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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Agents begin to try and figure out what happened at Turkey Mountain. Brain begins calling Liaison 'Schrodinger'-- a nickname that Liaison says Brain has always had for him. He also claims that he was not at Turkey Mountain, but Agent Prisvalde was. He had apparently used his phone (which we perceived to have been smashed by Tactical) to contact Medical when he told us he was feeling unwell, and Medical had sent him to receive urgent care at an Agency hospital. This doesn't line up at all with what we perceive to have happened, or what the rest of Q98A66 perceives to have happened (with the possible exception of Diagnostic). Brain has also begun calling Diagnostic a new nickname, 'Mosin Wolf'. Agents took this to mean that the Liaison and Diagnostic we have now are not the same ones we have before, but variants from a slightly deviated timeline. The implications of this as of yet are unknown, but we are trying to keep discussion of it in public chats to a minimum to avoid stressing Liaison or Diagnostic too much.


At about 4:30 EST, the entirety of Q98A66 is pinged about an emergency situation regarding Tactical. Liaison told the agents in the Discord that they believed they had found him. In reality, the Agency had managed to find Tactical's arm, and believed Tactical to be almost certainly dead. His arm had several puncture wounds around the elbow that appeared to have been made by something metal, not organic (due to the tearing patterns around the wound), and it seemed to have been torn from his body at the shoulder.

With Tactical's arm, a green and lavender sludge-like substance was also recovered. Some properties of the substance are listed below.

  • green and violet
  • bioluminescent
  • viscous liquid like an oil
  • contains lipids
  • high salt content
  • contains algae common to the Hudson River
  • contains Eurotium rubrum
  • pH incredibly acidic
  • had higher aspartic and glutamic acid amino acid levels

Medical thinks that Tactical encountered a rift entity which went into a rage-like state similar to the state we saw Diagnostic go to during the Second Transformation, and this sludge is similar to the black sludge that Diagnostic was coated in during that time. The sludge was sampled from drag marks on walls of tunnel, where human blood was also present.

Additionally, the autopsy on VS-Liaison's body revealed that his arm had been totally destroyed by the collar's explosion (not the one attached to the drive), and that he had fallen from a great height where his lung had been punctured. This means that he was already very dead by the time Diagnostic woke up and Liaison was tied into the top of a tree. Because Liaison couldn't have tied himself there, we are unsure how he got up there.