Pangent Technologies

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Pangent Technologies

Pangent Technologies.png

Status Active
Location London
Known members Dean Schreyer, Alex Schreyer, Charlotte Baird, Leslie Walsh, Sharon, Kristi, Liam
ARG appearances Human Souls
First appearance 2016-02-15

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Pangent Technologies is a company experimenting with Project 555, the Cube. It is the central organisation of the Human Souls ARG and employs all major characters except Eric.

The company was named by Dean Schreyer as "very bad Latin." It seems to be the "third-person plural future active indicative" of the Latin word pangō, and could mean something like:

  • We will fasten, fix, set; drive or sink in.
  • We will set or plant something in the ground.
  • We will compose, write.
  • We will settle, determine, agree, conclude, stipulate, fix; pledge.

Lottie (Charlotte Baird) uses the word "Pangent" interchangeably with "Penguin," saying "cute winter pangents." Her blog was once called "Penguin Technologies," apparently.

Players of the ARG and readers of Lottie's Pangent Technologies Tumblr are also sometimes referred to as "Pangents."


The beginning of Project 555

Pangent was cofounded by Dean Schreyer (also known as "Lancelot"), who originally retrieved the Cube from Lot 555 in Long Beach, CA during a military operation in 1981. He realised that its properties could be perfect for data storage and after many years of red tape was able to return it to Pangent in London thirty years later. He hoped that his mind could be stored in the Cube as he was dying of cancer. Lottie was a scientist who was put to work on Project 555. Dean's son, Alex, was originally Lottie's assistant on the project, but he continued to rise through the company and eventually became her boss. Nastier and more manipulative than his father, Alex continually frustrates Lottie, who is already worn out from working on the Cube project.

The Spice Girls

Lottie forms a group that becomes known as the "Spice Girls" with her friends and colleagues Leslie and Sharon in an attempt to form an opposition against Alex. This becomes a badge of honor, but is ineffective due to Lottie's reluctance to do anything too horrible to Alex.