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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Two agents in contact with Bud Vaughn received messages that appear to have been originally written by the Biologist from the Expedition.

Angiosperms seem to be the most critical to the ecosystem directly surrounding the camp but they’re nestled among many other varieties similarly uncommon to the region.
It had a nostalgic effect on me to see the variety of flora, reminding me how crucial family has been to me and to us all.
Since I’ve arrived, I’ve noted outcroppings of achinostachys germanii intermingled with trichocolea tomentella lingering in shady areas.
Juniper leaf also manages to find itself dominating the coastal flatland where rocks covered in what could only be echinodium savicziae.  
Cowtail pine is more inland often covering ricinus communis which inhibits any substantial growth.
Ginkgo biloba are located in the more fertile lands approximate to the coast and compete with lactoris fernandeziana for sustenance.
Rotala indica peeks from the shallows in the marshlands while takakia lepidozioides permeates on the banks.
Araucaria araucana are visible in the treeline.
It’s pertinent to note the proliferation of stinging nettles and their harrowing effect on less-than-protected members of our expedition.
Luckily one sting is all it takes for them to realize my warnings were not only pertinent but crucial.
There was an odd grove with four malformed microcycas calocoma, the oddity of the Cuban tree in this place almost distracted me from the beautiful prunus amygdalus which provided a wonderful respite from the more hostile flora.
Dendroceros grows on the bark of most fallen trees here, those highly decomposed are visible by the presence of healthy herbertia pulchella.
Elms are a significant part of the more dense woodland and serve to create shady nooks for the cryptobasidium to grow exponentially on the musa ornate.
Alternating between observation and writing has been a challenge in this place.
Xanthoxenite deposits were found not far from camp.
Though I’m educated in Biology, I’ve always held close that Geology holds an exceptional level of importance in frontier lands and transitory habitats.
Even the readings I pour through in my spare time occasionally give me reason to bust out my pocket mineral dictionary.
I don’t know why but I keep feeling that there’s something underneath each new oddity we discover.
Not to say I have a solid hypothesis on what is beneath the malformed root systems and out-of-place minerals, but regardless of logic I feel the urge to grip and tug new anomalies that I stumble across.
Oleander is oddly proliferated around the camp and it creates an uncomfortably idyllic environment that only serves to contrast with the very real and present dangers that exist in this place.
I’ve sampled both the Oleander and Xanthoxenite as per protocol.
No telling when if and when it will ever be looked at by eyes other than mine.
Here’s to hoping.


The original Tactical contacted an agent, and shared another Biologist message.

capital ideas have been shared between members of this expedition, but i’ve remained silently studying and focusing on what truly matters.

Leeway for those who walk into the forest with no sense of direction is limited in this place. Inhospitable terrain has never been for the impulsive and i suppose i see why they sent me. Vestigial remnants of my younger wilder days is buried deep in a calm collected demeanor- so long as i’m focusing on what truly matters. Even when pushed and prodded by the more rash and sometimes irritating colleagues, Relegating my impulse to show my disgust, annoyance, or distaste has been a critical and constant mission of mine. 

Meanings haven’t been misinterpreted, mockery hasn’t meandered my way, and nobody has yet asked me about my personal life. Overall, i consider that a resounding success. Realizing that nobody asked because nobody cares is not a painful idea to me, it’s a comforting one. It means they’re focusing on the mission at least when i’m around and if you ask me, that’s the ideal. Ultimately when I leave this place, i might for generations be remembered as someone who was diligent in her studies. My personal thoughts of any other person here will fall into the cracks of time but my discoveries will live on forever.

Bud informed us that there is one element that is in the middle of these messages, and all others go around it in a circle. We need to find the element in the middle, because it's the key to stopping whatever is going to happen. We have about a week (from 03-24) to do this.