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  • SV-1 was registered in 1984 after being secured by local authorities --- 1984


  • Initial development starts on main labs --- January
  • Development on main labs shut down for unknown reasons --- 13th February
  • I. Wells disappears after an explosion during testing for Project Radiance. With no way to retrieve her after the co-ordinates were lost alongside Radiance-1 and numerous staff, she is presumed dead until otherwise found. --- 13th February
  • Visual feed 1 recorded --- 27th March
  • Audio log recorded --- 23rd April
  • 42-Iota-Convallaria site found --- 23rd July
  • 20-Beta-Hyoscyamus site found --- 29th July
  • 64-Pi-Rafflesia site found --- 12th August
  • 99-Alpha-Orchidaceae site found --- 22nd August
  • C-1 site found --- 19th September
  • 13-Sigma-Asclepias site found --- 31st October
  • 5-Kappa-Myosotis site found --- 16th November


  • Console is created at site C-1 by Dr H. Wells --- 6th May
  • SB-D seen at site prior to origin of SB. - 15th July
  • Tumblr blog started --- 16th July
  • Figure of same description as SB-D seen spewing black substance confirmed to be composed of the same material as the SB. --- 25th July
  • SB-3 found, figure allegedly seen sinking into shallow pool of substance. --- 9th August
  • SB-1 quarantined --- 15th November
  • SB-19 quarantined --- 25th November
  • Youtube channel made --- 7th December
  • SB-7 quarantined --- 12th December
  • Figure is confirmed to be SB-D post-scan. Remains of missing persons found in substance nearby site. --- 30th December


  • Fort Rosner infested by specimen #15. This brings the disappearance of Dr H. Wells, along with 1 van containing numerous containers, likely containing SB's --- 24th January
  • Visual feed 1 uploaded --- 9th February
  • SB-D sightings uploaded to blog --- 27th February
  • File on Radiance-0 uploaded to blog --- 1st March
  • Upon trying to test a dormant Radiance-1 to see if any parts could be salvaged or re-purposed, a second explosion occured --- 9th March
  • Unidentified entity with a high amount of Aether came close to site C-1 and damaged console's CPU --- 10th March
  • Console's CPU fixed by Dr H. Wells --- 10th March
  • Project Aether file uploaded to blog --- 15th March
  • SV-1 Body delivered --- 20th March
  • Project Starfish file uploaded to blog --- 22nd March
  • Encrypted file containing login credentials and Project Radiance file --- 22nd March
  • Breached Fort Rosner security, 2 files retrieved. --- 26th March
  • Audio file uploaded to blog (first of the files retrieved) which when decoded reveals a picture of the logo of Fort Rosner --- 26th March
  • Encrypted text uploaded to blog. Contents: --- 26th March
  • Project Precipice file uploaded to blog (Some info missing from text) --- 27th March