Watch Dogs 2

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Watch Dogs 2
Marketing campaigns aren't ARGs, people.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Investigation|Investigation]]
Creator Ubisoft
Discovered 2017-04-03

A user on the Watch_Dogs subreddit got a bag ( when going to a fan expo in Toronto by "subscribing" to a fake offer from a fake agency called "Haum Canada", a company that sell a technology to have connected houses in Canada.

Behind the bag, there was some binary code. The translation of this code was a link to a twitter account: A tweet in this account is a link to a [video] called "The Key is in the Blume Logo". This video is long, but by going to the right timestamps, (1:38, 23:17, 28:27, 1:02:25, 1:03:00, 1:12:22, 1:16:25, 1:47:24, 1:53:05), there are darts that hit different parts of the BLUME logo.

If you go to and click on the parts of the BLUME logo in the same order as the darts, you get to this page:$/, which said to wait until September 7th, 2016 for more information. After waiting, the website changed to A link at the bottom read 'rules and information', which describes how the page is a competition for Canadian residents to submit fan art. This was the conclusion of the puzzle trail and of the investigation.