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Date Formats

All dates written using solely numbers on the wiki should abide to the ISO 8601 standard, YYYY-MM-DD; eg. 1970-01-01, 2016-08-15.

If inline (part of some text) use the format DD MMM. YYYY; eg. 1 Jan. 1970, 15 Aug. 2016.


ARG Namespaces

Articles about high-level subjects can be created, named sensibly, in the main namespace. For all articles pertaining solely to a specific ARG, a separate namespace should be created.


This_ARG                         <- this is a page as well as the namespace

Other Custom Namespaces

No additional namespaces should be created for organisation below the ARG Namespace level - use disambiguation instead, where necessary.


Where there is a requirement for two articles with the same name in the same namespace, disambiguation should be used in the form of parenthesis after the article name. An example of this is Project 11 (the ARG) and Project 11 (puppetmaster) (the name of the puppetmaster).

Non-ARG articles

Articles that do not pertain solely to a specific ARG should be in the main namespace. An example of this is puppetmaster articles, like Valve and gayfarang (as puppetmasters could potentially create more than a single ARG).

Wiki Classes


Use {{argbox}} on the main page of an ARG, with parameters as shown below.

Sample output
Example ARG
Completed on yyyy-mm-dd
This is the description
Type Official ARG
Creator Valve
"yyyy-mm-dd" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
"yyyy-mm-dd" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
| float       = right
| name        = Example ARG
| image       = File:Example.png
| imagewidth  = 150
| description = This is the description
| creator     = Valve
| type        = Official ARG
| status      = Completed
| discovered  = yyyy-mm-dd
| completed   = yyyy-mm-dd

For more info, check out Template:Argbox.

Discord Avatar

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Article Content

The wiki should act as its own glossary. The first block of text in an article should briefly describe the subject of the article before going into more details. Remember the following points:

  • What type of 'thing' is this (ARG, character, organisation, phrase, etc.)?
  • What game/ARG or other item does it relate to?
  • What are the most important points about this thing (what does a casual reader need to know right away)?


This section outlines some naming conventions to promote consistency across the wiki. This is not intended as a comment on a phrase's 'correctness' in the real world (some, of course, have multiple acceptable usages), rather an approved style for this wiki.

  • 'ARG' always appears in caps ('Arg' and 'arg' are incorrect).
  • 'Puppetmaster' always appears as a single word ('puppet master' and 'puppet-master' are incorrect).

Games and Other Media

If you refer to a game (or similar content) that an ARG relates to, remember to mention what type of 'thing' it is and link to a article about it. This article can be brief, but should include the ARGs it relates to, as well as external links to extended information (Steam store page/Wikipedia article etc.).