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== Other Information ==
== Other Information ==
* A more detailed log of progress in the Waking Titan ARG can be found on the [[Waking Titan|main Waking Titan page]].
* If you want to be part of the solving process, join the #arg-waking-titan channel in the [https://discord.gg/WaqMztf Game Detectives Discord server]!
* If you want to be part of the solving process, join the #arg-waking-titan channel in the [https://discord.gg/WaqMztf Game Detectives Discord server]!
* Also, check [https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/ /r/NoMansSkyTheGame] for updates on No Man's Sky.
* Also, check [https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/ /r/NoMansSkyTheGame] for updates on No Man's Sky.

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Waking Titan
Active since 2017-05-28
Project WT logo.png
A website with 16 radio stations, which may be leading to something more.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Official|Official]]
Creator Alice & Smith & Hello Games
Discovered 2017-05-28

Main Page > List of Investigations > Waking Titan > Summary

Note: This is the summary page for the Waking Titan ARG, which is connected to the video game No Man's Sky. This page is intended to be used as a "starter guide" of sorts for new players.

Waking Titan (also known as Project WT) is an ARG involving a multitude of websites, phone numbers, and radio stations scattered across the world. The ARG is being produced by veteran puppet masters, and will feature NPCs, actors, and live events. The ultimate purpose of Waking Titan remains a mystery, but it seems to be somehow connected to No Man's Sky.

The ARG is divided into 3 distinct "Phases" - as of 2017-07-08, Phase 1 of 3 is complete.

Waking Titan Phases
Phase 1 Status: Completed
Phase 2 Status: Ongoing

Waking Titan Site

The default appearance of the Waking Titan site, with no sigils or glyphs solved

The hub page for Waking Titan is http://wakingtitan.com. The six triangles in the middle of the page are referred to as "Sigils", while the icons down along the bottom of the page are called "Glyphs". Each sigil and glyph, when clicked, leads to a puzzle, where the answer can be input. For example, the first sigil, when clicked, has roman numerals in the page background. When turned into a math equation and solved, the calculation evaluates to 16, which is the solution to the sigil. Solving a sigil plays a video, and unlocks the next sigil in the sequence. Glyphs can be solved in any order, and do not play a video when solved.

The glyph and sigil puzzles were solved collaboratively - while it may be possible to solve some of these puzzles individually, most of them required a collaborative effort. A list of all sigil and glyph solutions can be found below:

WT Phase 1 complete.png

Link to No Man's Sky

The case that cassette 9/16 was contained in.

At the beginning of the ARG, it was not clear whether Waking Titan was officially connected to No Man's Sky. Since then, incontrovertible evidence has surfaced that they are, in fact, officially connected. The most notable piece of evidence is that, after we triggered a mailing of "Package 9/16" via email in the Waking Titan ARG, YouTuber CobraTV received a cassette tape labelled "9/16" along with some No Man's Sky merchandise. Most notably, the case containing the cassette tape sported the Atlas logo we had seen previously in the Waking Titan ARG.

There are many other links between Waking Titan and No Man's Sky: one puzzle's solution was literally hidden inside the game! Additionally, some art on the main Waking Titan website is almost identical to art found in No Man's Sky (for example, the arrangement of 6 triangles on Waking Titan can be seen in the in-game Atlas interface, and the 3rd glyph is identical to the "ship" icon in-game). 180 copies of No Man's Sky have also been given out so far to Waking Titan players.

Finally, here's the text of a PDF that was revealed at the end of Phase 1 of the ARG:

We want to extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Mercury subroutine so far.  
We hope you have enjoyed the successful distribution of 180 Access IDs, and we hope you will also  
appreciate the other interesting artifacts we have in store for you going forward. We intend to keep the 
process alive until the completion of Project Waking Titan in August. 

It is important to mention that we are very excited by the coming Phases 2 and 3. Input from the Mercury 
Subroutine will pave the way toward new experiences in version 1.3 of a familiar universe. We look forward 
to the successful conclusion of this ground-breaking experiment. 


This text explicitly states that the Waking Titan ARG is leading towards an upcoming update to No Man's Sky.

Other Sites

The Waking Titan ARG encompasses a number of other sites that host puzzle-related and lore-related content, including:

More information about each of these sites can be found on the companies page.

Important Documents

Throughout the ARG, there has been internal memos released, including:

Other Information

Waking Titan Subpages
Stations Information on the radio stations from the initial project-wt.com
Cassettes Information about the cassette tapes that mods from the No Man's Sky communities received
Characters Summary of each character in Waking Titan
Companies Summary of each company in Waking Titan
Console Commands A list of commands you can use in the Waking Titan console (http://wakingtitan.com)