Cyrano Story

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Cyrano Story
An ARG created around the game Moons of Madness.
Type Official
Creators Alice & Smith & Funcom
Discovered 2019-10-05

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On the 5th of October, a researcher discovered a Twitter post with the caption;

Start your journey in the abyss of horror....

A link was provided to the Cyrano Story site.

Transmission 1


Transmission 2


Transmission 3


Live Event - Operation Cyrano

On October 19th at 12:16 PM EST, more then 12 hours after the instructions to take pictures of the Berlin clock a new Tweet was released from The Black Watchmen: [1]

Agents, Secret World players has warned us of unusual activity by Orochi Group which demands immediate action. Calling all operatives for duty. Briefing instructions can be found here: [ Operation Cyrano] #cyranostory

It gave us the following instructions:

We need you to recruit people you trust in Berlin to take pictures of the city’s public clocks. Making sure that they capture Orochi's logo within the image by any legal means necessary; Whether drawn, carved, sculpted, or achieved through physical contortion. Orochi’s logo must be clearly visible.

Our cutoff point is Oct. 20th @ 9:00 AM Berlin local time (3 AM EST). It is of the utmost importance that all photos be posted prior to that deadline. Post the photographs to twitter using hashtag #cyranostory so we can keep track of your progress.

On October 20th, there was no involvement from any of the Berlin agents and at the deadline (3 AM EST), a new tweet was released by Cyrano: [2]

Processing... please stand by. #cyranostory

At 4:25 AM EST, stage 2 of the operation was released via The Black Watchmen: [3]

Agents, Stage Two of our Berlin operations is now active. Briefing instructions can be found here: #cyranostory

It gave us the following instructions:

We were unsuccessful to intercept any Orochi activity in Berlin. Our agency will have to address our lack of resources on German ground. Agent Grisha has requested to take care of this personally, but this is something we will have to tackle at another time.

Right now, to counter Orochi’s activity, we need all agents around the world to match the following clocks with one in their vicinity. You must locate in your city a public clock that displays the same time as the following ones:

Our NITE Team 4 assets have intercepted chatter on the dark web that leads us to expect physical operations in Berlin at 6:00 PM Berlin Local Time on Oct. 20th. If you have any trusted agents to propose, please reach out to [email protected]. The NITE Team 4 team has also reached out to various underground contacts to help out the agency in this operation.

At 10:13 AM EST, less than 2 hours before the start of the physical operations, a tweet was released to confirm that 2 agents had been found from The Black Watchmen: [4]

Ground deployment of units in Berlin: Confirm. Great job agents! #cyranostory

Our two agents: Gilgamesh0306 and Dillan

The two agents were instructed to meet at the following place by the Oracle, The Black Watchmen Dispatch: [5] [6]

They both met up at the World Clock via The Black Watchmen

Shortly after Noon EST, both agents informed us they had received a package from a courier. The courier handed them this Package which contained the following. The piece of paper was the next clue to reach the proper location. It was quickly determined by the two agents that they had to go to Illuminati Escape, an escape room in Berlin. They asked on discord for confirmation and it was agreed they had the proper place.

They reached the location by subway and walked there. Upon arrival, they were greated by the All-seeing eye of the Illuminati and thus confirmed they had the good location. They were briefed and were tasked to complete the Cyber Attack mission. [7]

After about an hour in the escape room [8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15] they were victorious and escaped with a USB Key containing 3 files.

  • The first file contained 4 steam keys (The Park, Moon of Madness, The Black Watchmen and Nite Team 4) which were shown on the discord chat and redeemed by some of the agents there.
  • The second file is a poem
  • The third file is an audio file

The poem did not yet provide any results however the audio file gave us the next answer for Transmission 4.

Transmission 4


Transmission 5


Transmission 6