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Emily Warren is the persona that Loop16 presented herself as initially to players. In this entry, 'Emily' and 'Loop16' are interchangeable.


Emily initially was introduced to players through the Edison Township Amateur Radio Club forums, which was named as a community in one of the early memos on Waking Titan. She acted as a moderator and guide on the forums, organizing information and encouraging collaboration. She also produced a series of vlogs, which are still available on her Youtube channel.


On the 5th of July, Emily released her fourth vlog and suddenly went silent. When Phase 2 began on the 21st of July, players had to 'wake' Loop16, which had apparently gone into hibernation on the 5th. This was one of the first hints towards Emily being part of, or a persona of, Loop16.

Asking the Waking Titan terminal WHOIS EMILY WARREN gave the response ..., but Loop16 readily identified itself with the command WHOIS YOU

Turing Test

The end of Phase 2 required players to write a Turing test to be administered to Loop16, one of which would be selected and administered to the AI. The test that was chosen mentioned Emily's name directly, and in the responses we were provided, Loop16 appears to answer to her name.

Phase 3

A memo released as part of Phase 3 references Loop16 with female pronouns, and mentions that Loop16 "may know how to look young and friendly"-- hinting that Loop16 might have presented herself as Emily. There are some theories as to why she would choose to be Emily Warren, but Sophia Dubois seems to think it's part of the way she is manipulating Elizabeth Leighton.

Another memo released in Phase 3 with the PURGE command shows a chat log between 'Metis' (who the terminal identifies as Sophia Dubois) and Loop16. In this log, Sophia calls Loop16 by the name 'Emily', a final confirmation that the two individuals are the same.