Mr. Robot ARG

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Mr. Robot ARG
An ARG set in the universe of Mr. Robot.
Type Official
Creator NBC Universal
Discovered 2017-09-28

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SPOILER WARNING: This wiki page may contain spoilers for the show Mr. Robot. The ARG is best played after catching up on the show. You have been warned!

The Mr. Robot ARG is an alternate reality game pertaining to the popular television show Mr. Robot. In the ARG players are required to solve many puzzles set in the world's universe.

Because the ARG ran in conjunction with all the seasons of the TV show, this page is a landing page for all Mr. Robot ARG content. More specific content pertaining to each part of the ARG can be found below.

Events The live events that have taken place during the ARG.
Season 3
Episodes The puzzles that appeared while Season 3 of Mr. Robot was airing.
Post-Season The puzzles that appeared after Season 3 of Mr. Robot had aired.
Season 4
Pre-Season The puzzles that appeared before Season 4 of Mr. Robot had aired.