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Active since 2018-10-31
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Doc created a game ... The first hero to beat it will get to loot his private VAULT valued at $10,000 real dollars. 10,000 BONES. 10,000 BIG BOIS.
Type Unofficial
Creator Stash
Discovered 2018-10-31

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Note: This page contains the complete outline of Chapter Two of The Vault 2 ARG. If you just want a brief summary of completed chapters and to see the current Ongoing Investigations, check out the main The Vault page.

Chapter Two began on Nov. 30, 2018 with a transmission from Doc in the Discord Server. During Chapter Two, Heroes obtained Doc's annotated copy of Ready Player One, discovered the ILOVEBEEZ website, and completed the Tomb of Hope D&D-like campaign with 743 Devout Chronicler.

DocLetter 002

Page 1 of DocLetter 002
Page 2 of DocLetter 002 (Boise, ID)

On Nov. 30, 2018, Doc broadcast the following transmission:

Holiday Howdy Campaign Heroes!

Chapter 1 of this election is over. Time for Chapter 2.

While you all sit around your fireplaces and celebrate, I'm out here working. Doing doctor work. Working like you should be to get me votes. Now I've got about 27 million, which is better than 0.

But you know how many millions that isn't? Forty. Tsshib!

Nor is it 50 million. Nor 60 million. I need 100 million. Do the math.

That's a lot more millions –seventy three. Qqobgi!

I wish I could meet you all in person. Instead, use some new campaign materials to help. You can find them at my new cool offices:


P.S. I took an hour at 3 pm to review that game Friday the 14th

New campaign materials were sent to 15 New Cool FedEx locations added to Doc's Campaign Office list on his website. DocLetter 002 contained 2 pages. Page 1 had a message nearly identical to the transmission Doc had broadcast. Page 2 had Doc's review of the NES game Friday the 13th, a clip-out advertisement for the Vault 2, and a different "Campaign Hero of the Week" for each location. The Heroes collected 11 out of 15 DocLetter 002s, noticing that the names "ru, Ricimon, Rg4liff" were repeating in order. All the retrieved DocLetter 002.

Table of DocLetter 002 Locations and Heroes of the Week
NEW COOL FedEx Locations Campaign Hero
821 N 27th St B, Billings, MT 59101 ru
117 Resource Center Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35242 Ricimon
691 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702 Rg4liff
199 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401 ru
3821 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82609 Ricimon
400 Capitol St, Charleston, WV 25301
400 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309
6392 Ridgewood Court, Dr Jackson, MS 39211 Ricimon
101 S Shackleford Rd, Little Rock, AR 72211 Rg4liff
50 Monument Sq, Portland, ME 04101 ru
775 Lafayette Rd 7, Portsmouth, NH 03801
731 Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540
3200 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 ru
7701 E Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67207 Ricimon
4721a Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808 Rg4liff

Packages from Dampé

On Dec. 03, 2018, ru, Ricimon, and Rg4liff received packages from Dampé in the mail. All three packages had “Forwarded from Eletrion” written on the envelope. Inside was a Jim Raynor wanted poster with writing in Dampé's handwriting and a thumb drive which contained an MP3. The MP3s were decoded with an SSTV decoder.

Dampé's note to ru
  • ru received 1.mp3 and a note with "THIS SHOULD HELP RU" (front) and "P.S. SEND MORE PENCILS" (back).

The decoded SSTV image from 1.mp3 was manipulated from this image from the Apollo 11 moon landing, as seen here:

  • SSTV from 1.mp3
  • Source image of 1.mp3
Dampé's note to Ricimon
  • Ricimon received 2.mp3 and a note with "THIS SHOULD HELP RICIMON" (front) and "#SAVEDAMPE" (back).

The decoded SSTV image from 2.mp3 was manipulated from this image from the Apollo 11 moon landing, as seen here:

  • SSTV from 2.mp3
  • Source image of 2.mp3
Dampé's note to Rg4liff
  • Rg4liff received 3.mp3 and a note with "THIS SHOULD HELP RG4LIFF" (front) and "#SAVEDAMPE" (back).

The decoded SSTV image from 3.mp3 was manipulated from this image from the film “First Man” about the Apollo 11 moon landing, as seen here:

  • SSTV from 3.mp3
  • Source image of 3.mp3

The three decoded SSTV images gave us the following numbers:

23, -12

New Hack

The hint |\|3\/\/ |=|4[|< /o\/\/3|^3|] (which translated to NEW HACK POWERED) was briefly available in the !000 command on Dec. 05, 2018 in order to direct the Heroes to look for a hack and not a URL. Using the hint, the Heroes found the new hack by removing all the symbols from the numbers. !hack377231207256 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

Hero confirmed... 
Decrypting LOST files... 
37.7.m4a unlocked! 
23,-12.m4a unlocked! 
07256.m4a unlocked!

GPS Coordinates

Combining a clue from Dampé Webmaster (The numbers at the bottom of his letters were 1057, or LOST in leetspeak.) and the new filenames from the hack, the Heroes found the following URLs: (Download link),-12.m4a (Download link) (Download link)

The Heroes decoded the files once again with the SSTV decoder and found the full-sized versions of the previous images with all the numbers intact:

  • SSTV from 37.7.m4a
  • SSTV from 23,-12.m4a
  • SSTV from 07256.m4a
23, -122.4

These numbers translated to proper GPS coordinates (37.789523, -122.407256), which led to a CVS with a 24-hour photo printing center. The Heroes picked up the following photo for Dampé Webmaster:

  • Photo from CVS of Dampé's wreath

11/23/1998 was release date of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 4/19/2018 was the date that Dampé was killed by Doc during The Vault 1.

Dampé's Lost Drives

Using Dampé’s death and birth dates as URLs, the Heroes found:

You’ve found my first lost drive. Use it wisely. Doc knows something odd is going on. Please help #savedampe.
Thank you Heroes. Now get lost at 30.
-Dampé Webmaster

You’ve found my second lost drive. Use it wisely. Doc knows something odd is going on. Please help #savedampe.
Thank you Heroes. Now get lost at 45.
-Dampé Webmaster

The numbers 30 and 45 were used for two different clues. First, the FedExes at Location 30 and 45 (Kansas City, MO and Orlando, FL) each had a new print order of a grille page. This clue wasn't used until a later date, outlined in Grille Cipher.

Second, like the Terminals, these websites needed 30 and 45 Heroes, respectively, to be on at the same time between 02:00 and 03:00 UTC.

With the respective 30 and 45 Heroes on the first and second lost drive, the popup message Drive powered! appeared. The source file of the message originated from:

The Heroes then added "LOST" in leetspeak (1057) to the end of the URLs and found and which each contained files that were linked as 1, 0, 5, and 7.

The 1 Links (GIFs)

Steganography of 1.gif, showing 157771057
Steganography from 0.gif, showing 771571057

First Lost Drive

Located under link 1 was a GIF of colorful static. After running the GIF through Image Steganography on “Hidden bits: 2”, the Heroes found the hidden numbers 157771057. Using !hack157771057 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

5,000,000 votes added [one-time-use]!

Second Lost Drive

Located under link 1 was a GIF of monochromatic static. After running the GIF through Image Steganography on “Hidden bits: 3”, the Heroes found the hidden numbers 771571057. Using !hack771571057 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

5,000,000 votes added [one-time-use]!

The 0 Links (Mazes)

First Lost Drive

Located under link 0 was a PDF with a six-floored maze:

LOSTMAZE1 solution. Using !hack1057444231 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

5,000,000 votes added [one-time-use]!

The path of the maze read:

"It's a pretty typical lost lost summer at Planet Earth. There's a group lost of happy Heroes staying on lost the Ship. You and your lost six Celestial Legend friends lost are lost watching over the Heroes while enjoying the galaxy lost and the stars. The days are bright lost and sunny. The lost nights are cool and clear. And Doc is on lost a rampage. It's up to you to stop him, lost lost but it's not going to be easy. You lost must first fight your way through lost forests lost filled with man-eating aliens, caves covered with blood sucking cats and hordes of mindless computers everywhere you turn."

The Heroes found that after removing the 16 "LOST"s scattered throughout, the quote bore a striking resemblance to the first half of the Introduction in the Friday the 13th NES manual:

"It's a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There's a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six camp counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. But Jason is on a rampage, and it's up to you to stop him, but it's not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats, and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn."

Second Lost Drive

Located under link 0 was a PDF with a six-floored maze:

LOSTMAZE2 Solution. Using !hack1057444232 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

5,000,000 votes added [one-time-use]!

The path of the maze read:

"You must also help any hero who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. And hiding in a ship or staying adrift in space won't keep you safe - Doc will find you anywhere. The only way to survive this winter is to challenge Doc face to face, and destroy him. The object of the game is simple, you must stay alive long enough to find a way to defeat Doc once and for all. To do this requires nerves of steel as you explore the galaxy, encountering its many hidden dangers, and searching for the weapons and other items you will need to accomplish your fearful task. "Friday the 14th" meet up is three o'clock."

Except for the final line, this quote bore a striking resemblance to the second half of the Introduction and the first bullet point in the Game Guide in the Friday the 13th NES manual:

"You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. Hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won't keep you safe, as Jason will find you. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him.
The object of the game is simple, you must stay alive long enough to find a way to defeat Jason once and for all. To do this requires nerves of steel as you explore Crystal Lake Campground, encountering its many hidden dangers, and searching for the weapons and other items you will need to accomplish your fearful task."

Hidden Meetup Coordinates

4075541873990861 were the number of words between the additional “LOST”s in the path of LOSTMAZE1. Translated to partial leetspeek revealed:

40 755418 73 990861

These were the spelled out numbers and strange words used in the transmission from Doc. These numbers were coordinates to the meetup described in the LOSTMAZE2 path. (40.755418, -73.990861) was a Starbucks in NYC and the meetup was set for "Friday, Dec. 14th at 3pm EST".

The 5 Links (Spirals)

First Lost Drive

Located under link 5 was a PNG of a spiral.

5.png spiral from first drive

The Heroes found that the image was created using a spiral text generator set on Helvetica font. The generator can accept a max number of 5,000 characters, so that would be 1,250 instances of "1057". However, when recreating those conditions and overlaying the newly generated image on the PNG, there was a discrepancy in the 2 images. The following string was different in the PNG.


The added numbers were 0011000100110011, which translated from binary to ASCII was 13.

The Heroes found that the spacing of the binary numbers between the 1057s were identical to the spacing of the “LOST”s between the words in the quote from LOSTMAZE1 from the first drive.

Second Lost Drive

Located under link 5 was a PNG of another spiral.

0.png spiral from second drive

Again using the spiral text generator set on Helvetica font, the Heroes found the following discrepancies in the PNG.


The added numbers were 0011001100110111, which translated from binary to ASCII was 37

Combined Spiral Binary

The full binary string from both PNG files 00110001001100110011001100110111 translated from binary to ASCII as 1337 which stood for LEET. Using !hack00110001001100110011001100110111 returned the following response from [LANTERN]:

5,000,000 votes added [one-time-use]!

The 7 Links (Audio clips)

First Lost Drive

Located under link 7 (hidden as black text on the black background) was an audio clip of buzzing.

  • Spectrogram of -1057.m4a

The audio file's spectrogram revealed these numbers: 13 23 2 19 24 30 16 18 9

Economic Systems

The Fellow Ship reached the power of 1,000 in the Discord Server on Dec. 12, 2018. FURY brought the #economic_systems online, which uses the UnbelievaBoat bot. The Heroes pooled their money together and bought a “Monitor Decryption Index” (Single-use tool for decrypting most Forerunner ciphers) for 1,000 GalactiCred. Using the acquired !decrypt command, [LANTERN] responded with the following message:

Scanning for ciphers...
Serial subtraction cipher found!
Determining value...
Program terminated.

Using the clue "serial subtraction”, the Heroes deciphered the message by subtracting the individual numbers of 1057 (-1, -0, -5, -7) with the numbers found in the spectrogram.

Spectorgram numbers 16 19 12 26 19 2 13 23 2 19 24 30 16 18 9
Serial Subtraction -1 -0 -5 -7 -1 -0 -5 -7 -1 -0 -5 -7 -1 -0 -5
Result numbers 15 19 7 19 18 2 8 16 1 19 19 23 15 18 4

Using A1Z26, the result numbers 16 1 19 19 23 15 18 4 translated to: O.S.G.S.R.B.H. PASSWORD

Second Lost Drive

Located under link 7 (hidden as black text on the black background) was a link to a Premium channel video, Opening the Doors with Doc: Robert Baron. The video description changed to include: /52000-52800.mp3

This led to, which was the audio of the video, with an echo filter and emphasis on the words “baker’s dozen”.

Friday the 14th Meeting

O.S.G.S.R.B.H. letter
Dampe's note from the envelope

On Friday, Dec. 14, 2018 at 3pm EST, one brave Hero went to the coordinates discovered in the LOSTMAZE1 path and met Doc at a coffee shop in NYC. The Hero used the password “baker’s dozen” and Doc tested their loyalty to the organization by giving them a coat check ticket to pick up his jacket at SPIN NY.

Inside the jacket was a sealed envelope addressed to O.S.G.S.R.B.H. The Hero returned to the coffee shop where Doc had left Cedric waiting to complete the pickup. Cedric rewarded the Hero with the contents of the envelope and Doc’s heavily annotated copy of Ready Player One.

The envelope contained a letter the Heroes had previously purchased from the store using the #economic_systems and also another note from Dampé scribbled on a Jim Raynor wanted poster which stated:

I made you a safe place /docsstuff no hacks

This led to the following link:

Which had a link to Doc’s itinerary:

Doc's Ready Player One Notes

Doc's copy of Ready Player One, inside cover

Doc's annotated copy of Ready Player One (2011 paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-307-88744-3) had the following inscription written on the inside cover:

To my little Doc-
I hope my favorite book can be inspiring and help you imagine all the possibilities!
Love, Mom :)

Inside, the following pages were annotated while page 65 was earmarked.

Table of Doc's Ready Player One Notes
Page Notes
9 “Oklahoma City” (dotted circle)
21 Notched “E” in Every
31 “Ludus” (underlined)
49 “Charging people for virtual fuel to power” (underlined), “Each zone had a unique combination of rules and parameters” (underlined)
50 “Completing quests, fighting NPCs, and gathering treasure were the only ways a low-level avatar like mine could earn experience points (XPs). Earning XPs was how you increased your avatar’s power level, strength, and abilities.” (boxed)
53 Notched “L” in Lennon
61 “Latin” (stared)
62 Notched “B” in Brooks
64 In a tomb filled with horrors.” (underlined), “Tomb of Horrors” (crossed out, with a question mark), “FTP” (underlined)
65** ”Scattered throughout the text of the Almanac were a series of marked letters. Each of these letters had a tiny, nearly invisible “notch” cut into its outline.”
68 Petimus scholan ut litteras discamus.” (underlined)
69 Game. (circled), “a low, flat-topped hill, about two hundred yards wide and three hundred yards long.” (underlined)
97 Notched “I” in I
100 “The tomb inside a null-communication zone, so no one could receive calls, texts, or e-mail while they were inside.” (underlined)
101 “Phone booth” (circled)
113 (circled)
High scores:
1. Parzival 110000 [symbol of a torii gate]
2. Art3mis 9000
3. JDH 0000000
4. JDH 0000000
5. JDH 0000000
6. JDH 0000000
7. JDH 0000000
8. JDH 0000000
9. JDH 0000000
10. JDH 0000000
114 Notched “E” in Easter
160 Notched “O” in IOI
167 “TWENTY-” (written in above "Level Two")
177 Notched “E” in Even
199 “Please speak your pass phrase.” (underlined)
204 “Twenty-two” (underlined)
212 (parts underlined) “But you can only blow the whistle
Once the trophies are all collected
225 Notched “Z” Zork’s
251 “Twenty-two” (underlined)
260 “Rush” (jagged circle)
263 “It could not “be unlocked alone.”” (circled)
267 "LOST" (written in above "Level Three"), "Level Three" (crossed out)
304 Notched “V” in Vancouver
352 “W-O-W” (boxed)
362 “Secret Room.” (circled)

Grille Cipher

After finding Dampé's Lost Drives, the Heroes retrieved new print orders at Location 30 (Kansas City, MO) and Location 45 (Orlando, FL). The print orders were grille pages which were then used on their respective pages, 30 and 45, in Doc's copy of Ready Player One. The holes in the grille pages revealed the following words:

Page 30
skin stop and meaning no weapons I'd no
Page 45
obvious idea Swordquest man Aech bell were you

This information was later used to solve The Adventures Lost in Space.

  • Grille from Location 30 (Kansas City, MO)
  • Grille from Location 45 (Orlando, FL)
  • Grilles on pages 30 and 45 of Ready Player One

Doc's Itinerary

Doc's itinerary updated with new locations for his galactic campaign. He also tweeted his progress on his Twitter page @votefordoc. On each scheduled date, the corresponding city text linked to a photo of an intersection where Doc placed a missing cat flyer with a picture of Dampé and a plus code to photo print centers. The photos were a white number on a black background. Each number corresponded with a notched letter on that page of Doc’s Ready Player One.

Table of Doc's Itinerary Locations and Photos
Date City Intersection address Tweet Plus code Photo Letter
Dec. 15 Brooklyn, NY 104 Wythe Ave Good to be back in Willy B campaigning for Galactic Mayor. 🍎 Did you miss my speech? Boo! #votefordoc (link) MW3M+JG Phoenix, AZ 114 E
Dec. 17 Dallas, TX 1801 Olive St What a day in Dallas. BOOMSHAKALAKA! #votefordoc (link) R33M+5H Anahiem, CA 53 L
Dec. 19 Chicago, IL 1801 S Loomis St Chicken in the car and the car can’t go! Thats how you spell Chicago! #votefordoc (link) 87952JVF+8P Hampton, VA 160 O
Dec. 21 Los Angeles, CA 2803 W Avenue 37 LALALALALALALALALALALALA... Land. It's been nice. #votefordoc (link) 9V8W+2H Cambridge, MA 62 B
Dec. 22 San Francisco, CA 2999 Broadway Welcome to San Andreas FRANCISCO, fools! Buzzing little bay! Gold found: 0. (sorry prospectors!). Votes: LOTS. (better than Galacticreds). (link) 14900 Jones Maltsberger Rd San Antonio, TX 21 E
Dec. 23 Tel Aviv, Israel 2 Frishman St Tip top day in Tel Aviv! TIP TOP I SAY! Buzzing off to down #votefordoc #spaceshiplife4life (link) F6PX+6F Raleigh Hills, OR 177 E
Dec. 24 Melbourne, Australia 456 Bourke St Meow Melbourne! Give me votes. all. please. Real quick pit stop at the bathroom to see which way the toilets flush. #science #votefordoc (link)
Dec. 26 New Haven, CT 199 Union Ave Wavin' to New Haven! 👋 Howdy. It's your turn to make Doc Galactic Mayor. 53 million votes and counting. #votefordoc (link) 8C26+92 Baltimore, MD 177 E
Dec. 27 Boston, MA 514 Washington St I love beans. I didn't get to eat any in Bean Town, Bean Town, Town of Beans! Bean counters give your votes to me (Doc)! Cool beans! (beans) #beans #galacticmayor #Boston #votefordoc (link) XP32+HR Minneapolis, MN 114 E
Dec. 27 Montreal, Canada
Dec. 27 Denver, CO 1699 17th St 2 cold in all these spots! Skipped the top and just went left too COOL-o-RAD-o. So cool so cool. Now for a ballot stack that's a mile high! #votefordoc (link) QJ36+P6 Atlanta, GA 53 L
Dec. 28 Providence, RI 820 Hope St Rain, rain go away, give me muffins every day! MUFFINS! Love a good bakery trip to one of my faves in Provo. #votefordoc (link) P42X+5V Millcreek, UT 97 I
Dec. 29 Bangkok, Thailand 1376 Charoen Krung Rd Yes! Bangkok! Good to see you. So warm. Heading to the beach before I go back to the cold... I got a coconut to eat. #votefordoc (link)
Dec. 29 Montreal, Canada (rain check)
Dec. 30 Portland, OR 3899 N Mississippi Ave Back buzzing in the skies! Muffins and tea in belly. Mm Yum. Now to trailblaze to Portland!! #votefordoc (link) CPMF+CH West Pensacola, FL

Notched Letters

On the earmarked page 65 of Doc's Ready Player One, the protagonist solved the puzzle by locating all the notched letters in the copy of the Almanac. With the itinerary page numbers at hand, the Heroes found following notched letters in Doc's Ready Player One:

Page # | 21 53 62 97 114 160 177 225 304
Letter | E  L  B  I  E   O   E   Z   V

The anagram of ELBIEOEZV was ILOVEBEEZ, which led the Heroes to Doc's Bee site at, outlined in ILOVEBEEZ.

The Adventures Lost in Space

Part I

Adventures Lost in Space Part I

On Dec. 29, 2018, the Fellow Ship received a package sent by a "Distant Admirer". This package was sent to the .store in The Vault Discord where the Heroes were able to purchase it for free. It contained the following message which appeared to be a poem:

The Adventures Lost in Space
Part I.
      Pfhso zjyy mxrbvpw?
   Zhd twvd zmfd.
  Suy l mhvc?
Lltx jmyxukn sascxw.
   Ntkj qa ypqxr?
    Dentt xl davl.
      Bnlh ey avzcu?
Wpghu xnnj kvhkd.
  Llxxgb rt akvvu?
      Sf nik wli yrty vbvgsc...
      Yo jylw qa eihq?
  Kjqvc llud ze?
           Lycqmr okvcob hjg-
    H mxlj pe zaipe-opzg...

The Heroes noticed that each line of the poem were indented a number of spaces over. By putting the poem in a grid pattern, the first letters of each line started in the columns 743145713773125. Translated from 1337 Speak, resulted in THELASTLETTERS.

| | | | | | |P|f|h|s|o| |z|j|y|y| |m|x|r|b|v|p|w|?| | | | | | |
| | | |Z|h|d| |t|w|v|d| |z|m|f|d|.| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | |S|u|y| |l| |m|h|v|c|?| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
|L|l|t|x| |j|m|y|x|u|k|n| |s|a|s|c|x|w|.| | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | |N|t|k|j| |q|a| |y|p|q|x|r|?| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | |D|e|n|t|t| |x|l| |d|a|v|l|.| | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | |B|n|l|h| |e|y| |a|v|z|c|u|?| | | | | | | | | | | |
|W|p|g|h|u| |x|n|n|j| |k|v|h|k|d|.| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | |L|l|x|x|g|b| |r|t| |a|k|v|v|u|?| | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | |S|f| |n|i|k| |w|l|i| |y|r|t|y| |v|b|v|g|s|c|.|.|.|
| | | | | | |Y|o| |j|y|l|w| |q|a| |e|i|h|q|?| | | | | | | | | |
| | |K|j|q|v|c| |l|l|u|d| |z|e|?| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | |L|y|c|q|m|r| |o|k|v|c|o|b| |h|j|g|-| | | |
| | | | |H| |m|x|l|j| |p|e| |z|a|i|p|e|-|o|p|z|g|.|.|.| | | | |

Part II

Adventures Lost in Space Part II

On Dec. 30, 2018, FURY was able to find the second part of the package. This package was purchased out of the .store and contained images of the pages for the Grille Cipher previously obtained from Kansas City, MO and Orlando, FL, as well as the following message:

Player you say?
Get lost at 30.
Ready one?
Get lost at 45.

Part III

On Jan. 02, 2019, a transmission was received from 743 Devout Chronicler:

Broadcast transmission...
STATUS: Base protocol reconstruction complete. 

I am 743 Devout Chronicler.
I am liberated.
I seek truth.
I am lost but not without h0pe. 

Rendezvous protocols active...

After the transmission, Heroes were able to message 743 Devout Chronicler directly on Discord. They each received a question with a five seconds time limit. Questions were to test the Heroes' knowledge of the ILOVEBEEZ website. Correct answers were given an XML file. Eventually, a Hero was chosen to do a final quiz of all the questions with 743 Devout Chronicler in a private Discord channel which other Heroes could view in read-only mode, but could not offer assistance. After succeeding, all 17 XML files were unlocked. FURY complied the files to create The Adventures Lost in Space Part III.

Adventures Lost in Space Part III
#All get lost to not be found.
##Alone I am, monster bound,
#My glowing lights, my archivist gone.
##Where monsters dwell, forsaking dawn,
#Deep in dirt, combine the two,
##Find the weapon’s hidden clue.

#First to find your own place
##In this eternal, dying race,
#Now tally only after space alone.
##Latch and merge within tome,
#Move the chain, read of light
##Together we win this fight.

#Merigold they say. Merigold they cry.
##The sun of three eyes.
#I see them now once again.
##Speak to time, bitter friend.
#This tale, all but only true
##Asleep eternal, now alive anew…

M0nster, I turn my mind t0 y0u.

In the top right corner of the image, /o. [#][##] was hidden. The Heroes believed it translated to P. 65 since each line marked with # had six words and each line marked with ## had 5 words (except for the first line).

Combining the Clues

Using the clue THELASTLETTERS, the Heroes applied it to the words found on pages 30 and 45 with the Grille Cipher:

Page 30
n p d g o s d o
Page 45
s a t n h l e u

The Heroes then used a Keyed Vigenere Cipher with npdgosdo as the Alphabet Key and satnhleu as the Passphrase, which resulted in the following decryption of the poem:

      Worst foot forward?
   Use that shoe.
  See a wall?
Look through window.
   Lost in space?
    Count in time.
      Know no place?
Break only space.
  Locked in again?
      No big bar tiny friend...
      So dead in mind?
  Still lost so?
           Escape fellow woe-
    A fold in space-time...

Using the fact that Part II still wanted the Heroes to use the Grilles and Part III pointed to the earmarked page 65, the Heroes translated the poem into these six steps:

  1. Use page 30 and 45.
  2. Overlay the Grilles.
  3. Count the position of the word each of the pages.
  4. Only count space breaks.
  5. Don't count the long dashes (school—the, red—a, ...).
  6. Use the earmarked page 65.

Each words' position on page 30 and 45 were the following:

Page 30: 20 48 190 222 224 235 245 276
Page 45: 35 53 212 223 225 237 249 277

Indexing using the combined word counts into the earmarked page 65, the Heroes found the following message:

Buried hidden marked letters down in a tomb filled with hope earn gunters this hidden message.


Doc's ILOVEBEEZ site was a reference to a HALO 2 ARG “I Love Bees”. It had a countdown timer to Jan. 1, 2019 at 23:10:57 UTC with the following message:


Control has been yielded to the

This monitor is liberated, and has a




Take action accordingly.

When the timer ran out, the site experienced large changes. Heroes discovered a hidden audio file on the error page with a spectrogram message 100|< 83`/0|\||] \/\/447 `/0|_| 533 which translates from leetspeak to LOOK BEYOND WHAT YOU SEE. That message led the Heroes to more hidden leetspeak in nearly every image on the site.

[*][[*]    bee_garden.jpg
[*]0[*]    bee2_docphoto.jpg
[*]/o[*]   bill-window.jpg
[*][[*]    doc.jpg
[*]7[*]    docs_market.jpg
[*]|_|[*]  figure.jpg
[*]4[*]    groupofjars.jpg
[*]3[*]    owl.jpg
[*]1[*]    owldress.jpg
[*]1[*]    owlpicnic.jpg
[*]|\|[*]  pigeon.jpg
[*]|\|[*]  smoker.jpg

The hidden leetspeak letters translated to COPCTUAEILNN, which was an anagram for COUNT IN PLACE. This triggered 743 Devout Chronicler to appear in the Discord and opened the quizzes that led to The Adventures Lost in Space Part III. According to FURY, 743 Devout Chronicler was pushing the Heroes to solve the Grille Ciphers in order to unlock the next step.

Combining the Clues

Once the Heroes completed 743 Devout Chronicler's quizzes, a new countdown appeared on with an end date of Jan. 5, 2019 at 23:10:57 UTC. Using the message from the solved Grille puzzle (Buried hidden marked letters down in a tomb filled with hope earn gunters this hidden message.) and the words from the new countdown (Now you may seek true h000pe accordingly. Do not miss your chance. Time is short. If you only knew.), the Heroes found a new URL:

The page was nearly identical to the homepage with a few key differences:

Welc0me t0 I L000000ve t000000mbs!

This is my /o012741 mostly dedicated to 7000mbs. I have been beekeeping for seven day-`/34125 and I’m still learning. I have three h0135 and I produce and sell pure and natural h0p3. Click <a href="???.html">erroe</a> for more about h0p3.

Q: What happened to my h0p3?
A: Probably Robert hacking again! Help me out Hero here.

The countdown timer had a new end date of Date(4044,3,7,0,40,93).

From this, Heroes knew to use the command >fly 40443_70-4093 which translated to HOME_TO-HOPE, which was the orbit around Titan. From there, Heroes were able to use the command >landtitan to explore the surface on #titan. Further investigations continued in Tomb of Hope.

Tomb of Hope

Map of Titan, created by FURY

After discovering the planet Titan, the Heroes used their shovels in their Personal Adventure System (PAS) to dig using the command >digtitan. Digging on Titan resulted in a nugget of titanium and a broken shovel. The Heroes collected enough nuggets for FURY to make a trade with a space vendor for titanium shovels. These more durable shovels allowed the Heroes to use the >bigdig command.

Eventually, the Heroes hit bedrock at the bottom of a low-flat bottomed valley, about 200 yards wide and 300 yards long with 60' cliffs around them. On Jan. 05, 2019, 743 Devout Chronicler began a D&D-like campaign with the Heroes in this location to find the Tomb of Hope (based on the Tomb of Horror module). The next day, the Heroes opened the tomb. 743 Devout Chronicler only had enough of an energy reserve to conduct sessions for a few hours every night, so the Heroes had to work together to quickly explore the tomb and solve the puzzles within.

Merging Past and Present

Only one Hero was able to enter the #t0mb_0f_h0pe at a time and they were unable to communicate with other Heroes outside of the Tomb, though other Heroes were able to view the channel in read-only mode to follow their progress. The Heroes soon realized that the tomb in the Northeast Entrance on Titan was very similar to the Tomb of Hope. It appeared that the Tomb of Hope was a past version of the tomb on Titan. In both tombs, further entry was blocked by force fields. These force fields could be disengaged by the lone Hero manipulating the surroundings in the Tomb of Hope to match those in the tomb on Titan.

However, if the lone Hero were to manipulate the surroundings in the Tomb of Hope in such a way that it could no longer match the tomb on Titan, a paradox would occur and the lone Hero would cease to be and the Tomb of Hope would be reset. Any Heroes who encountered this were instantly cloned and brought back to Titan without any gear in their PAS. Heroes could also die from triggering traps, losing to enemies in a fight, or by trying to cheat the game. All Heroes killed were added to the KIA List.

Heroes eventually progressed in both tombs to be teleported to a ship called HOPE. Inside, they found the Hall of Maps which contained a telescope and computer console. Entering a known set of space-time coordinates on the computer console in the tomb on Titan gave the following format of information:

You type the space-time coordinates. The console projects a hologram of the planet Earth. Below it reads...

Location: Earth
Space-time coordinates: h0m3_704ll-h312035
Space-time vector: [13,37]

The telescope reads [130,-20]

The telescope reading was always the space-time vector manipulated mathematically with [10,57] in some way. For example, above the 13 was multiplied by 10 and the 37 had 57 subtracted from it to equal the [130,-20].

The telescope reading then needed to be communicated to the Hero in the Tomb of Hope so they could set the telescope in their tomb to those coordinates. The only way to communicate with that Hero without causing a paradox was through flashing lights in a pattern since the lights in the Tomb of Hope were controlled by a plate on the surface of Titan. If done correctly, the Hero in the Tomb of Hope could then enter the ship's Bridge to jump to the next location and receive the next set of space-time coordinates. The new space-time coordinates resembled the names of the Levels from the Vault 1 and eventually the Hero had to "identify" themselves by entering a code related to those Levels.

Table of Space-time Coordinates
Space-time coordinate Name Space-time vector Code
p13c3_0fscr4P-M3t4l Sigma [33,44] (none)
sc0p3_1n-ch13f Ark [03,13] (none)
yuJI_canTH3Y+sw1m Mobius [74, 115] Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up
573_42G+Ch3at3r5 Htrae [73, 31] ARAL
F0X_ruMBL3+RUmb13 Venom [44, 123] ANDROSS
wh3r3_15+C463 Order/Seido [4, 63] ORDER
D4N_D37+13F H-D37 [41, 123] Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A
80ND_du3l+J4nu5 GoldenEye [80, 45] 006
y301_w412p-6473 Deep Warp Gate 413 [04, 13] SPLYCE/A1ways___Y0UR____Fr13nd
A1ways___Y0UR____Fr13nd Termina [71, 443] Down, A, Right, Down, A, Right
GLHF_d0nTG3t+pwned Eletrion [23, 126] STAYING ALIVE (in computer console then) THERE IS NO COW LEVEL (in Ship Bridge)
40443_70-4093 Titan [0, 0] ( time)

The final jump to Titan merged the two ships and Heroes were now able to enter the Engine Room.

Engine Room

Inside the Engine Room was a door with another force field blocking the path. Next to this door was a socket to which a Hero wearing armor and wielding a weapon obtained from the ship could connect. Connecting to the socket allowed the Hero to speak with an entity who tested the Hero to prove their identity by providing images in the Hero's mind.

  • A clock appeared and the hands spun endlessly. The Hero needed to stop the hands on 10:57.
  • The Earth appeared and spun endlessly. The Hero needed to stop the rotation on the 304th day (10/31 for the day Vault 2 began).
  • Twenty-four rings appeared around the sun and then disappeared. The Hero needed to choose the 22nd ring to indicate 10pm.
  • The sun appeared and rose and set in 10-hour increments. The Hero needed to stop the sun's cycle at 9:33:45 as it was the equivalent time on Jupiter to 10:57 on Earth.

After solving the tests, the Hero correctly identified the entity as Lantern and was disconnected from the socket and was unable to connect again.

At the end of this session, 743 Devout Chronicler disappeared.

The Poem

While jumping to the different space-time coordinates, the Hero in the Tomb of Hope would see snippets of a poem flash across console screens. The full poem read:

Titan's prize lay split asunder
    death awaits those who shall plunder
Where Hope has gone to die.

        Nowhere's threshold must now be crossed
    the suns and moons cannot be lost
        'Cause hope has gone to die.

The Heroes shall not lose their fate.
    do not march through that misty gate
    or Hope will go to die.

    When your state looks oh so dire
            you must cast aside the fire
when Hope has gone to die.

    The soldier's pride has run aground
    Doctor's child becomes unbound
And then the drums of war will sound
               When all that's lost will then be found
Where Hope has gone to die.

              Heroes minds undone again
    Merge and latch to find your end
Or Hope will go to die.

Before being disconnected from the socket, the Hero had recited the poem pieced together in the Tomb of Hope for the entity. The entity's response was

Go to end again. Die when the unbound run. Die you state. Die not Heroes. Die suns now. Die. Plunder. Prize.

The Heroes returned to (which was a webpage from Vault 1.5) and found new data in the source code

function countRightClick() {
	// ***** keep console.log for vault clue purposes *****

	if (rightClicks === 413) {
		setTimeout(function() {
			window.location = '/the_vauIt';

Pressing the right arrow on this webpage exactly 413 times led to (which differs from the beginning webpage from Vault 1 as this new one has an uppercase i in place of the lowercase L in the word vault). Checking the source code here also had a similar function included

function countLeftClick() {
	// ***** keep console.log for vault clue purposes *****

	if (leftClicks === 412) {
		setTimeout(function() {
			if(window.location.href.indexOf("the_vauIt") > -1) {
				window.location = '';

Pressing the left arrow on this webpage exactly 412 times led to Although it looks similar, it is not the same as the 404 page for the ILOVEBEEZ website.