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Waking Titan - Phase 3
Active since 2017-05-28
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Waking Titan is an ARG which is leading to the upcoming 1.3 update for No Man's Sky.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Official|Official]]
Creator Alice & Smith & Hello Games
Discovered 2017-05-28

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Note: This page will always have the most thorough and complete documentation of Phase 3 of the Waking Titan ARG. However, if you just want a fast, easy way to get up to speed, we suggest you take a look at the main Waking Titan page, which is much more concise.

Phase 3 of Waking Titan began on 2017-08-06, immediately after the conclusion of Phase 2.

Twitch Stream

Phase 3 of Waking Titan began in the midst of the Twitch stream where Phase 2 concluded.

Third Calibration

On August 6th, the live stream screens switched to the following arrangement:


Inputting IDENTIFY CSD into the Waking Titan console redirects the player to a new PDF, containing the instructions for the third calibration sequence.

After the calibration process, the DREAMING state changed to WAKING UP, while the middle screen showed another cipher, containing TERMINAL SEMAPHORE

Inputting SEMAPHORE into the Waking Titan console redirects the player to a new PDF, containing details about the loop16 and the need for it to be shut down.

I Have Questions

Soon after, the top-left, bottom-left, and bottom-right corner screens changed to display I HAVE QUESTIONS, DON'T VOTE, JUST LISTEN, and Group #1 respectively. The center screen started displaying a sequence of 8 statements that were either true or false.


Then the bottom-right screen then switched to display Group #2, and another 8 statements were displayed. There was a total of 5 groups of 8 statements.

Players then assigned a binary value to every statement based on their respective validity. Results among players varied.

Eventually a poll was put up on stream, with four options that could be voted as the right answer:


Option B won the vote, and the center screen changed to display the phrase YOU'RE HUMAN. IT'S OK.

It is assumed this message refers to human error, and suggests Option B was incorrect.



The center screen displayed the text IT'S TOO SMALL IN HERE which was gradually reduced to a string of incoherent characters. Simultaneously, the websites of all companies related to Atlas, including Echo, Myriad, and Superlumina, started giving out error messages and a set of characters, --6r0w1n6--, which can be read as GROWING in leet speak. From this, players determined that the loop16 entity had somehow taken over or infected these websites.

Soon after, the bottom-left screen displayed the following message:


Inputting MAELSTROM into the Waking Titan console redirected players to a Reddit post containing a thought experiment. The experiment is a problem known as Newcomb's Paradox, which relates to the concepts of determinism, free will, and prefect predictions. Players were able to vote for an answer, which will be ultimately revealed on Monday, August 7, 2017, at 19:00 EST.

Minutes later, the center screen displayed the single word PURGE. Inputting the command PURGE into the console redirected players to a new PDF.

The image revealed when typing DISPLAY 0305.DATASET into the terminal

Additionally, some time later, the top-right screen displayed the string DISPLAY 0305.DATASET. Entering this command into the terminal redirected players to this image of a new ship in No Man's Sky. It is suspected that this ship is the same model of ship that was shown earlier, during Phase 1.