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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


On 2017-04-01, it was determined that a SIGIL facility was active somewhere in the South China Sea based off unusual weather activity active in the Pacific. At this facility its believed that SIGIL had some unknown device, believed to be a kick drive, that they were experimenting on. Due to these experiments they have effectively managed to block our contact with the Faunus 2 and have caused Diagnostic's entities to go dormant with the unfortunate side effect of causing wild weather throughout the world, the Pacific in particular. Work is underway to determine the location of the facility and the outside organization we are working with to attack the facility.

Timeline of Events


During the sitrep on 2017-04-01, it was revealed that a SIGIL facility was present in the South China Sea that was running tests on a currently unknown device though its highly believed to be a kick drive. Because of these tests the facility was having abnormal effects on the weather of the planet, mainly in the Pacific such as the storms on the US West Coast. This activity was also preventing us from receiving further signals from Faunus 2 and causing the entities in Diagnostic to become dormant. While the facility location has been confined to the South China Sea area, further positioning of the facility is elusive and agents have been tasked with finding a suitable location using some known variables. Work on this can be located here.

Known variables:

  • Located in a facility built during the 2015 period
  • A possible cover for processing a large amount of sea water
  • High chance of being China affiliated due to SIGIL's connection to the Chinese government


On 2017-04-24, it was reported that for the attack on the SIGIL facility we were going to need assistance from an outside organization which had recently gotten in contact with the agency for dealing with this facility. The dossiers of each group were to be provided on Wednesday where a poll was to be set up to decide on the organization we would team up with. It was also learned at this time that Lphabeta would be assisting our scientists with salvage and reverse engineering anything recovered from the island.


We were provided the dossiers of the 5 groups that were to be picked and a poll was set up to vote on the group we wanted to pick.

  • Echo - United States Paramilitary. - Originated in 1997. Former Navy Seals tasked with investigating an aberrant signal on behalf of the NOAA. What happened next is redacted. Since then their unit was converted into the classified Task Force Echo. They have readily engaged in a number of blacklisted global operations on behalf of the United States Government including missions to Ur, Korea, and of all things, Machu Picchu. They specialize in covert infiltration. On the metaphysical end these frogmen claim that they specialize in the adapting to, and ultimately destroying alien entities.
  • Kaidan - East Asian Occultists - Descendants of Onmyoji, they believe they can track their organization back to Abe no Seimeis. Their interests may seem esoteric, but their deeply seated local connections with the east-asian underground grants them access to a vast well of black-market resources as well as having members who are unparalleled in countless forms of anachronistic combat. While modern military tactics may be beyond them, as the potential founders of feng shui, astrology, and just Taoism in general-- their understanding of eastern esotericism is unmatched.
  • Miles - Metaphysical Conspiracy - We're not sure when they came into existence, our best guess is sometime during the late 1970s. Their alias calls back to the Latin "miles”; "soldier". What war they could possibly be fighting is beyond us. Most of their membership is comprised of serial killers, metaphysical psychotics, spree killers, and a grocery list of convicted felons who were thought to have died in captivity or been put to death by the state. The vague metaphysical "war" they wage is all consuming and grants all their members a singular purpose. They are suicidally devoted to their cause, and perform social infiltration and CQB with an acuity that is frankly unprecedented among any paramilitary, let alone civilian, organization. They are a wild card to say the least, but a wild card that we can easily to disavow and do not care about any political red tape. When pressed for their metaphysical experience, they claim they specialize in "seeing the truth".
  • SPARTA - International Peacekeepers - Founded after 1946 by the newly forged United Nations, SPARTA is a blacklisted agency that specializes in matters the global government would rather not discuss in a public forum. They are well funded, well organized, and have access to a vast array of bleeding edge military technology and techniques. The catch is they are a politically problematic. While their political access and resources would be an amazing boon, the exposure that would come with tapping those channels could lead to future complications. They claim that their founding members have dealt with former SS occultists, ancient Sumerian death cults, and even shared a few skirmishes with subsidiaries of Sigil.
  • The Hon Ma - Ex-Warsaw Mercenaries - During the Vietnam War a VC was out on detail when they discovered a tree that they believed could speak. It said all kinds of things. The kinds of things that make men go AWOL and vanish into the bush for 40+ years, amassing an army of trained killers, and taking wet work contracts across 5 different continents. They are cold, ruthless, and pragmatic to a fault. Their spiritualism sets them apart from most Warsaw mercs- carrying a sense of divine providence with them into every cherry-picked contract they claim to be destined to accept. Their leadership claim that they can commune and control the greater spirits that still cling to the dark corners of the forests. General spookiness aside, they take nothing and make it everything. Using Guerilla warfare, old Kalashnikov, and a few reeds of incense they claim to have stopped hurricanes, overthrown dictators, and lose 20lb in ten days or less. Point is they get it done, but they keep it down to the essentials. Faith, cordite, and patience.`


The poll was concluded on this date and it was decided we would be allying with Kaidan. We were to be contacted at a later time that day to know when we'd get to talk with the Kaidan rep but it was apparently delayed due to Miles not liking being rejected and attempted, but failed, to take one of Diagnostic's eyes.


First meeting with the Kaidan rep with the username of "Abe" in comms on the mumble where several questions were asked to be answered at a later time once what info Kaidan deemed secure enough to share. In general the rep didn't say much preferring to listen though when asked about equipment he expressed some suspicion on the question which seemed odd considering we are meant to provide support to the op.

It was also found that the facility in the South China Sea had been located using triangulation via the agency though no name or location could be provided at this time. It would be provided at the later date.