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Type Official
Creator Alice & Smith & PUBG
Discovered 2020-10-07

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On October 7th, 2020, the main Twitter account for the video game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS shared a post with a YouTube video link and the caption:

On tonight’s episode of Mysteries Unknown we explore the dark history around a plateau in Peru with some perplexing properties.

The Tweet also included a link to a new 'PUBG Lore' website.


Before the PUBG Lore website opened, 9 popular PUBG influencers were sent packages containing several items, including one of nine mysterious fragments of a stone tablet, supposedly originating from Paramo, appropriately named the "Paramo stone". The other items included were a letter from one "Dr. Burton A. Northrop", the key to decipher the stone's text, and an image of the complete stone showing the layout of the fragments. Some of the fragments ended up stuck in customs, and the complete stone was never assembled. Parts of what was deciphered and the key to the mysterious text can be seen in this YouTube video.

October 7th

Staging area

At first, the website showed a collection of several photos and objects, with a "Get Notified" box allowing an email address to be entered, a button to allow browser notifications, and a share button for Facebook and Twitter. This form of the website is what was later called the Staging Area. While the staging area could no longer be accessed on the main website after the full site was released on October 15th, a copy of it was later found on a separate domain.

After a user entered an email address, 6 objects in the background image would start glitching and become clickable. On clicking one, a very short audio-less video of a few seconds would play, and a prompt would appear to enter a passcode.


October 15th

On October 15th, it was noticed that the website had been updated and the staging area had disappeared. The new version of the website contained several lore articles, such as characters' lore, journals, and other stories. One article of significant note was "The Journal of Dr. Burton Northrop", consisting of a transcript of the eponymous journal – this journal would later become of significant relevance to the ARG.

Some of the locked lore entries, seen on the main page of the website, each displayed a date upon clicking on them, speculated to be their unlocking date.


October 16th

On October 16th, the website was placed in an apparent maintenance mode, displaying the message:

Coming back online shortly...

No way was found to access the articles from the previous iteration of the website while it was in this "Updating" phase.


October 18th

On October 18th, the website's background image changed. This new image showed four short braille texts, three of which were shown as 'locked'.

1st Unlock


2nd Unlock

Around an hour and a half after the first braille text was made available, the second was unlocked with an updated background image.


3rd Unlock

Third unlock background image
A screenshot of the site at the end of October 18th

Almost 2 hours after the second braille was solved, the third was unlocked with an updated background image.


October 19th


October 20th

4th Unlock

Fourth unlock

On October 20th, the background image was updated, revealing the fourth braille link.


Journal Entries

This is a list of the current entries from the journal of Dr. Burton Northrop discovered as part of this ARG's second phase. They have been placed in chronological order and include their source.

June 13th, 1982

Entry from pressing 1 when calling the phone number. Refer to the first unlock for details on the number.


February 14th, 1983

Milestone 2
Entry from milestone 2 after solving the second braille puzzle. Refer to the second unlock for details on the puzzle.


July 9th, 1983

Entry from pressing 3 when calling. Refer to the first unlock for details on the phone number.


July 14th, 1983

Milestone 1
Entry from milestone 1 after solving the first braille puzzle. Refer to the first unlock for details on the puzzle.


December 21st, 1983

Entry from pressing 2 when calling. Refer to the first unlock for details on the phone number.


March 4th, 1984

Milestone 3
Entry from milestone 3 after solving the third braille puzzle. Refer to the third unlock for details on the puzzle.


March 5th, 1984

Milestone 4
Entry from milestone 4 after solving the fourth braille puzzle. Refer to the fourth unlock for details on the puzzle.