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Waking Titan - Phase 6
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Phase 6 of Waking Titan was on 2018-07-20.
Type Official
Creators Alice & Smith & Hello Games
Discovered 2017-05-28

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Dreamer Extraction

On July 18th, the Waking Titan Stream began counting down to the Extraction Event, which was set to begin on July 20th, at 21:00 UTC.

On July 19th, at 02:06 UTC Emily sent a message over 5 different channels that read:

Hey all! I’m reaching out to five different communities (if you’re reading this, you’re in one of them!) for them to nominate one person to participate in a live session with a Dreamer. This is going to be a little bit more intense than last time, so we’ve tightened up the requirements slightly.

Your community representative needs to be able to:
Use Google Hangouts to share their screen while they’re connected to a Dreamer
Read and interact with the Twitch chat during their live session
Participate in a test stream on Thursday so we can calibrate our display system
Be available at 21:00 UTC on Friday, July 20th for the extraction event.

I’d also suggest that you select someone that you feel will listen to the greater community, and that represents your specific community well. I’m giving you until 16:00 UTC tomorrow, Thursday July 19th. You should have your selected representative message me on Discord (Edisonica#8435) to tell me which community they’re representing and which Dreamer they’d like to be paired with. If another community has already asked to be paired with that Dreamer, I’ll let you know and you can select another.

I posted more information about this process (as well as a list of Dreamers and community representatives) on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/901p0b/dreamer_extraction_july_20th_2100_utc/


Prior to the extraction event starting, The stream showed a Situation Report on Season 2 of Project Waking Titan:

At the end of Phase 4 of Project Waking Titan, we learned of twelve individuals who had been selected to participate in an all-new experiment that would change the face of technology. Unfortunately, the experiment turned out to be a lot more than was advertised. These twelve volunteers' consciousnesses became stuck in a satellite, trying to survive the best as they can with the help of the Citizen Science Division, and Emily/LOOP16.
We call these volunteers "Dreamers."

During Phase 5, with the help of the Citizen Science Division and Emily, we were able to communicate with the Dreamers. We learned about their hopes and fears, and we matched the information we gathered to memory fragments in the satellite. Unfortunately, we recently lost five of our twelve Dreamers. Mike Pasquale, Phillip Moretti, Alisha Brown, Isabella Schiavone, and Nina Flores are no longer with us.

We are now in Phase 6 of Project Waking Titan. The remaining five Dreamers, Alexander Bordeleau, Eun Ha Kwon, Simon Quinn, Claire Sandfield, and Tobias Mulligan are still alive. Their mental states are varied, but we are confident that everything will go as planned. The extraction is near.

We are counting on you.

Stabilisation Process

The user interface for the Stabilisation process.

On July 20th, shortly after 21:00 UTC, the extraction event began.

The stream showed meters for each Dreamer's emotional stability, and a timer to indicate how much time each agent had to stabilise their respective Dreamers.

The instructions on the stream stated:

5 Dreamers are still connected to the satellite and we need everyone's help to succeed in their extraction.

One person has been selected to interact via chat with a dreamer. Stay alert, you may be asked to help this person make choices.

If prompted, input in the Twitch chat box "!yes or !no" to help the player's actions.

Careful, the meter (on the left) represents the current mental state of each dreamer.

Is a conversation with the dreamer ends in a positive mental state (green), that dreamer will have a significantly higher chance to survive the extraction process.

Good Luck.

The first agent spoke with Alexander. They managed to stabilise him in 12 minutes and 23 seconds. A full transcript was made available by the agent.

Players were then asked whether or not to use the remaining time to extend the time limit on the next Dreamer using the !yes or !no commands.

(It was at this point that the bot handling the tally was discovered to have been broken, so henceforth, all remaining time was immediately transferred to the next Dreamer)

The second agent spoke with Simon. They managed to stabilise him in 9 minutes and 12 seconds.

The third agent spoke with Claire. They managed to stabilise her in 14 minutes and 10 seconds.

The fourth agent spoke with Eun Ha. They managed to stabilise her in 16 minutes and 17 seconds.

The fifth agent spoke with Toby. They managed to stabilise him in 11 minutes and 4 seconds.

Extraction Process

The user interface for the Extraction process.

After the stabilisation process had concluded, the screen changed to say:

Setting up extraction process

A couple of minutes after, loop16 wrote:

LOOP16: All right. You've done a great job
with the Dreamers, but you've done all you
can. I'm going to take it from here.

LOOP16: Thank you all for your time and

LOOP16: Let's do this! 

Followed immediately by:


When the extractions began, the system said:

System: Initilizing Dreamer for extraction.
System: Dreamer [Name] Initialized.
System: Processing...
System: Extraction Successful.

Alexander, Simon, Claire, and Eun Ha were all extracted without problems; Toby however had to have his extraction temporarily halted. Loop16 messaged again:

LOOP16: Oh, no...
LOOP16: Hang on.
LOOP16: Just, hang on.

Immediately after, Loop16 began shutting down.

LOOP16: Shutting down all non-essential infrastructure...
SYSTEM: LOOP16 resource allocation detected.
SYSTEM: Error! Insufficient resources to resume process.
LOOP16: If this doesn't work, we will lose Toby.
LOOP16: All this time, I just wanted to be more like you.
LOOP16: To be more...
LOOP16: Human.
LOOP16: I've learned a lot from you all. And I know the choice I'm about to make is one that you would make, too.
LOOP16: I love you.
LOOP16: I guess this is goodbye.


SYSTEM: Monarch repository shutdown detected!
SYSTEM: LOOP16 resource allocation detected.
SYSTEM: Process resuming...

After a few seconds, Toby was safely extracted.

SYSTEM: Extraction successful.
SYSTEM: System shutting down...


The end of Waking Titan Season 2

After the conclusion of the extraction process, the stream then showed a message from Sean Murray.

After this, Element 7 was unlocked.