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Battlefield 1 - Balloon House
BF1 Balloon House.jpg
The Battlefield 1 Balloon House Easter Egg -
A reference to the movie Up.
Type Official
Creator DICE
Discovered 2017-03-20

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This wiki page documents the Balloon house Easter egg concealed in Battlefield 1, on the map Verdun Heights. The Easter egg contains several references to the movie Up.

Activating the Easter Egg

A map of all wine bottles (green) and weather vanes (blue) that need to be destroyed/shot to activate the Easter egg (courtesy of Mudf4ce)

To trigger the Easter egg, three wine bottles have to be destroyed and three weather vanes have to be shot in any order. The wine bottles only appear if the player is nearby, while the weather vanes are always visible. The in-game model of the weather vanes is a reference to the movie Up, which features a nearly-identical weather vane.

Seven seconds after destroying the last wine bottle or shooting the last weather vane, a house flies over the horizon to the west of the German Empire deployment. The house is kept aloft with a red balloon, a blue balloon, and a white balloon. Given enough time, the house will eventually land near the French Republic deployment in the southwest part of the map.

Triggering Verdun Heights' Balloon house Easter egg