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Soda Drinker Pro is a video game that simulates the act of drinking soda, developed by Will Brierly (Snowrunner Games) and released on Steam and Xbox One on 13 Apr 2016. Initially Soda Drinker Pro was developed over the course of one day in 2008 and was greenlit on Steam on 29 Jan 2015.

The sigil was added on the Steam release.


The sigil image appears in the corner of the room in Level 2 (The Park).

SodaDrPro screen.jpg


The player can poke through the wall with the sigil in the corner. After that there'll appear a white walkway with a shiny light instead of the adjacent wall to the left.

As the player walks into the light of the walkway, the main level moves away and a massive pulsing sigil is revealed. The player can then continue walking along the walkway, dropping down few times. Then, once the end is reached after the last drop, the player can see the the puzzle piece after turning around.

SodeDrPro piece.png