Cyrano Story

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Cyrano Story
Active since 2019-10-05
An ARG created around the game Moons of Madness.
Type Official
Creator Alice & Smith
Discovered 2019-10-05

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On the 5th of October, A researcher discovered a Twitter post with the caption;

Start your journey in the abyss of horror....

A link was provided to the Cyrano Story site.

Transmission 1

6 nodes. Only 1 active.

The website displayed a dark smoke-like plasma animation with 6 blurred circular nodes. Only the top left node was active. Clicking the only active node transitioned to a similar screen with a somewhat obscured input area in the center of the screen, and three, three-point symbols that faded in and out.

First node

Clicking the top-left symbol displayed an image of a female statue.

Researchers discovered that it was the statue of Lely Venus which is a depiction of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

When the name Aphrodite was entered a female voice was heard:

You are getting closer, and we are getting stronger

It was later discovered that entering other Greek gods played the same audio:

Ares, Hephaestus, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hera, Eros, Harmonia, Eris, Pothos, Anteros, Adrestia, Enyo, Deimos, and Phobos.

Clicking the bottom-right symbol, an image of text appeared:

Then looking at him darkly
Zeus, Who gathers the clouds spoke to him:
"Do not sit beside me and whine, you double-faced liar.
To me you are the most hateful of all gods who hold Olympus.
Forever quarreling is dear to your heart,
wars and battles."

Researchers discovered that the text was an excerpt from Homer's Iliad, specifically the section where Zeus speaks to Ares after the Battle of Troy.

When clicking the top-right symbol, an image of an astral body was shown.

Researchers discovered that the body was an image of the Mars 1 Moon, which has the name of Ares and Aphrodite's Son: Phobos.

Inputting the name Phobos caused a new, six-point symbol to appear, and a deep male voice to say:

What is your fear?

Clicking the new six-point symbol displayed an image of a diary:

I was there again. There is a pressure, a vilification.
More like a growling hunger. An Echo in a vacuum
that resonates only in my mind.

As I was watching it, I could feel a stare. It was
spying on me, surveying me, scrutinizing me.
Taking not of my every move & every thought.
In my sleeping & waking states... Always...

A voice imprinted in my memory, but the words
are faded, the meaning blanked. Was it my voice?
All that I recall is the fear, the instinctive alarm
constantly repeated: "Get out! Get out!"

I was there again, as though the sleeping pills
were just candy, absent of any medicinal purpose.
They told me that I would be fine, that I would
not dream any more ... And yet, I was there again,
surrounded by the abyssal mist that gazed into
my soul like I was its next prey ...


Entering the word sleep caused the male voice to speak again:

Are you alone?

Replying yes (or anything confirmatory) caused the voice to reply again:

No. You are not.

Entering No prompted him to reply again:

I know.

After this, researchers gained the first transmission, which was Dr. Olivia Myson's Personal Log No.47 | Transcript and an image of the first page of a redacted Non-Disclosure Agreement.

At the top of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, a logo for the Orochi Group, alongside some Japanese kanji can be seen.

Orochi (大蛇) can translate into "big snake" or "serpent", but it may also translate to "falling to the ground" (落地), whereas the kanji() is "hebi", which translates into "snake".

Transmission 2

On 12th of October, at approximately 15:30 UTC, the second transmission node was released. Upon entering, a screen was displayed very similar to the first transmission with the male voice stating:

Your fear has not prepared you for this.

The first symbol, (Going from left-right) displayed an image of A German epitaph Researchers discovered it was engraved on the tombstone of the German mathematician Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann.

The second symbol displayed an image containing the words Quintus Teal Researchers discovered that Quintus Teal was the name of the protagonist and architect of a building in Robert A. Heinlein's short sci-f story —And He Built a Crooked House—

The third symbol displayed an image of A pencil drawing

Researches found that many words and phrases prompted the voice to provide different false positive, yet helpful clues. Some examples include gravity, cube, sphere, and event horizon amungst many others.

Combining information from each of the three images, researchers discovered a commonality with the fourth dimension. After entering fourth dimension, the female voice spoke:

The initial seal was broken

With the first seal unlocked, two new "A"-shaped symbols were revealed. The first symbol (From top down) displayed an image of A Lovecraftian monster. The second was an image of a constellation with the text HDE226868. Researchers discovered that the constellation was Cygnus X-1, an X-ray source considered to be the first widely accepted black hole.

Inputting such then played another audio:

The second seal was broken

With the breaking of the second seal, another symbol was revealed. Clicking the symbol revealed an image of the super-massive black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy. Researchers discovered that the answer lay in the phenomenon allowing the black hole to be seen, most specifically the Photon Sphere effect.

After entering it, the female voice confirmed the seal had been broken.

Researchers then gained access to the second transmission: Dr. Olivia Myson's Personal Log No.54.

Two images were also revealed: pages from "The Angelus" handbook. Image 1|Image 2