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=Data mining=
=Data mining=
The sigil is one of the textures on <code>Forest6</code> sprite sheet.
The sigil is one of the textures on ''Forest6'' sprite sheet.

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Flickers is a free timing-based 2D platformer game developed by Neat Snake. It started as a student project for DigiPen course GAM 250 and was released on 01 May 2013. It is available for download on the developers website.

The sigil was added in an update on 11 Sep 2015.


Sigil appears on tree shortly into the game.

Flickers screen.png


There is a dot on the sigil level that disappears after a short time. Piece appears when reaching it (i.e. speedrunning the level).

Flickers piece.png

Discovery process notes

The piece was datamined from the game before finding it legitimately. GameDetectives were stuck for a while when trying to solve it and seeked help from the developer. The developer later joined Discord himself and chatted with GameDetectives for a while.

Data mining

The sigil is one of the textures on Forest6 sprite sheet.