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All the regular and foil cards from the Steam Winter Sale 2015

# Card Full Artwork Released Description Clues
1 WARGCard1.png WARGCard1Full.jpg December 22nd, 2015 Santas’s Workshop - “It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to the NP… too many bad memories. But even though I’m not on the “nice list”, I’m glad Mrs. Claus called - I’m going to find whoever did this.”
2 WARGCard2.png WARGCard2Full.jpg December 23rd, 2015 Zippy’s Demise - “Zippy was an ex-con that found new purpose as one of Ms. Claus’ leg breakers. An attack on Zippy is an attack on her.”
2b WARGCard2Updated.png WARGCard2UpdatedFull.jpg December 29th, 2015 see above
3 WARGCard3.png WARGCard3Full.jpg December 24th, 2015 Holly - “Zippy was punching out of his weight class with this one. What did Holly see in him? Did she really love the ex-con? Or did she need him for protection?”
4 WARGCard4.png WARGCard4Full.jpg December 25th, 2015 Twinkle - “Most elves liked singing songs, building toys, and baking cookies…but Twinkle was into nog running and sub-prime mortgages.”
5 WARGCard5.png WARGCard5Full.jpg December 26th, 2015 The Black Ice Boys - “The Black Ice Boys were a crime syndicate from the South Pole. They’ve been looking to take Santa out for years… looks like they finally got the stones to take a shot at the big man.”
6 WARGCard6.png WARGCard6Full.jpg December 27th, 2015 Sending a Message - “They weren’t looking to kill me… just wanted to send a message: “leave it alone”. Problem is, I’ve never been able to leave it alone… just ask Santa, my ex-wife, or the Governor-General of Grenada.”
7 WARGCard7.png WARGCard7Full.jpg December 28th, 2015 Taffy - “The leader of the Black Ice Boys, Taffy dreams of sitting in Santa’s throne and ruling the North Pole with an iron flipper.”
8 WARGCard8.png WARGCard8Full.jpg December 29st, 2015 You Better Watch out - “Holly used Zippy to get a copy of Mrs. Claus’ itinerary… the Black Ice Boys could hit her anytime they want.”
9 WARGCard9.png WARGCard9Full.jpg December 30th, 2015 You Better Not Cry - “They took Mrs. Claus to "The Toy Box", a warehouse for all of the gifts that were intended for kids before they were placed on the naughty list.”
10 WARGCard10.png WARGCard10Full.jpg December 31st, 2015 Guess Who’s Coming To Town - “They expected Santa to roll over, but all they managed to do was wake the Krampus.”
11 WARGCard11.png WARGCard11Full.jpg January 1st, 2016 Redemption - “Taffy hurt Holly to cover his escape… but I wouldn’t let her sacrifice be in vain.”