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Solaris United
Solaris United.gif
A potential ARG for the upcoming Warframe update, Fortuna
Type Official
Creator Digital Extremes
Discovered 2018-23-10

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Solaris United is the name of a Discord server, named after the faction focused on in the upcoming Fortuna update for the sci-fi shooter Warframe, developed by Digital Extremes.

Discovery and Tweets

On October 23rd of 2018, at 16:25 UTC the Warframe Twitter account began sending out a string of cryptic questions to some Warframe partners.

Partner Name Warframe Tweet Time Sent
DKDiamantes Wh̸̩̏o se̶̗̪̩̥̍̒̀͊͑nt you? 16:25 UTC
esp4him Th̸͔̭͉͙̣̮̿̋̉e ___ wakes fir̸̼͉͙̾st. 16:29 UTC
Frozenbawz Thre̷͔̘̮̭̔̈́̈́e Taxmen walk dow̸̦̘͋̾̕n an alley. What̴͉̏͒̓͘ happens? 16:33 UTC
Danielthedemon Whe̶̺̊re is the ḵ̷̩͖̳͐͊eeper? 17:00 UTC
Wgrates Whȍ̸̭͙̥͋̑ can̶̫̰̔̀̇ we call?̶̧͕̄͋̍ 17:11 UTC
Quite Shallow Wh̴͓͇̭̿̚o controls̶̙͛ the s̸̡̛̐̀un? 17:12 UTC
Mogamu Whic̸͓̏h three days ã̴͎̀̋re best for c̸̬̍̈́͠ͅontemp̴̛̻lation? 17:15 UTC
iFlynn W̸̦̗͛̅͝hat cont̷̖̙̀rols the flą̵̐̑̿sh? 17:16 UTC
Shanksy1387 Wh̷̞͐ere d̴͖͕̘̤̎̀̈́̋̈́oes the coö̴̲́͝lant flow? 17:30 UTC
Brozime Wẖ̴̓͠ere is the t̷̹̣̿̿ower? 17:54 UTC

Partners that answered these questions correctly, received the response "Code accepted. Agent confirmed. Check your messages." However, each response had different letters in zalgo-text, presumably they were also sent a message on Twitter. According to a video by the Warframe partner Quiet Shy, the message sent was an invitation to the discord server named Solaris United.

Solaris United Discord Server

At 17:21 UTC, Brozime tweeted out images of all of the channels in the server. The only two users on the server that have posted in three of the channels are Server Messages, and The Business. Server Messages seems to act as more of a log user, sending things like "/// INCOMING TRANSMISSION ///". The Business however, sends the body of the actual messages. The Business is also one of the characters in Fortuna that players will be able to interact with upon the launch of the update.

Both the solarisunited and cache channels have the following as their first message. Intel has a similar message but is missing the line "Tapping into Corpus frequencies...".

Every message from The Business in these three channels are started by a message from Server Messages with the contents "/// INCOMING TRANSMISSION ///", and end with "/// END TRANSMISSION ///" in another message from the same user.

|==:: Version 5.24 starting up ::==|

Transmission protocol initiating...
Tapping into Corpus frequencies...
Connecting to data structures...



The solarisunited channel has two transmissions from The Business, one posted on October 22nd of 2018, at 18:11 UTC. And another on October 23rd of 2018, at 18:00 UTC.

In the first transmission, the Business introduces themselves and explains what is going on Fortuna, saying that they need our help. They also mention the Cache, a channel for people to track their share of the bounty. The transmission is as follows.

How do you do, Outworlders?
They call me ‘The Business.’ I need your help.
I've scuffled with my share of scoundrels, but Nef Anyo and the Corpus — or ‘the Taxmen,’ as they’re known around here in Fortuna — are the worst of ‘em.
There was a time we openly fought back against the Taxmen, until things went south after the incident. We’ve lived in the shadows ever since.
Outworlders, we must rebuild Solaris United. We must, once more, fight for our freedom. 
Will you help us?
Some of us still act on behalf of the old Solaris United, what little of it remains. 
We have agents tracking Corpus shipments on the Vallis: resources we can steal to help our people make payments and clear debts. 
Help me recruit members for Solaris United, and I’ll add your cut of the bounty to a Cache. I’ve created a #cache channel to track your share.
Tell your fellow Outworlders we aren’t giving up without a fight. We are Solaris, and down here, we all lift together. 
I’ll contact you again soon. Stay sharp.

In the second transmission, The Business simply introduces the intel channel, where they will deliver information for us.

Outworlders, you've done well in recruiting new members for the cause. Because of your efforts, I'm opening a new channel, #intel. I will deliver additional information to you there. Stay sharp.


The cache channel currently has one transmission, posted on the 22nd of October 2018, at 18:26 UTC. This message simply welcomes players to the cache channel, and tells them what it is for.

Welcome to the #cache channel, Outworlders. Here, I’ll deliver the latest information on your cut of the bounty as we steal from the Corpus. It’ll take time to put your share together, so I’ll let you know when you can pick it up.


The intel channel, much like the cache channel currently has one transmission, posted on the 23rd of October 2018, at 18:04 UTC. The transmission welcomes players to the channel, saying that as new members are recruited for Solaris United they will begin to trust them with new information. They also explain more of the plight that the people of Fortuna have to live through.

Welcome to the new #intel channel. As you continue to recruit new members for Solaris United, I will trust you with new information.
Repossession. Nasty business.
The Solaris need cybernetic upgrades to protect themselves from the hostile Vallis climate. And guess who supplies the upgrades?
Nef Anyo and the bloody Taxmen. We’re forced to do the work, and then we pay the Taxmen for the ‘pleasure’ of hard labor.
Because of these mandatory body mods, we all live in debt to our Corpus overlords.
It’s a vicious cycle we cannot escape through obedience.
In Fortuna, we live in fear of ‘repossession.’
At any hour of the day, Nef can send one of his vile repo squads down here to ‘take back what’s theirs.’
Limb by limb, piece by piece, the Taxmen will rip out your cybernetics until there's nothing left of you.
We must fight back, Outworlders. Because if we lose, we lose everything.

Attached to this transmission was an image, depicting what is assumed to be one of the Solaris people, named HR-67. The image uses the Corpus Language, a full translation is as follows. Note that some letters are intentionally incorrect, such as the use of "k" instead of "c" in some cases.

The image posted in the intel channel
Title: Projekt Solaris
Name: HR-67
Alias: -
Race: Solaris
Lokation: Fortuna, Orb Vallis, Venus
Top Right: Profit Traking

Job: Laborer
Debt: High
Punishment: Organ Reposession
- History of Violence
- Black Market Connections
Suspected Dissident

Status: Partial Repo

Partner video

Soon after the invite was posted publicly in some a video was posted by Brozime on Youtube that appears to contain a message from The Business. Several other partners subsequently posted the same video. The video was also posted on the Solaris United server as an mp4 file, and a direct link to the file can be found here.

A message from the business