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'''Read Only Memories''' is a cyberpunk adventure game developed by ''MidBoss'' and released on 6 Oct 2015.
The sigil was added in an update on [http://steamcommunity.com/app/330820/discussions/0/350544272219934761/ 10 Oct 2016].
Sigil is shown in the post-game email section, as one of the email icons.
It replaced a conspiracy-alike image that [https://youtu.be/3ERiWbTLvFU?t=6m39s used to say "watching you…"] before the update.
The in-game email marked by sigil has an email address <code>[email protected]</code>. Note that it predates the sigil update.
The domain 746865206472696674696e67.org redirects to http://www.readonlymemori.es/ (official website of the game) and is a hex string from <code>the drifting</code>. The username part consists of references to the creepypasta: <code>jvk1166z</code> — a Morrowind mod, <code>204863</code> from P.T. (Silent Hills teaser) and <code>109</code> from Binding of Isaac. Nevertheless, the full email is a valid e-mail address and doesn't cause mail delivery failures.
Game Detectives have contacted it and recieved replies, but the thing looks to be operated (by whoever does it) by hand, not automatically, so this lead took time. The person replying signed as "Lav".
On 2016-11-17 we received a final email from Lav. The message included a piece and a [https://twitter.com/xiroteros link to a Twitter account]:
  Due to the nature of how late this is, it is currently debated whether this sigil was a "real" part of the ARG
  I hope this gets through. I've just got our communications back and running after several hours of outages.
  Our organization was... contacted today. The only packet we were able to intercept is what I have attached.
  We have never seen anything like this before, and we don't know who is reaching for us, or why.
  As of now our operations are under stricter secrecy. I can no longer directly engage with some of you newer recruits this way.
  I have managed to find an alternative communication pathway on some dead servers in the darknet. I know it's a pain to connect to anything like this, but you should be able to patch through here. Don't spread it around, but if anything comes up, you'll see me there.
  Stay safe and find out what's going on.
  Do not dream. We drift.
  Your friend, Lav.
Note that this piece is nearly identical to [[Reagan Gorbachev]]'s piece; this could be innocent provision of a backup, or a fake sigil in the first place.

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