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Unboxing Story is a Unity game by Twinbeard (or rather Twinbread?) available for free download from The game is made in the likeness of Her Story; in particular, a player can type in words and watch the 5 first videos that match the search.

Unboxing Story was discovered on 15 Dec 2016. According to the http header Last-Modified, the file was uploaded to the server on 13 Dec 2016.

The videos are the unboxing videos made by Philip T. Anderson, where he films himself unboxing various things for Phil's Cool Stuff Corner (the name changes for some videos). There's also some mystery content hidden throughout the game.


Phil Anderson does 15 unboxings in total over the span of 61 videos. There's also a secret 62nd video that leads to some puzzles. You can search for the videos yourself by using any of the words listed below. The unboxings are listed in the orders they are in the game files.

Ironing Board Cover Fasteners

  1. Hi, this is Phil Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, and we are unboxing a new item today. First we have: Eight airbags. Six airbags! That's still more than my car has. And then we have some Dritz Ironing Board Cover Fasteners.
  2. Because you never want your ironing board cover to come loose. There are eight of these. Apparently of different lengths, for your different needs. We're gonna try testing these out.
  3. These are definitely tenacious fasteners. Right about there, fasten it. Yeah, that looks like it will leave a mark. Plastic. As you can see, they're very s--
  4. They're not really strong enough to use as suspenders unless you're really short. Maybe you need to, like... Put up your sleeves. It might work. And we will see you next week.

Dryer Door Latches Repair Kit

  1. Hi, this is Phil Anderson with Phil's Amazing Deals Corner. Podcast. And today we have a new deal from [REDACTED]. Our deal comes wrapped in six airbags. Which is more than my car has. And inside the box is: I have no clue what this is.
  2. Important! This kit contains two door strikes and various door catches. Some dryers may use more than one catch. Note numbers stamped on the catches and/or color of the spring steel. Twenty: yellow, twenty-two: blue, or twenty-five: green.
  3. Match the number and/or color of the catch being replaced with the catch supplied in the kit. So apparently we are repairing a dryer? So here is the yellow twenty catch.
  4. And here is the twenty-two blue, right here. And the twenty-five green is right here. In case you can't see it. It doesn't-- This has been Phil Anderson with the Crazy Curio Podcast. We shall see you next week.


  1. This is Phil Anderson with the Oversized Parcel Podcast. So let's get right to it. It has, oh wow, one, two... It has over ten airbags, but a good portion of them are broken. A box of crayons.
  2. So here we have: Red orange. Yellow. Black. Blue. Brown, or 'cafe.' Yellow orange. Carnation pink. Orange orange. Blue violet. Red. Blue green. White. Green. No, yellow green! Regular green. And red violet.

Hydra Game Development Kit

  1. Hello! Once again, this is Philip Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. Today's package contains: A very large... Very long... String of airbags. The Hydra Game Development Kit.
  2. You can learn video game programming with the Propeller-powered Hydra. The box has all manner of screenshots of demos. Of things that you can try to make with it. Racing games, physics simulators. Games about people chucking bombs at each other.
  3. The box is pretty solid. It's also very weighty. There is: That. There's another similar but smaller-looking chip. A USB-to-micro-USB cable. A keyboard, pretty compact and lightweight.
  4. It comes with its very own optical mouse. A standard game controller. A mysterious box. A motherboard, wrapped in bubble-wrap. The motherboard comes with two controller ports. A/V cable entries. And a video out.
  5. An ethernet cable. And a little slot for the game cartridge. As well as assorted other motherboard parts. Thank you for being here with us. This is Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, signing off. See you next week.


  1. Welcome, once again, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Phil Anderson. This week, we have: Bio-bugs! Or, B-I-O bugs. A revolution in evolution! A new breed of artificial intelligence. Train your B.I.O.-Bug for battle!
  2. That's a very tall box. The outer box is black and green. As you know, the colors of technology and bugs. And inside is: The B.I.O.-Bug proper. B.I.O.-Bug!
  3. Pretty interesting to look at. It is securely attached to the inner box. By tape and wire. And with that undone, the wire, here is the B.I.O.-Bug in all its glory. It has some oversized paddles for its rear legs, probably for better locomotion.
  4. It has some front paddles as well, with slots to move inside. It has a wing-shield, like most bugs. So this is the remote control. It has cute wing covers/screen.
  5. And apparently this is one of four different species of B.I.O.-Bugs! You can lock this cover and press this button to unlock it. First day of life: your B.I.O.-Bug starts off as a baby, gradually maturing as it learns new skills to survive. That is an ugly baby.
  6. That hole over there is the reset button. So if the B.I.O.-Bug misbehaves, or poops everywhere, you can just reset it. Thank you for joining us at Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, once again. My name is Phil Anderson, and I will see you next week.


  1. Hi! Welcome, another week, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Phil Anderson, your host. This is the X-Band. The X-Band is actually the only video game network for your Super NES.
  2. It is a modem made for the Nintendo 16-bit console, from back in the 80s and 90s. You stick that in first, then you put in the cartridge. Here is the X-Band please note! Please. Note. The X-Band itself.
  3. Coming with, in the traditional North American purple Super Nintendo color. So it doesn't clash with your console or your controllers. That's the slot where it goes into the console. That is the slot where the game cartridge goes in. It has the ethernet cable socket. That, right there, is the X-Band card slot.
  4. The X-Band cards will supply you with more credits, rental counts, and other X-Band services. Check X-Band News for details. This has been Phil Anderson for Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. We will see you next week.

Plunger Gun

  1. Hello, and welcome, yet again, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Phil Anderson, your host. Today, we have a very unlikely weapon. It is a plunger gun. Let's start tackling this. This. Success! Almost success.
  2. So here we have the weapon. It has a faux-wooden finish. This paper extract indicates that this is the slot where the controller goes. It is pretty handy.
  3. It has a plunger head, which is not squishy. It's actually hard plastic. Oh, and that's where the cable goes. Thank you for joining us again, at Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. This is Phil Anderson, your host, and we will see you next week.

Ultima 9

  1. Good afternoon, this is Phil Anderson, your host with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. And this afternoon we have the big box edition of Ultima 9. The box itself is decorated like a book. Here are the pages. Destined to be legendary.
  2. This game was rated Mature for animated blood and gore and animated violence. So it was very much the Mortal Kombat of its time. Doo-dads, knick-knacks, and other immersion aids. We have a couple of Virtue cards, using the Rune system.
  3. This is the control cheat-sheet, and on the other side you can see various images from the history of the avatar in Britannia. The cloth map. Britannia in all its glory. Very fine needlepoint. Cloth maps.
  4. A catalog of assorted Electronic Arts products. They're even using the old Electronic Arts logo. A quick reference for assorted spells. Summon undead, levitate, full heal, meteorite. Vas por flam, ort por, an nox...
  5. A personalized letter from Lord British himself. Signed. Thanking you for ongoing dedication and support to the Ultima series. And he signs off: 'Your humble servant, Lord British.' Thank you, this has been Phil Anderson, for Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, and we will see you next week.

Star Trek Phaser Battle

  1. Hello, yet again. I am Phil Anderson, your host with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. And this week, we have: Star Trek Phaser Battle. The box is gigantic. It uses six single-A batteries. And has an in-built light bulb.
  2. Star Trek Phaser Battle. Joystick and control console. And a star field. There are condition alerts for defensive monitoring purposes. A score counter for number of enemies destroyed. Status lights for the condition of the ship you're piloting.
  3. There's a reset and power button. The joystick slides on a bar. And has a button for shooting. A spinning disc. So stay tuned, and be back next week. This has been Phil Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, signing off.

Pippin World Internet TV

  1. Welcome yet again, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Phil Anderson, your host. A Pippin @World Internet television device. On the box, we can see web sites like:, and The box promises: plug in, explore, connect and learn.
  2. The big box actually contains three smaller boxes. The clamshell itself has a safety lock that is press-to-open. Inside we see a screen and a slot for a stylus. Compact keyboard, with no number pad. The keys are slightly clicky but slightly rubbery.
  3. A boomerang shaped controller. Red, yellow, green, blue button configuration. The controller has a track ball in the center. It comes with two shoulder buttons, that are accessed with the tips of your fingers rather than the middle joint.
  4. The face buttons themselves have grooves in them, little pips like a die. So you can tell which button is which, just from tact. And it has the little Pippin logo. Some heavy tech hardware. Modem and CD-ROMs.
  5. Playskool Mr. Potato Head. TV Works, Compton's @World Encyclopaedia. The modem. And the modem. Once again, thank you, I am Phil Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff corner. And we'll see you again.

Demon Destroyer Gunn

  1. Welcome, one more week, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Phil Anderson, your host. And today we have: Demon Destroyer Gunn: Armament of the 21st century. Your prayers have been answered. This is the ultimate accessory for the ultimate game.
  2. Even with a great game pad, shooting slavering demon beasts from Hell by clicking a mouse or pressing a button is like frozen pizza and lite beer. To get the true flavor, you need the real thing. Picture a .38 special with a thyroid imbalance.
  3. More instinctive and realistic gameplay. Works with Doom and most 3D action games. Single-handed playability, quick-action trigger, ergonomic grip. Adds an extra dimension to dishing out digital death. Includes a free CD with shareware versions of: Doom, Decent, Heretic, plus other games, plus cheat codes. Demon Destroyer Gunn: larger than shown.
  4. This is a floppy disk. The way it works is: this metallic part protects a writeable medium. It's the basically the equivalent of your hard disk, except in a soft, mushy film. From this. To this. To. This.
  5. We can recommend that you run the diagnostic program to get familiar with the Demon Gunn. Your Demon Gunn comes with the Demon Gunn. Demon Gunn, it's a pretty close... It's, uh, decent... It's gun-shaped.
  6. Doom 3 Ultimate Hell Nightmare Demon Mode Edition. You'll be like, oh, I'm running around, jumping on platforms, buh buh buh buh buh. Then you have the trigger. The trigger is plastic also. It clicks nicely when it fires.
  7. Sounds kinda cool, and you can keep it pressed, or you can just go crazy and click it like crazy. Do the usual crazy trick of pushing it super fast. This has been Phil Anderson for Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. Thank you for watching. We will be here again next week.

Smash Bros. Rockman Amiibo

  1. Welcome, yet another week, to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. This is Philip Anderson, your host. This week, we have: Smash Bros. Rockman Amiibo. Rockman, also known as Mega Man.
  2. Let's open it up and see what's in there. The back came off nicely, which is always a nice surprise. It comes with a little information slip, in Japanese, so we're not going to read that.
  3. This is the Amiibo. It's classic Rockman, chubbier and more super-deformed cutesy style As opposed to the more recent games, like the X series, where he's more cool style. Less 'kakkoii' and more 'kawaii,' as they say.
  4. It has the Smash Bros. logo on the base. We don't actually have the near-emission-field thing that he goes on so that's pretty much all we have to say about this guy. This has been Philip Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I killed a man.

Tube of Toothpaste

  1. Undo this flap. There is a single roll of toothpaste. Tube of. Tube of toothpaste. Inside a very fancy box. Complete protection, sensitivity, enamel, cavities. It has eight benefits, protects you from everything and anything.
  2. Inside is the tube. It comes with the click cap. Smells suitably fresh. Pretty good. This is Philip Anderson, for Phil's Cool Stuff Corner, and we'll see you next week. I killed a man.

Dremel Toolcase

  1. Welcome yet again to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. I am Philip Anderson, your host. And in today's episode, we have: A dremel toolcase. Inside the toolcase, in itself.
  2. Instruction safety manual. There's all kinds of explanations about the attachments, the parts. What to do, what not to do. I have no clue what this is. I imagine it's some kind of attachment. Enhancer. Thing. Maybe?
  3. Box inside a box. It has all the possible heads and things you might want to attach to your tool for whatever purpose. Polishing. Grinding. Screwing. Drilling. It looks like this part attaches to the end.
  4. So that you put the drill in there. You put this spiky bit in your previous hole and then move it whatever distance you want. And then you go poke another hole. And so on and so forth, until you have all the holes you need.
  5. That actually comes with its own little rack. Where you can fit these, so you have them handy. So you're alternating three or four of these at the same time. You can just pop them in there. Think about that. This has been Phil Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. And we shall see you next week.

BenQ Digital Projector

  1. Hi, and welcome yet again to Phil's Cool Stuff Corner. This is Phil Anderson, your host, and in today's episode, we have: A BenQ digital projector. This looks to be a webcam. Another webcam. A fourth webcam.
  2. Twelve webcams. There's also a power source, a USB power source. Airbags. Uh. Yeah. Something. A flashlight. This has been Phil Anderson, with Phil's Cool Stuff corner. I will see you next week.

Secret video


You can search for the secret video using any of these words: mystery hidden secret mysterious secrecy enigma. Internally it's called "cats". It features the compelted Eye Sigil ARG map made from some sort of dark small pieces of something (maybe cat food) on the floor of an apartment with a cat jumping over them and knocking off one of the cans that represent the circle nodes.

The video audio is a slowed down (about 4x-5x) version of two people saying "password" in silly voices.

Once you've seen that video you can search for the password of the Eye Sigil ARG, which was elmourouj, which loads up the Sigil Maze.

Sigil Maze

FF2 Unboxing Story Sigil Maze.png

Inside the maze, the player controls an ASCII character that moves up/down/left/right through screens, each of them being an Eye Sigil ARG sigil with some certain foreground and background colours. As you leave the screen through any edge of it, the number in the corner counts down. Initially that timer starts at 20 (that's a gray on black sigil), so you have 20 moves.

If you move through the maze "incorrectly", you'll end up back on the screen you started from. But from "correct" moves you'll unlock another, 63rd secret video that is encrypted in the game file, with the preview being a frog. You'll get that video for "elmourouj" from there on, unable to get "back" into the Sigil Maze.

However, unfortunately, it looks like the game can determine the path as false positively correct and the video won't decrypt correctly and won't play. An example of such a path that we have right now is down x11, right x1, down x1, left x2 ,up x2, left x1, right x1, down x1

Behind the scenes the secret video is encrypted with AES, the salt is hardcoded the source code (0x60c3d1cf1629c4e418ed99b7ee1ec176), but the key is derived according to RFC2898 from a string that is a concatenation of moves through the maze (string constants "b", "u", "tt" and "s" are used for directions)


The correct way through the maze is to take the directions from the Sigil ARG map itself (that has 20 nodes on it for the 20 moves): going through the map, if a node is on a line — you go up in the maze, if it's on a corner — go the direction you're about to turn in. Full sequence:


This unlocks the secret video, which we reuploaded for easiness to YouTube:

We've sent an address to the contact as required. See here for what we got in return.

Clues from the video

In addition to the lore and the message itself, the uncountable frogs and fraction puns, the video has some weird things:

  1. The authors call themselves We are the (-8043 + sqrt(140825685))/3282 [... to be continued] Division.
    The number inside the squre root is just 4 off a square number (140825689 would be 11867²), with that the fraction would simplify to 1912/1641.
    To be continued means writing it as a continious fraction. That would be [1; 6, 18, 15, 7], or, converting numbers into letters, FROG.
  2. Near the end there are two strings of symbols quickly appear and fade. They are from the Egypt Motif font and the strings read Reunitethe artifacts
  3. In the video, there are some letters in words that stand out because they are in a different font. Those letters are WDPGYCCCCCCCCC. Most, though not all, font names on the screen that is heavy with different "C"s are starting with C themselves (Comic Sans MS, Cooper Black, Copperplate Gothic Lite, Curlz MT, Colonna MT, Capsuula and others). One exception is Blackmoor Std in the second row. It's possible for this to happen just because the person making the text chose fonts that were nearby in the dropdown when editing.
    A spreadsheet with (almost) all fonts identified