblaze Ingress flight point.

LFH Recommended Route.png

Recommended Add-ons

  • TomTom - Allows players to place waypoints on both the map and the minimap
  • Paste - Allows players to copy and paste the entire list of locations into the game to place all TomTom waypoints instantly
  • Routes - Allows players to create routes that are shown on both the map and the minimap
  • Hippo Alert - Alerts players if the zone-wide emote is received (i.e. if another player obtains the mount)