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This is a Hall of Fame for the contributions of Game Detectives that solved the ARG.

Sigils in Games

Crypt of the Necrodancer

  • Rire Makar – Brought attention to the sigil long before ARG was known
  • Joshrl/MachMatic – Found the piece hidden in the sigil image file

Mini Metro

  • Joshrl/MachMatic – Found the sigil and noticed the similarity, uncovering the ARG; Nearly completed the solution for the piece
  • Nint8835 & Six – Reversed engineered the code, seeing a node had to be connected twice. Nint8835 modded the game for it to always meet the required conditions and the piece was found. (Someone found out later that ghost lines did count and how you could find the piece legitimate).

The Magic Circle

  • Tambox – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Hidden Boss – Found the piece long before the ARG was known; reported it on the Steam discussion page for the game as a curiosity
  • ymgve – Found the record of the piece

Legend of Dungeon

  • Greenagon – Noticed sigil as part of the ARG
  • Nint8835 – Datamined out the puzzle piece
  • Greenagon – Found the piece ingame

Kingdom of Loathing

  • Quwertie – Brought attention to the sigil
  • DukeBG – Solved “the puzzle” and found the piece

Neon Struct

  • OuroborosJones – Brought attention to the sigil
  • ymgve – Datamined out the puzzle piece
  • Crauss – Discovered the puzzle piece in-game

Mos Speedrun 2

  • sshhbby – Brought attention to the sigil
  • JHSC – Found the whole piece in-game (parts of it were datamined earlier but it was impossible to put together until JHSC located it)


  • Yakko – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Anonon & Crauss – Located piece in-game through deciphering the custom level format and forcing the trigger to appear in an easier-to-reach location (as well as later finding the original intended location)


  • Amitai – Discovered the sigil, completed the puzzles (levels that could produce hydrogen), uncovering the piece in-game, brought all of these discoveries to GD

Moon Hunters

  • theDrunkenManatee – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Randomiser – Located the piece in-game by having two people simultaneously do a “cheer” pose by the sigil

Soda Drinker Pro

  • OuroborosJones – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Immortius – Located the piece by clipping through the wall onto a hidden walkway

Slide the Shakes

  • /u/TobiasPak – Brought attention to the sigil; Found out morse code spelled ARCHUSB on level 88
  • Community Effort – Determined that the most likely location for the piece was on a USB hidden at an arch location involved in a previous ARG in LA
  • /u/Mutanoman & Friends – Located the very cleverly-hidden USB at the arch after multiple trips

Souls of Darkness

  • Eltrov – Brought attention to the sigil
  • HyzerBlade – Found Webdings hidden in the map image
  • DukeBG – Pestered Pieter888 with ideas about book cipher and notes on the numbers
  • Pieter888 – Located the piece by applying the correct book cipher to the HINTS sections of the book

Bellular Hexatosis

  • TrueLunar – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Sqbika – Located the piece in-game

Quadrilateral Cowbo

  • Sqbika – Swiftly found the sigil in the textures of the game, soon after its release
  • Randomiser – Found the piece by solving the puzzle (modding the “MISSING CHUNKS” gui file)

There Came An Echo

  • Generalmeow (or rather their friend, actually) – Brought attention to the sigil posted by the developer on the steam forums
  • Woozlez – Suggested “Old McDonald Had A Farm” had to be said, after it was found that the datamined equation translated to EIEIO
  • Sqbika – Discovered that the sigil was on level 5 of the game and [mostly unsuccessfully] streamed trying to get it
  • Kraloth – Retrieved the piece in the game

Clockwork Empires

  • /u/BlueRider0 – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Crauss & DukeBG – Theorized and then confirmed that the original .jpeg promo art and the .png it was replaced with differed only in the least significant bits (visualization)
  • DukeBG – Discovered the correct steganography tool needed to decode the data: OpenStego
  • /u/zarawesome – Pointed out the occurrence of the Phaistos Disc on the image
  • EcstaticEggplant – Figured out the password for the steganography from the number of occurrences of pictograms in the Phaistos Disc; Discovered the piece


  • EcstaticEggplant – Discovered the sigil
  • Smmalis37 – Located the sigil in-game after decompiling the source
  • Immortius – Discovered the login/password page at misfitsattic.com
  • dadpew – Retrieved the piece by guessing the name of the file

You Have to Win the Game

  • /u/Kalin22 – Brought attention to the sigil
  • Ecstaticeggplant – Datamined out the piece; Datamined the list of sigil rooms in Extra Spicy mode
  • Eltrov – Got to the sigil in-game and uploaded savegame for others
  • Randomiser – Followed the trails of the sigils in Extra Spicy legitimately in game and uploaded savegame for others
  • DukeBG – Connected the clue “Backmask the Myth” to the “Hydra the Myth” room
  • Joshrl – Datamined warp information and connected the secret rooms to the password rooms. Entered the secret rooms with ARDYH password and got to the piece, completing the legitimate solution.


  • Tyler Glaiel (developer of the game) – Retweeted an article about the ARG
  • /u/mcwill97 – Noticed the sigil in the game long ago, notified GD after the dev’s tweet
  • Randomiser – Decompiled the code to notice how Complex, Reduced, Irrational and Transcendental titles are specific for this map. Noted that they spell out CRIT. Found the piece by editing the assembly. Found in game’s code that showing the piece is tied to Lobby.HashAwesomness, the hash is from string awesomCRITness
  • Six – Found that setting Awesomeness to CRIT in options shows the piece in-game, completing the legitimate solution.


  • of – Discovered the sigil in the WebGL version of the game
  • Immortius – Discovered the piece by manipulating the camera from the browser developer tools
  • Doc – Figured out the conditions to trigger the piece from the source code
  • Ecstaticeggplant – Triggered the piece legitimately using iPhone 4S/Safari, completing the legitimate solution

Choice Chamber

  • azure – Datamined the game, finding the sigil
  • Randomiser – Confirmed the sigil in the sprites, found pieces of the puzzle piece there. Noticed the clue imgur image being mirrored.
  • Smmalis37 – Examined the code to find where the sigil appears and that the piece is in the “negative” room -499.
  • Renpy and Immortius – Found the sigil in-game
  • Toocanzs – Noticed the consistent “say nothing” in the error message at the sigil
  • Krazyman – Streamed the game where other GDetecitves found the imgur clue, went to the negative room, where the piece assembled itself over time.
  • Quwertie and then Aramiyo – Said “nothing” in the chat, triggering a bot to post a clue

Reagan Gorbachev

  • Corvin_R – Found the video with the sigil shown and then the video with the piece.

Read Only Memories


Legacy of the Elder Star

  • (non-GD) Tapir Rider Zelph on Steam – discovered the sigil and how it comes up.
  • FF2 Devs – brought attention to the sigil by listing the dev's name in Extra Special Thanks.
  • Randomiser – converted the numbers in the boss names into binary.
  • CrazyGamer339 – solved the puzzle and retrieved the piece.

Glitch City Magazine

  • Randomiser – asked Alejandro Quan-Madrid for a copy of the zine with the sigil and then scanned it for the wiki. First to retrieve the piece too.

Letter Soup

  • DukeBG — creating the online solver tool, tool to map the coordinates of the soup letters, coordinates of the map, fitness function;
  • Alv0iD, Blü, Glael, Gufferdk, iSpy, Nenkai, Randomiser and Sqbika — mapping the coordinates of the soup letters;
  • srmeister — writing and running the bruteforcer based on the data that found the solution;
  • Randomiser — figuring out that the login/password are from Frog Fractions 2 ARG.


  • Svardskampe — brought the ARG from MiniMetro subreddit to GameDetectives
  • wyh322ARG Mind Map
  • crash, Svardskampe, TheSparrowHunt, amboyscout, mattyb, Violet and others — Google Docs Progress Spreadsheet
  • DukeBG — The Overarching Puzzle Assembling Tools: 1 and 2, tipping off Patrick Klepek for ARG coverage in press in August 2016.
  • offbeatwitchThe website and a discord bot to track what games were checked for sigils
  • mattyb — first Eye Sigil Poster
  • crash — more propaganda posters and spreading it through imgur and reddit (several sigils were found thanks to this)