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Rick and Morty ARG
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The Rick and Morty ARG, also known as the Galactic Federation ARG, was a teaser ARG for Season 3 of Rick and Morty.
Type Investigation
Creator Adult Swim
Discovered 30-01-2016

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The Rick and Morty ARG, also known as the 'Galactic Federation ARG', was a teaser ARG for Season 3 of Rick and Morty, a popular television show on the Adult Swim network. The ARG took place over the Galactic Federation site, as well as over social media. However, there is some skepticism around the idea of this being an actual ARG, as there were no puzzles to solve.

Galactic Federation Site

The ARG began when the official Rick and Morty tweeted a link to http://galacticfederation.com, a site within the fiction of the Rick and Morty universe. The Galactic Federation site is supposed to allow people to sign up for Federation Rewards Cards; however, clicking on the link to get a rewards card on the front page starts a "glitching" animation that eventually leads users to this terminal instead, found at fedconnect.galacticfederation.com.

Fedconnect Terminal

At the terminal, users are presented to access the Prisoner Database with two options. The first option is to enter in a prisoner's ID to view the prisoner, and the second is to do a view a random prisoner. The database is full of Easter eggs depending on the number you enter (for example, a Meeseeks can be found using prisoner ID# CG-9990-I). Users can access Rick Sanchez's prisoner page by entering his ID number from the show: AE-3852-I.

A screenshot of the console output when typing FREE_RICK into the console on Rick's prisoner page

Also of note is the fact that a publicly-accessible Javascript variable exists on the page called "FREE_RICK", which is an object containing a URL and some other development flags. It's unlikely that this variable means anything, but it's interesting to note that references to the show exist deep within the site's code.

Social Media

This section is a list of social media accounts pertaining to the ARG.

This ARG is still under investigation - new leads will be revealed or debunked in the days to come.

EDIT- This ARG has had no new developments for an extended period of time. It is now considered dead. The page is likely just an easter egg or promotion.