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Simon's Dashboard

On July 4th, around 21:40 UTC, the Waking Titan console updated to return:

Attempting to connect Dreamer 1/1 to the dashboard.

A few minutes later, Simon was added to the Dashboard

Simultaneously, Emily posted Simon's Reddit Patient Support Thread.

Simon's full patient file can be found here.

The CSD compiled a Summarisation of Simon.

Memory Block S1

Memory Block S1 was active upon Simon being connected to the dashboard. Clicking the block displayed:

Platform game simulation ready. Initializing connection with Simon.

Dreamer current state: Excited.

Simon is a peculiar Dreamer. I’ll let you see for yourselves.

Memory Block S2

On July 5th, at 23:00 UTC, Memory Block S2 was activated. Clicking the block displayed:

Park simulation ready. Initializing connection with Simon.

Dreamer current state: Scatterbrained.

Simon talked a lot last time. Let’s hope he opens up easily.

Memory Block S3

On July 5th, at 23:00 UTC, Memory Block S3 was activated. Clicking the block displayed:

School simulation ready. Initializing connection with Simon.

Dreamer current state: Worried.

Simon is not going to like it, but we’ll try bringing him back to high school.

Community Event

Only July 6th , 14:55 UTC, the value of precon007 on Waking Titan had changed:

Calculating PSN coordinates... Estimated time 16:00 EDT. Be ready for urgent travel.

at 20:25 UTC, Simon's Event node was activated, with messages from Emily that provided a No Man's Sky portal address:


Players went to the address mentioned and discovered that the planet had been named: cOffee

It was soon discovered that entering cOffee into the command uplink app connected to Simon.

A short conversation was had with Simon. Emily asked:

Simon, Alex named his planet cOffee. Does this mean anything to you?

After the conversation ended, Emily offered players:

How about this: 2057F96332ED

This was a second No Man's Sky portal address. Players continued traveling and gathering new addresses in this manner.

Subsequent travels revealed the planets were also named:

meteOr , moNkey , banDit , Lonely, and pardoN

Using the capitalized letters from each word revealed an anagram of London

Cobra TV

Soon after the community event concluded, CobraTv, a prominent No Man's Sky podcaster, was contacted directly by Emily. She provided a one-time use link allowing Cobra to chat directly with Simon:

S: Who are you? You aren't Emily.
C: im with the CSD
S: She mentioned them before. Are you going to help me get HOME?
C: yes
S: How?
S: Are you still there?
C: with your memories
S: With my memories? You can keep most of them, I don't like them.
S: Emily had said that I might be able to talk to different members of the CSD. You're the first. Is that exciting?
S: I'm excited.
C: yes it is
C: how can we help you there are 600 people watching
S: 600? Wow!
S: I don't think I've ever hit 600 viewers before.
S: They're here for me? Should I take questions?
C: yes thats a good idea
C: someone wants to know what you can see
S: I only see things during Emily's simulations.
S: So, nothing, I guess?
C: how can we help you get out?
S: I don't know.
C: what does the word london mean to you?
S: That's where Alex moved. I was going to visit him, but then...
S: I'm having problems with my connection, I think.
S: We're going to get disconnected soon, but Emily said I'd talk to other CSD people.
C: who is natalie
C: we need to find alex tomorrow can you help us find them?
S: I don't know anyone named Natalie.

Entering HOME in the waking titan console then returned:

Working fast against the fading sun,
I set up camp in the foothills. It's
hardly luxury, but it keeps out the 
cold and I'll be gone by morning 
anyway. And who knows, perhaps some
other traveller will shelter here 
one day.

London Live Drop

On July 7th 2018, 03:17 UTC, the precon console command changed to return:


The link was a glitched satellite image of city streets. It was determined the image depicted London, England with Red Lion Square near the center. The hex code in the image translated to:

RV @ Fenner // 14:00BST // July 7th

Players gathered at the Ferner statue at 14:00BST. One minute past the hour, the loop16 console command changed to return:

Make sure you know what to say to Alex if he shows up.

Players then recalled that Simon told players during previous the community event:

Tell him that I miss exploring with my brother

At 7 minutes past the hour, the precon007 console command changed to return:


The glitched image was a Novelty Shop 3 blocks away from the statue. Once players arrived at the shop, they were asked for a password by the store attendant. They responded by saying that Simon missed exploring with Alex. The attendant then handed the players a single game token and then instructed them to win a Nobel prize. Each game was inspected and then found that one, in particular, offered the potential to win a Nobel prize. Players inserted the token and were successful at winning the Nobel prize. The attendant then handed each player an envelope that contained an Xbox No Man's Sky jewel case with the previously disclosed cover art, and a heavily pixelated back image. Inside was a note signed by Hello Games's Sean Murray:

Thank You For Playing
We hope you like what's

XOXO - Sean

The full event can be viewed here.

Additional Information

During the Element 6 and Extraction countdown, two slides of new information about Simon were shown.


On July 20th, after a brief conversation with an agent from the Citizen Science Division, Simon was safely extracted from the satellite.