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The following is a timeline of the Adult Swim ARG. As more information and events are released, the timeline will be updated accordingly.

c. 1980s*

  • Jenny Hampton born


  • January 8th - Deena Hampton born


  • June 7th - Amelia Hampton born


  • Dr. Sadie Xenos begins employment at Duke University Learning Hospital.


  • Dr. Sadie Xenos begins working with Dr. Robert Klein and founds the Digital Neuroscience Lab (DNL)


Somewhere within this time, 2 non-specific major research endeavors are made by the DNL.


  • DELILAH project headed by the DNL
  • Samuel Miles, Kalil Robinson, and Xian Zhang hired as engineers to the project
  • Sarah Bennington, Tristan Jones, Kayla Kyle, and Sammi Hart hired as researchers to the project
  • Women’s Center for Spiritual Awakening (WCSA) formed by Sarah Bennington and Dr. Sadie Xenos, unwillingly funded by Heart and Brain Corporation (H&B), an emotional profiling and marketing company
  • Amelia joins the WCSA
  • Amelia’s DELILAH (Designated Emergency Logix Intelligence - Level Arc Habitat) created
  • November 3rd-4th - Dr. Robert Klein’s defacement of Dr. Sadie Xenos’ office


  • Amelia escapes the center under the premonition that her eyes would be taken out as part of research
  • Escapes the WCSA facility, releasing broadcasts set to surface 3 years later


  • August 1st-September 2nd - Researchers and engineers are interviewed regarding the defacement of Dr. Sadie Xenos' office
  • Court case regarding Dr. Sadie Xenos and Dr. Robert Klein’s defacement of office (Sometime Post-September 2nd, date non-specific)


  • August 27th - H&B begins the DELILAH ARG for emotional profiling
  • December 3rd - DELILAH self-destructs
  • December 10th - H&B officially marks end of DELILAH ARG


  • January 18th-February 1st - H&B takes survey of the participants
  • January 31st - H&B opens requests for the archive of Experiment 15-D (DELILAH ARG) to others, while not releasing it
  • February 4th - Amelia’s broadcasts reach participants
  • February 25th - @s0ck3ts begins to surface
  • March 5th - @centerforspiritualawakening found
  • March 11th - @tsuki50 and @mjsec88 found
  • March 24th - Experiment 15-D archive officially released, alongside personal emotional abstracts
  • March 26th - Amelia is called by participants, allowing for some clarification from audience
  • June 17th - H&B returns to announce Experiment G-15.2
  • June 24th - 74 teams formed at the request of H&B
  • July 1st - H&B releases documents/phone number to winners of the previous week’s puzzle winners, revealing info about the court case/instructing to call Kayla (presumably, Kayla Kyle)
  • July 8th - Kayla Kyle contacted via texts with participants

Footnote: Jenny Hampton's birth date and year are currently a placeholder until any specifics are released.'