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  • SV-1 was registered after being secured by local authorities --- 1984
  • SB-D first spotted --- 1984


  • Initial development starts on main labs --- January
  • I. Wells disappears after an explosion during testing for Project Radiance. With no way to retrieve her after the co-ordinates were lost alongside Radiance-1 and numerous staff, she is presumed dead until otherwise found. --- 13th February
  • Development on main labs shut down --- 13th February
  • Visual feed 1 recorded --- 27th March
  • Audio log recorded --- 23rd April
  • 42-Iota-Convallaria site found --- 23rd July
  • 20-Beta-Hyoscyamus site found --- 29th July
  • 64-Pi-Rafflesia site found --- 12th August
  • 99-Alpha-Orchidaceae site found --- 22nd August
  • C-1 site found --- 19th September
  • 13-Sigma-Asclepias site found --- 31st October
  • 5-Kappa-Myosotis site found --- 16th November


  • Console is created at site C-1 by Dr H. Wells --- 6th May
  • SB-D seen at site prior to origin of SB. - 15th July
  • Tumblr blog started --- 16th July
  • Figure of same description as SB-D seen spewing black substance confirmed to be composed of the same material as the SB. --- 25th July
  • SB-3 found, figure allegedly seen sinking into shallow pool of substance. --- 9th August
  • Glyph notes found at 20-Beta-Hyoscyamus --- 20th September
  • SB-1 quarantined --- 15th November
  • SB-19 quarantined --- 25th November
  • Youtube channel made --- 7th December
  • SB-7 quarantined --- 12th December
  • Figure is confirmed to be SB-D post-scan. Remains of missing persons found in substance nearby site. --- 30th December


  • Fort Rosner infested by specimen #15. This brings the disappearance of Dr H. Wells, along with 1 van containing numerous containers, likely containing SB's --- 24th January
  • (According to Fort Rosner) Dr H. Wells emails Fort Rosner saying "I am alive and well, don't worry. I am currently at home and will be there for the foreseeable future due to recent developments. I will provide notes via email if needed." --- 26th January
  • Visual feed 1 uploaded --- 9th February
  • SB-D sightings uploaded to blog --- 27th February
  • File on Radiance-0 uploaded to blog --- 1st March
  • Upon trying to test a dormant Radiance-1 to see if any parts could be salvaged or re-purposed, a second explosion occured --- 9th March
  • Unidentified entity with a high amount of Aether came close to site C-1 and damaged console's CPU --- 10th March
  • Console's CPU fixed by Dr H. Wells --- 10th March
  • Project Aether file uploaded to blog --- 15th March
  • SV-1 Body delivered --- 20th March
  • Project Starfish file uploaded to blog --- 22nd March
  • Encrypted file containing login credentials and Project Radiance file --- 22nd March
  • Breached Fort Rosner security, 2 files retrieved. --- 26th March
  • Audio file uploaded to blog (first of the files retrieved) which when decoded reveals a picture of the logo of Fort Rosner --- 26th March
  • Encrypted text uploaded to blog. Contents: --- 26th March
  • Project Precipice file uploaded to blog (Some infomation missing from text) --- 27th March
  • SB-3 quarantined (One tag says "#hello?) --- 30th March
  • Shortly after the last post on the blog, a picture showing the glyphs that was discovered and some text was posted to the blog with the tags #hello? #can you hear me? --- 30th March
  • Judes security was breached and someone who is unknown has gained access to Jude's discord account and Tumblr. This has resulted in this unknown person talking through Judes account on the Game Detectives discord. --- 30th March
  • Youtube video uploaded containing morse code which translated to the video id for a youtube video (, and more glyphs which translated to "Hello, didn't see this before. I know about the rosner boys, about harvey. I will enjoy this." --- 31st March
  • Intruder first speaks through Jude's discord account at the Game Detectives discord --- 31st March
  • Audio test conducted by Lumitech technition Harold Ward. SSTV decoded into a creepy picture of a man infront of a lighthouse with the words "Curious aren't you? -B" SSTV was sent by Computer-625 which should be impossible since it was decommisioned along with the rest of the parts from Radience-1 --- 4th April
  • Recieved 3 pictures, 2 skteches of "TD-1" from Project Hive, the other was a sheet of glyphs (Property of Dr H. Wells) which translated to this: --- 5th April
  • The entity described by the Project Bridge notes escaped for a short while, gutted a man with her nails and was caught by someone (When asked who it was they responded "Something like Harry? Harold? Harmond?" So it's presumed to be Harvey) and was re-restrained onto the table. --- 7th April
  • More is learnt about Project Bridge "It's trying to form a bridge between two beings. Between man and the divine." --- 7th April
  • At 10:30pm BST Radiance-1 was switched online, a few seconds later it was turned offline again. --- 7th April
  • At 11:16 BST Jude started sending messages like "[ ]". 4 Minutes later, Jude said "[Connected.]", "[downloading message...]" then "[processing...]". About 2 minutes later Jude sent "[download complete.]" along with a picture of some glyphs. Translation of glyphs: Shortly after sending that Jude said "[disconnecting...]" and after a couple more messages of "[ ]" Jude fully regained full control again. --- 7th April
  • Dr Wells joined Discord through Jude's account for the first time. --- 11th April
  • Routine audio test #2. Another black and white picture given by Bel. The picture consists of a supposed hospital room with a monitor with a face on it and a person. The person is said to be Michael, and the face on the monitor is said to be Bel. --- 19th April
  • Jude's Birthday. Jude uploaded 4 pictures and linked a youtube video: --- 6th May
  • A program was sent to one of the detectives via discord by Jude as a failsafe. This contained a maze (The path through the maze was hinted at in the picture of the NES d-pad). The charactor looks like a black shadow figure, with red eyes. At the end of the maze was a room with what looks like a console in it. When interacting with the console, it asked for 3 passwords. The other 3 pictures that where uploaded earlier gave hints to each password. The code was given after the 3 passwords where in-putted correctly. --- 6th May
  • A new video was uploaded to TheConsole youtube channel On closer inspection there are words in the background which read I have some plans for the theconsole's future. In order to do work and get resources, there will be a hiatus. Thanks for playing --- 6th May
  • TheConsole is off hiatus now. A string of posts with hex contained posted to TheConsole's tumblr after a gif of drawn eyes opening, was decoded to say Hello, detectives. You require answers, I require entertainment. Let us play a game. [8?) This was posted by the enitity known as the Watcher.