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This wiki page documents various small Easter eggs found in Battlefield 1. These Easter eggs are more minor than the others and typically involve little player interaction beyond observing the Easter egg.

(Note: This page is under construction)

Battlefield Friends Easter Eggs

Two Battlefield Friends audio Easter eggs have been discovered in the "In the Name of the Tsar" expansion pack. The first one is located on the map Volga River where an "Interact" button can be found under a tank near B flag (Conquest), which triggers the Battlefield Friends dialogue.
Volga River's Battlefield Friends audio Easter egg
The second Easter egg is located on the map Brusilov Keep and was discovered on September 14, 2017; however the trigger remained unknown until October 24th. This Easter egg requires 2 players, but the steps are very simple. One player must stand in the middle of the river bridge (near the actual flagpole of C flag (Conquest)) while the second player must step out of bounds at the top of the water flow, then back in. You will then hear some bird chirping, indicating that you've successfully completed this step. Finally, all you have to do is get on the bridge, next to the other player and the Battlefield Friends dialogue will be triggered after a few seconds.

Sometimes, doing the last step does not trigger the dialogue, which makes it needed to trigger the bird chirping a second time, which itself may be triggered twice. It is possible that this is all scripted on purpose to refer to Neebs' "Fix it DICE!", as humorously confirmed by DICE LA's Audio Artist II, Rob Gardner, in this Tweet.

Triggering Brusilov Keep's Battlefield Friends audio Easter egg

Battlefield 1 Theme Tune

(Note: This Easter egg is disabled in password-protected servers!)

This Easter egg can be found on the map Prise de Tahure, part of the "They Shall Not Pass" expansion pack. It is very similar to the first part of the Megalodon Easter egg where a vinyl record can be found in one of many fixed locations. When the vinyl is picked up, taken to the gramophone and interacted with it the Battlefield 1 theme tune is played.

On Aug 21, 2017, a slight change to the Easter egg was made due to a game update. A disc scratch sound effect can be heard at the end of the music and a new popping sound is played repeatedly before the music start and after the music end.

Prise de Tahure's Battlefield 1 theme tune Easter egg (before Lupkow Pass Update)

Dark Souls Bonfire

On the map Rupture, part of the "They Shall Not Pass" expansion pack, a sword inside a bonfire can be found out of bounds near C flag (Conquest). The sword (identical to the cavalry sword and the saber) can be picked up and has the ability to 1-hit-kill enemies, but it will be gone when the soldier redeploys as the sword only sticks to the current loadout when it's picked up.
Rupture's Dark Souls bonfire Easter egg