SiIvaGunner ARG

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SiIvaGunner ARG
GiIvasunner album.jpg
The High Quality SiIvaGunner ARG
Type Investigation
Creator SiIvaGunner
Discovered 06-20-2016

The SiIvaGunner ARG was part of SiIvaGunner's Youtube channel. SiIvaGunner ostensibly uploads only high quality video game rips, but in reality, each uploaded track has been altered in some humorous way. SiIvaGunner is not just one person, but rather a group of people working together to produce vast quantities of these parodies.

Part 1


On June 20, the GiIvaSunner Bandcamp page uploaded a new album that had just one track. The description read:

The album artwork came out way too bright. I had to fiddle with the brightness and the contrast but I wasn't able to get it just right.

Based on this hint, Sir Felix adjusted the album artwork's brightness, and found binary numbers concealed in it:

01001001 01110000 01000101 01101101 01001111 00110011 01011000 01011010 01010101 01111010 01000001

The Binary code led to this video, which contained the following message, partially encoded in hex:

Last name 71 49 57 76 31 66 68 2e 6a 70 67, first name 68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 69 2e 69 6d 67 75 72 2e 63 6f 6d 2f
Last name qIWv1fh.jpg, first name

This led to the URL

The image found after deciphering the hex

I Saw a Deer