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Souls of Darkness is a Dark Souls parody book written by GaryButterfield. It was Kickstarted in 2015 and came into existence on 02 Jan 2016. It's available as a physical book, a digital PDF and an audio book on itch.io. There is also a promotional website at powerworlds.com

The sigil was seen as early as 02 Jan 2016, though part of the clues needed to be solved was only added on 10 May 2016.


The sigil is seen on the map of Koledran, the location of the events of the book.

It's printed in the book, seen in the PDF and on the image on the promotional website.

SoulsOfD screen.jpg


After the website was updated on 10 May 2016, the image with the map included webding characters in the bottom. They are not seen on the website because of the html and css tricks employed.

These webding characters correspond to this string in the normal font:

35 32 44 11 221
21 83 93 111 53 34

The book is divided into 11 chapters. After each chapter, there is an upside down "GAME-SOLVERZ HINT!" section that is out of place and doesn't have anything to do with story.

The numbers have to be divided like this:

3-5 3-2 4-4 1-1 22-1 2-1 8-3 9-3 11-1 5-3 3-4

and used as a book cipher for the GAME-SOLVERZ HINT!. The first number is the number of the word in the hint, second — number of the letter in it.

This gets a string osdPc Dotpng which refers to the image on the website: osdpc.png