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Mos Speedrun 2 is a pixel-art speedrunning game developed by Physmo and released on Steam and mobile devices on September 3rd, 2015. It contained an eye sigil, and was part of the Eye Sigil ARG.

The sigil was added in an update on 15 Oct 2015.


The player has to complete the challenge of visiting three "eyes" that are located in hidden areas on stages 2-1, 3-4 and 5-6, and then finishing the stages without dying. Then the sigil will appear in the hidden area of the stage 3-4 (where the eye of that area originally was).

MosS2 screen.png


The puzzle piece is located in a secret ending on level 3-3 that can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges:

  1. Unlock pillars and complete each of three levels without dying.
  2. Solve a cryptic puzzle involving three secret areas.
  3. Navigate the final area.

The pillars are unlocked by visiting the eyes locations as described above.

This raises all three doors that have a depiction of an eye in stage 1-5 and allows player access to The Switch. That is — a pressure plate, activating which makes the insubstantial blocks on various levels solid, granting access to extra areas:

  1. Stage 1-6, the Radio Tower. Here player listens to the voice saying 231434
  2. Stage 4-2, the Knights Room. There are four flags with markings on them here: white = 1, red = 2, blue = 3 and green = 4.
  3. Stage 5-3, the Piano/Xylophone Room. It has four coloured buttons. Pressing them in the order derived from previous two clues activates a portal on stage 3-3.

However, there is another clue before going through the portal. On stage 2-4 there is a place with markings on the ruin walls depicting seashells, sea horses and algae. The order of these symbols is important.

Once entering the portal on 3-3, the player traverses a series of rooms with three exits each marked by the same depictions. By entering the rooms in the correct order, the player arrives in the final area that has more sigils on the black background and the puzzle piece at the end.

MosS2 piece.png

Discovery process notes

The community of the game on Touch Arcade forums solved the puzzle as early as 2016-10-26, but the full process wasn't documented there or put to video. It doesn't look like the players who did it paid any attention to the piece, which they presumably saw there.


Both the sigil and the piece are stored in the background textures sprite BG_02, being cut into multiple square pieces (20x20px). That makes extracting the piece just from the textures a challenge as it has to be arranged like a mosaic (plus there are too many "red herring" parts that look like they combine with legit parts).

Being fully assembled, the piece consists of 13 parts that take space of 4x5 units rectangle. The next image uses the texture from iOS version:

Dukebg assembling mos2 piece.png