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Below is a list of commands for - and data from - the Omega Dataset which was discovered through the BetrayedMind1 chatbot (also known as Angela or Angela 2.0)

Initial/Miscellaneous commands

load omega.dataset

This is the initial command provided by the chatbot and results in the following response:


type help.dataset command for more information


Utilising the help command will give a list of the 3 basic commands used for searching with the Omega dataset:

logs.dataset - Retrieve the list of available logs

dig (id) - Retrieve a log entry

query (id) - Retrieve a specific entities


The response to this is a pastebin link which lists multiple log IDs within the dataset:


The Logs and Queries

Each of the logs can be accessed using the dig command. Logs may contain just a single file or may lead down a rabbit hole with clues to query IDs inside.

Log 015168

This log ID leads to a pastebin detailing information on the overall statistics of the Tender platform and it's users.

VarDump March 8
Bubble Completed : 211,600
Unique Countries : 106
Chat Interactions :  91 110
Reach Level 2+ : 61%

Log 015754

This log ID leads to a screenshot of the Regent Dashboard tracking the user LonelySoul21 in Sydney. A number of features of the Regent Dashboard can be seen including:

  • A map of a given city with Tender user locations pinned on top
  • The ability to filter users on the map by Bloodtype, "freshness" and current status
  • The ability to receive an SMS alert when the user is active on Tender
  • The status of a "Tender Bracelet"
  • A calendar showing instances of a specified emotion or state sorted by day and time of day

Tender RegentDashboard Sydney.jpg

In the top right of the map there is also some additional information:

SESSION 034 ID a12997

Two queries can be found using this information; Session 034 and a12997

Session 034

Session 034 appears in every instance of the Regent Dashboard (Sydney, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam and Berlin) and when used with the query command the uncorrupted version of a photo found on a Trust No More article is discovered.

Tender Omega CleanTNMPic.jpg


Using the query command with a12997 will reveal a trial analysis sheet for LonelySoul21, indicating a number of aspects of their profile and tests conducted within Phase II, however it is noted that the sheet has the word "TERMINATED" written on top and Phase III is crossed out.

Tender Sydney TrialAnalysis.jpg

Log 015997

This log ID leads to a report of various Tender users from A through E, with references to a second and third page at the top (accessible by adjusting the URL accordingly).

Multiple names are either crossed out or highlighted (Knox specifically is highlighted on the second page) and at least some of the names that are visible have been confirmed to correlate with player profiles, although not all users are present in this report.

Log 0163157

This log ID leads to a corrupted picture.

Tender Omega Corrupted.png

Log 017644

This log is very similar to 015754 in that it is a view of the Regent Dashboard, however in this case it is tracking PhilisophicalSadist14 in Berlin. This log also contains reference to a new query - b5912 - as well as the Session 034 mentioned above.

Tender RegentDashboard Berlin.jpg


Searching this with the query command will uncover the trial analysis sheet for PhilisophicalSadist14.

Tender Berlin TrialAnalysis.jpg

Log 018121

This log also shows a view of the Regent Dashboard, in this case it is tracking CourageousFashionista11 in San Francisco.

Tender RegentDashboard SanFran.jpg


This query results in the discovery of CourageousFashionista11's trial analysis sheet.

Tender SanFran TrialAnalysis.jpg

Log 018994

This log is a view of the Regent Dashboard tracking PersistentDrinker22 in Amsterdam.

Tender RegentDashboard Amsterdam.jpg


This query leads to the trial analysis sheet for PersistentDrinker22.

Tender Amsterdam TrialAnalysis.jpg

Log 024025

This log shows the final view of the Regent Dashboard, in this case tracking ReliableThanatologist15 in London.

Tender RegentDashboard London.jpg


Entering this as a query reveals the trial analysis sheet for ReliableThanatologist15.

Tender London TrialAnalysis.jpg