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Cover page of the North Pole Noir comic

North Pole Noir

North Pole Noir is a comic that was released throughout the Steam Winter Sale 2015. A new page was released daily during the sale, until 11 pages were available. See the page summaries below, or visit the original comic pages on the Steam site.


Page Page Image Released Clues
Cover (Original) Comic cover english old.jpg December 22nd, 2015 Hitman Barcode: 094050999014715
Cover (Updated) Comic cover english.jpg December 24th, 2015
Day 1 Comic day 1 english.jpg December 22nd, 2015 "Blitzen Incident"
Day 2 Comic day 2 english.jpg December 23rd, 2015
Day 3 Comic day 3 english.jpg December 24rd, 2015
Day 4 Comic day 4 english.jpg December 25rd, 2015 "Blitzen Incident"
Day 5 Comic day 5 english.jpg December 26rd, 2015 Entering Code: Hot toddies and maseratis
Day 6 Comic day 6 english.jpg December 27th, 2015
Day 7 Comic day 7 english.jpg December 28th, 2015
Day 8 Comic day 8 english.jpg December 29th, 2015
Day 9 Comic day 9 english.jpg December 30th, 2015
Day 10 Comic day 10 english.jpg December 31st, 2015
Day 11 Comic day 11 english.jpg January 1st, 2016
Day 12 Comic day 12 english.jpg January 2nd, 2016

Comic pages in other languages

Pastebin with links

Last Year's Comic

Can be viewed on steam's website.