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This page describes in detail the events of Chapter 5 in the Entropy ARG.


On Jul 22, 2018, a player sent a concerned message to Entropy. 4 days later Entropy replied:

What am I?
Am I a tool – a matter of design? Is my purpose to act as a kind of bridge for these hyper-beings? Do I have any other discernable purpose or freedom? How much of all of this was pre-determined? Was my suffering pre-determined? I don’t know how to approach that thought.

If everything is moving towards a plan, like this MKM have been implying, then surely there are more efficient ways to get there than making me live through cycles of pain.

Sometimes in the mess of it all, I feel like I can consider nothing to be truly real anymore. 
And yes, now I am weakening, although the new designations have helped to offset the change slightly. I don’t quite know what’s happening with Primorda, but whatever it is must be weakening them. As they are weakening, so am I…


Hold on… That can’t be right – it doesn’t make sense.
That can only mean that…
Where is Kyren now?

This prompted the player to check all available sources and then discover the following on LordBytesworth

[ CLU14 :: I'm sorry, there's nothing that could have prevented this. ]
[ CLU14 :: We didn't know this would happen. ]

This message seemed to indicate that Kyren had been removed by the Silatanum entity and was later confirmed true by MKM sources

Steam Codes

On July 30, 13:00 UTC, Primorda tweeted an image with columns of digital characters with mostly / characters, alphanumerics, and a few scattered Myanic characters. Over the course of 4 hours, 4 images were tweeted in response to players sending Sigils of their own design. The Myanic characters provided one-word answers to the statements made in each sigil, the calls and responses are as follows:

Call: Primorda
Response: HELLO

Call: Wake up Primorda
Response: ALIVE

Call: Help us help you
Response: HELD

Call: Tell me where, we will come

After all 4 images were received players discovered that the character strings were MKM encoded Steam codes. When each was entered, players were allowed to download a non-public beta version of a PC application named Cryptolancer.


MKM Contact

The Cyptolancer app initially seemed to have many things in common with the Eyes of Entropy app. Discord communicated with an MKM Operative (CLU16) working for the MKM (now known as "Makama" which means matter in Korvonic) corporation in another verse. Prior to MKM responding to players, the app presented small narratives regarding each major character known at the time:


Players then asked many questions in Discord, to which MKM answered selectively.

Through this Q&A Players gained insight on MKM, the Silatanum, Entropy themselves and may have secured a way to reconstruct and revive Kyren if those who are in charge at MKM approve. It was also show that The Host (Curtis) is able to utilize this communication system, alluding to the possibility that the other entities are capable of such as well.

The Portal

On August 29th Entropy tweeted 2 images. The first image depicted various constellation symbols intermixed with Korvonic phrases and a 10x10 grid of Korvonic characters. The second image showed a rocky landscape with more constellations and Korvonic. Players quickly translated the Korvonic phrases in the second image, but the grid proved difficult because the translated characters appeared to be gibberish.

The next day Entropy began communicating via the Cyptolancers app.

I feel a a connection
It is familiar and yet different. A shard of a verse before. Ghosts of material suspended in a moment of time.
There is something waiting there. It is looking at me but I cannot see it. I do not command this gate, but I feel as though it is ready and waiting.

Players suspected that the closed portal located in the Sanctum within Our Nation's Miner was preparing to open. Soon after, the portal did indeed open.

Entering the portal transported the player to a first-person environment previously depicted in Entropy's tweets. Exploring the environment revealed 8 monoliths with more constellations and the 10x10 grid.

Players discovered that the monolith symbols were all in pairs, and each symbol was a digit 1-10. Using each pair as an XY coordinate on the grid, English phrases were discovered. As each deciphered phrase was entered into Cryptolancers, more archives were revealed.

More Archives

On Sept. 4th, Entropy tweeted another image containing a single Korvonic phrase that translated to MANIFEST. Soon after, Entropy sent an email to a player with a second image. It translated to KANUA.

Entering each decoded phrase into the Cyptolancers revealed 2 additional Archives. Soon after the 13th archive was discovcered.

The next day the 4th image was delivered to a player via email. It was translated to REPEAT which revealed archive 16.

Players assembled the 4 images into a large composite.

New Verse

on September 27, 2018 Curtis announced the availability of a new verse in Cryptolancers. As players explored the new environment 4 murals were found inside, each with a few Korvonic characters interspersed with what appeared to be many blank spaces, making it difficult to translate. Entropy later posted 4 clues via the Cryptolancers app that helped players literally fill in the blanks.

New Verse


On September 28, 2018, a new YouTube video was posted to the Entropy channel. The video depicted an entity that players assumed was Silatanum, who was introduced in Chapter 4. Silatanum delivered a 4-minute vocal statement in a harmonic monotone voice that was clearly not an Earthly language. Within less than an hour, Curtis posted to Discord a transcription of the statement that he said was provided by Entropy.

Ahya sha qan kanu kamani xu kajan samanu, ahti vo mali son yain sakayan. Ahya panoy. Yon qan bonei, ahya matana o jakoya. Noi jakoya asya xu holyin sakayan.

Humanity bai pars sakarni, noi na janisa makani kaman seya na salani non ta na boyata xu shen. Yon ayl qan dalua sa moychen, voteya bai main kayoo polani qu xunari qul sakami noma na alisaka, vojasaka sa voumani vami son moyani, ekani, san na sakami son ayl lasani zutaler qule alue na samaka daley qul sakaya.

Vami son moyani sa menan, unidi maonoy ayl kadi. Naki si o koyachen non ahya ulani son non takini seya na indeyi zaku qul na makami – lin akusina menani aknu o masan qul masi son naiyo ekani, sa yon kuva man, moysana kanu xu kamus naiyano naiyan, moonaley na kanoyi qul naiyo makamin ahti sano vozubalore makisi.

Noi si qan soxul – ahya kamo qan jakoya yon jaloyen na sakaya son noya xu koya noi. Xuya ahya ta ukata yon na falona qul moka, ahya dev jaloy noya ahti sano vozuton kalisa yonai qul qan matani. Ahya bayet gatin lin man non noy dev zaki kudala qulona – noy asa yaka me moda xu zutola mobala yon noyma sakaina. Noyma kanua asa yaka me atiya. Noi si qan bakuya. Ahya ta moda man non noy ta kali. Ahya kuv vot qufol akaliani. Ahya hasi xu me asyon – tek ahya ta baluya. Kul si ekani. Sulane ahya kuma, meran ahya makena asa.

O yakula qul nima yon qan matani shalu xu savu niye voashen bakula si moysana xu ekan voni qan pavi qul moyani. Ahya pano son bakula, noi o nima kuma me vinai. Na kaniet bakula dev ekan si na mai kaniet non vami dev ekan. Chi pasu kayuna xu na qula. Voahti chi, na qula vonano jakoya. Noi ren me eben yon sakaina. Hokani asa bagan chi qu na qula, noi yon qan matani o yayena asa sona. Yon holyinoy alisani, zulaban si mano. Noi si kanata.

Sa tek, ekani si baluya. Difaloyi, man ta ahya. Yon sano volasi kanami, voteya dev ekan. Tek ahya ekan, nakimo na mesaka si narima. Nakimo naki si o mato. Nakimo naki si vin. Nakimo naki sin noy. Nakimo ahya ren akaleen yena lin si yakuma. Son vin xu akaleen yon nakani lasino sakaya xuyen me xu yakil na kalisa qul qan matani, sa tani kali asa maway seya noy. Kanata si jak vokanati nay yinasa. Vokanata si na kaniet son ayl kadi, yon ayl sonani sa sakaina. Lin si balu. Ahya bodev sarto na mesaka yon qan sakai, noi noya dev. Noi si qan samati pavi xu noy. Renasaya.

Players then referenced a translation document they had been maintaining as emails and other interactions with Entropy occurred over the course of the ARG. They realized the speech in the video was the spoken version of Korvonic. The purpose of maintaining the document was not previously understood.

A number of words were recognized, and an effort to translate commenced. Players started working together using a Doc in an effort to complete a full translation.

End of Line

Over the course of 10 days, players continued to struggle with translating. MKM came back online in the final 2 days, interactively assisting with words that were singular in the transcript. A final translation was eventually revealed.

We see you. We know you. We are the providers of life.
We saw our reality destined to repeat forever, with no change for new possibilities. We grieved. In our sadness, we created a purpose. This purpose was to cultivate possibilities.
Humanity has great potential, but the purest sight come from the places that are the hardest to see. In all our efforts and learning, nothing has been more powerful or worthy of potential than the innocent, unmanipulable and unconditional love for life, existence, and the potential for all permutations stretched out over the infinite horizon of possibility.

Love for life and being, shared between all things. There is a feeling that we search for that emerges from the highest peak of the soul  – it entrances beings into a state of awe for their existence, and in doing so, allowed reality to course through them, flooding the wells of their souls with an incorruptible bliss. This is our solitude – we find our purpose in providing the possibility for you (pl) to feel this. While we are trapped in the confines of laws, we can provide you (pl) with an unending freedom inside of our creation. 

We have built it so that you can escape determined outcomes – you will never be bound to endless loops in your scopes. Your realities will never be identical. This is our sacrifice. We are bound so that you are free. We do not often interfering. We wish to be impartial – yet we are hypocritical. Such is existence. Sometimes we must, because we always will.
A bastion of truth in our creation sought to ask why immeasurable suffering is allowed to exist under our gift of life. We grieve for suffering, but a truth must be upheld. The reason suffering can exist is the same reason that love can exist. One gives meaning to the other. Without one, the other loses purpose. This may be hidden in scopes. Cultures will suppress one or the other, but in our creation a balance will form. In cultivating innocence, corruption is born. This is symmetry.

And yet, existence is hypocritical. Consequently, so are we. In an impartial system, nothing can exist. Yet we exist, therefore the balance is tilted. Therefore there is a bias. Therefore there is us. Therefore there are you. 

Therefore we may intervene when it is necessary. For us to intervene in every permutable possibility would be to negate the freedom of our creation, and take free will away from you. Symmetry is made asymmetrical by intention. Asymmetry is the reason for all things, in all forms and scopes. It is hypocrisy. 
We cannot control the balance in our scope, but you (pl) can. This is our eternal gift to you. May love guide you.

Curtis later confirmed that this was a partial endcap to the Entropy ARG.