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I'm a person from the internetz! It's possible that you know me from things I did outside Games and Sleuthing, but I'll just go with that stuff for this page.

I do programming, analysis, but also photoshopping and writing up detailed post-mortem stories.

I've collected 7 potatoes during the Valve Potato ARG in April 2011. Participated a little in solving it at the time, but I don't remember any prominent achievements.

Similarly, participated, but only a little in the Steam Winter Sale "Red Herring" ARG in December 2015 / January 2016.

Somewhere in June 2016 I remembered the crazy steamsaledetectives and got interested to know what they are up to these days. Turns out, they were GameDetectives now and were up to Eye Sigil ARG! I've been obsessed with this ARG since, jumped into the unsolved-at-that-moment puzzles and delivered this:

  • Helped pushing the study of the Souls of Darkness numbers as the book cipher to Pieter888 getting the piece.
  • Created the online tool for everyone to easily check how the pieces combine.
  • Solved Kingdom of Loathing.
  • I've formed the theory of 1:1 corellation between pieces and circles on the map. This with the theory of "reading the path of the map from the triangle to the square" gives us the ordering of the list of pieces/games. It didn't work out though!
  • Carried out an analysis of suspicious LSB data in Clockwork Empires up to pinpointing the tool that was used.
  • Helped out in connecting the last clue in You Have to Win the Game for the legitimate solution.
  • Became a wiki editor and the main guy to fill in stuff on Eye Sigil ARG related stuff, including creating and filling with all the minute details the separate pages for the sigil games.
  • Created and maintained a detailed data spreadsheet for the ARG. This including reading through all the discord chat since January 2016 and writing down timestamps and messageIDs for everything about solving the puzzles. Might be the person that knows most about it in the world (yes, more than PMs since they don't know things about the specific puzzles and filenames in specific games).
  • At the moment of the letter soup discovery created and then iterated with a plethora of features the letter soup solver online tool
  • Doing maintenance and write-ups on the Frog Fractions 2 wiki now, solving some stuff there too.