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The Atlas Foundation represents considerable capital interest. There are several companies which exist under the Atlas umbrella. The Foundation appears to fund these organizations in order to further their goals which are currently unknown.


The Atlas Foundation


"The Atlas Foundation is dedicated to finding answers to the most fundamental questions of our existence. Led by CEO Elizabeth Leighton, our family of businesses is at the cutting edge of innovation across the fields of physics, telecommunications, hypercomputing, and more, enabling us to conduct a wide range of intensive research programs. Right now we're conducting research in the fields of artificial and distributed intelligence, simulated worlds, and metaphysical analysis."[1]


Emailing these addresses did not bounce:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



"Echo utilizes a custom cloud computing solution to bring the voices and personalities of those you cared about back to life. Our patented audio recognition and mental reconstruction system pairs with a powerful Markov chain-inspired personality drive to create a perfect simulation."[2]


"Echo grants a voice to those we love and miss. We've worked for years to perfect our personality reconstruction technology from every angle, put it into a simple package, and provide the best post-life service that anyone could ask for."


"Send us a 5-minute audio sample of the deceased so we can prepare to generate your personal Echo."


"Walk through the restoration process with us as we back up all materials to our secure cloud storage servers."


"Log in to your Echo account and finally speak to your loved ones once again in striking clarity."

Multiverse Technologies


"Multiverse is dedicated to learning more about how we can influence the natural world through discrete modification and manipulation of low-level universal forces. Starting with a simple question about how particle activity in a vacuum can be measured, we have made 100 years of progress in only a couple of decades. the breadth of our studies have taught the scientific community more about the practical application of matter interaction than ever before!"[3]

Multiverse Technologies appears to be a think tank of sorts. They claim to be carrying out research in the following fields:


Radiation Belts

"We recreate conditions similar to the Van Allen radiation belt in our secure facilities."


"The computational theory of mind holds that the mind is a computation that arises from the brain acting as a computing machine."[4] Echo CTO Mikhail Regison has, apparently, found some utility in this field of study, remarking that "[his] company is already applying some of [Multiverse's] discoveries in functional computationalism within [their] own products!"[5] It should be noted that while efforts have been made to unify them[6], the term "functional computationalism" is troublesome as Functionalism[7] is a competing theory with Computationalism.

Magnetic Fields

"Adding to an already massive pool of knowledge surrounding fundamental forces: This group studies how industrial tools can be improved with the liberal application of magnetic energies."


"Venturing to new horizons in Quantum Electrodynamics, we aim to make better use of the particle/wave interactions that happen all around us, every day."

Particle Acceleration

"Based on the already-successful CERN Superconducting Super Collider and the Cornell Syncrotron, our private particle accelerator is built to perform tens of studies per day, at a lower cost than comparable facilities."



"Our massive network runs off of hundreds of satellites across the globe. With a simple purchase and some package customization: You too can be free of the clutches of big government snooping on your data!"[8]


"How did you get started?"

After years of working with under-performing networks and restrictions placed on our services by the United States government, we decided that the best way to get a great network and storage solution was to build one ourselves. With recent innovations in low-orbit satellite technology: The path was clear to us. After securing several high-profile financial sector and technology market investors, we launched our first test mini-satellite in 2015.

"How many individual users are on your service?"

Since launching, we have cultivated a userbase of around 80,000. Of those, many classify themselves as private citizens, and a few are publicly outspoken leaders in STEM, including our biggest advocate: Superlimina. We hope to double our number of users by early 2020.

"Where are you located?"

Our primary office location is a closely-guarded trade secret, known only to our core staff and few others. Our public agents can often be found sending units into orbit at Cape Canaveral, as we rent launch space from NASA’s fantastic Cosmonaut program facilities.

"I am having trouble with my connection. How do I contact support for help?"

If your connection is being lost intermittently, your satellite may not be properly aligned in orbit near your location, which will cause your service to be provided at a lower speed from an adjacent unit. Contact us and we will forward your email on to our support team.

"Do you store backups of your customers' data in any terrestrial locations?"

In an effort to provide the best contingency options, we also offer storage space in our Rapture™ subterranean and deep-sea backup network nodes, which run backup routines to mirror our active low-orbit satellites every hour. These data centers are also used to improve connectivity for locales where our satellites have lower coverage due to difficult weather or other circumstances. We have also begun to invest in 5D Glass data storage methods for high-priority data storage purposes, which are currently slated to be available starting in early 2019.


"How do I upload files to my remote storage?"

When on the go: Simply open your mobile app, navigate to the directory that you want to upload to, and tap “UPLOAD” to send your files over our secure VPN to your storage array. Desktop users can open the Myriad Ways™ dashboard, and select the files that they want to send by using their file explorer dialog box.

"My storage is suddenly full! What do I do?"

If your storage allocation is filled up, you must delete old files to make room for new data. Alternatively, you can always purchase a better package from our shop in order to upgrade your storage capabilities! All files from previous uploads will still be available after upgrading.

"Do you allow file sharing across accounts?

Files are easy to send to other Myriad users! Simply click or tap the “SHARE” icon on your app or dashboard, and follow the on-screen instructions. Shared files do not count against the receiver’s storage capacity.

"I need to send a stored physical document to a client. How do you send it properly?

Physical object storage is not a problem for us! Simply “SHARE” the item in your app or dashboard, and select a local retrieval center to send the object to. It should be received and safe to ship to your client within 48 hours.

"My connection speed increased all of a sudden, and some of my files are showing up with someone else's name. how do I fix this?" Stay calm. Our technical support team is likely already working on restoring access to your personal unit. This can sometimes happen during solar events, and will not grant you unauthorized access to the files that have appeared in your storage. The errant materials should disappear within 30 minutes.

"What type of encryption is being used on your satellites?"

Our satellite network hardware utilizes Quantum Key Distribution processes to ensure that all transmissions to and from users and our systems are completely secure as well as standard 256-bit and stronger packet encryption.


"Why should I use your Localized Magnetic Field Generation services?"

Our ability to evoke a violation of naturally-occurring magnetic field properties has been used as a high-tech solution to relative navigational problems that GPS simply cannot provide. Enabling our users to control magnetic fields around them have surprisingly useful industrial and security applications, often employed to move large units of magnetic materials, detect intruders in a large radius around secure locations, and transferring data over discrete and untraceable channels.

"My localized magnetic poles are pointing in the wrong direction. How do I fix this?"

If multiple Temporary Magnetic Pole or Localized Magnetic Field users are within one mile of each other, the competing forces can have unintended effects on both users. Simply move away from the offending magnetic force to restore functionality. Do not attempt to move towards the offending force. Do not attempt to combine more than two force sources.

"How does your Immortality Drive feature work?"

Every user has a fingerprint scan taken upon first opening their Myriad Ways™ app. This also transmits an encrypted copy of their biometric readings, and a small amount of biological material, to their orbiting unit. This is placed in cryostasis until the user expires, at which time the biomatter is sent out of orbit, securing the user’s ability to last long beyond their time.

"What can your Immortality Drive feature do for me?"

Our state-of-the-art cryogenics and computational reconstruction solutions are able to keep your biomatter or DNA signature safe for over 10,000 years! This module can be pre-set with a dead man’s switch to fire at the nearest habitable planet, allowing your lineage to expand across the stars. Alternatively, this sample has been used by some of our more practical customers to grow replacement organs in the case of a medical emergency, which can then be transmitted to a local retrieval location to be delivered to the medical facility of your choice.

"How have your customers made use of your Remote Radiation Transmission feature?"

Thanks to the contributions of the QUESS project, which allows us to provide unprecedented high-speed network connectivity to our customers, our Micius Quantum Network Architecture-based networking platform is able to send data that was once considered too complex to transmit securely or safely. While we aim for this feature to become commonplace in the near future for industry-level deliveries and online purchases outside of the Myriad userbase, most users currently use RRT for scientific testing purposes.

"Some of my transmitted material isn't coming back intact. How can I stop this from happening?

Sending more than one file of material to a single retrieval location can cause the files to overlap and prevent proper restoration for occurring. Please avoid sending more than one material at once, and wait at least 24 hours before sending another request.

"My account was suspended for overuse. How can I restore access?"

Violating our terms of service will lead to immediate account termination. This includes attempting to store living matter, attempting to find our primary office, or misuse of temporary magnetic pole creation as listed in your user’s guide. If you believe your account to have been closed in error, please contact us immediately. If you have accessed your account during a period where you did not use the app or dashboard, contact our 2nd-tier support team immediately. We will credit you for the lost up-time on a pro-rated scale.


"What future developments are in the works at Myriad?"

Our engineers and partners are currently in the process of improving our network capabilities beyond our already impressive capacity. The series of additional features that we provide are being looked over daily for possible improvements and added utility.

"Will you be offering social media API access at any point in the future?"

Unfortunately, we will not be providing low-level API-level access to our proprietary network and associated technologies. However: We do encourage users to invite others to purchase Myriad’s services in order to experience the most powerful content delivery network available today.

"When will you be releasing your quarterly earnings report?"

As a privately-held company, we hold our privacy in the highest regard. That said: We do update our publicly accessible user count on a regular basis.

"I would like to support Myriad's efforts. Who do I contact?"

We encourage interested parties, both clients and investors, to let us know using our dedicated email form. You can find this under our “Contact” page on the navigation bar above, or by clicking or tapping the “BECOME A PARTNER” button within the Myriad Ways™ app or dashboard.

"Where will you go next?"

Myriad’s plans for business expansion are always changing. Keep an eye out for our frequent announcements on most popular news platforms, or search your social media service of choice using the hashtag “#MYRIADNEWS”.



"We are a small and dedicated group of friends and colleagues from Harvard’s Theoretical Physics Post-grad program. After years of collaborative research and plenty of success in small endeavors, Superlumina was formed. This venture is a way for us to continue our studies into how the fundamental laws of the universe can be strategically used and modified to humanity’s advantage."[9]

"Our current studies are primarily focused on creating new and more effective methods of communication through advancements in the field of particle physics. All successful projects are constantly iterated upon, tested continuously in our labs, and are used in collaboration with our investor to improve existing radio infrastructure around the world. We always look for new ways to learn from what we have already accomplished, in order to make our next steps even greater."[10]


Tachyonic Antitelephone - id: "Echo"

"This incredible invention, while still in progress, has astounding implications for our understanding of the very underpinnings of how the universe works! By firing high-energy tachyons from an apparatus and accelerating them to faster-than-light speeds with a dedicated particle accelerator, we can send data to any time before the emitter was created! It is our hope that initial testing of this device will commence later this summer, after our dedicated facility is constructed. If this project is completed: We could change our future, and our past!"[11]

High-Powered Signal Generator - id: "Multiverse"

"Our custom High-Powered Signal Generator is designed from the ground up to broadcast high-density data through radio waves while using less energy than competing technologies, allowing fast and effective communication with man-made probes and other space faring machines. It is currently housed in our labs, located in rural upstate New York."[12]

Interstellar Listening Post - id: "Myriad"

"The Interstellar Listening Post constantly scans the night sky for incoming signals of human origin, or otherwise. This array of radar dishes, radio receiver antennae, and other sensors is equipped to find and hone in on data coming to our planet from elsewhere, wherever that may be beyond our sky. Having taken 3 years to build, the unit sits comfortably in geostationary orbit around Earth, reporting back to our labs every hour with any information that it has detected."[13]

Mass-Density Data Transmissions - id: "Infinite Loop"

"With the creation of new and unique ways to send and receive information, we needed a way to handle the data that those devices produced. We are in the process of developing a corruption-resistant method of transmitting audio, video, and other common file types. The goal of this project is to find a way to practically guarantee that details are not entirely lost when converting media from one format to another, especially when that process involves firing high-energy particles at an aerial radar dish."[14]

Particle Accelerator - id: "Atlas"

"Our compact particle accelerator is currently being built on private land that we were able to purchase near our labs. Expected to be only 3 square miles when completed and built to rival the effectiveness of CERN’s Superconducting Super Collider and the recently defunct Cornell Synchrotron, this miniaturized design is capable of testing particle collisions more efficiently than any other facility to date. With a generous grant given to us by our donator to develop build the accelerator and its housing control center in record time, the Superlumina Super Collider (SSC) should be ready for use starting by the 3rd quarter of 2017."[15]


Phone(Marketing?): 508.955.2174

Email: [email protected]