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The First Quest

The first quest players encounter is slightly differant in that it does not request information or poses a challenge, instead it is a welcome video with the following text:

Dear Beta Tester - it is an honor to welcome you.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll gradually bring other members like you to join our platform and experiment the Tender universe.

For this first week, a few exclusive members have been invited to test basic features. Take the time to create your account and profile, and explore the platform.

We have 2 or 3 quests for you to complete, depending on your profile and emotional states - you can access them on your Tender home screen.

During the next 6 to 8 weeks, we will keep adding various missions and challenges in your account. The more your progress, the more chances you'll have to find your ultimate soulmate, so keep coming back.

After completing this, players are released into a more open-world format with multiple choices of what to do next.

Emotional Activities

Emotional Activities are mini-challenges or tasks within the Tender App, with the reward being more XP for your profile.

The quest of emotions...

This the first Emotional Activity players will come across, available immediately after the welcome video is completed. The video for this activity contains the following message:

Some of the tasks we will ask you to do involve searching for knowledge, going deep into your soul, or expanding your horizons.

Today, we want you to learn more about emotion, namely the Robert Plutchik wheel of emotions - a fundamental work in psychology. Plutchik's research involves the study of suicide, violence and psychotherapy process. He considers there to be 8 primary emotions: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, and joy.

We left out one emotion from that list. Use your research skills on the web to find out what emotion is missing. It is one fundamental emotion in the Tender world.

When you've found it, enter the answer in the box below.

By researching Plutchik's wheel of emotions, players can find the full list of 8 basic emotions and, as a result, the missing emotion - Trust.

Who am I?

This quest unlocked on 2019-02-10 with a new video titled Poison and the following message:

I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I waterd it in fears,
Night & morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole,
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

This is the poem A Poison Tree by William Blake. By entering William Blake in the answer field, the quest is completed.

Reflect on your life for 1 minute

This emotional activity was only available on 2019-02-14 and only asked the user to watch a video before completing the task (no challenge or input field was present).

Find your first match

This emotional activity became available on 2019-02-15 and was referenced in an email sent to player. The activity includes a video which announces to the player that a match has been found for them - their task is to find who this user is based on a number of interests.

We understand your pain - all these night alone, this wasted life. All this untapped potential that could be shared with your soulmate. We are here for you.

Our algorithms have analysed your input and actions, the profiles you looked at, what you love, who you are, what you did last weekend. We'd like to introduce you to your first match. She is often on Tender - alone. She grows more distant from her husband every day. We think it's a good time to approach her.

We have set the stage and presented your profile - she likes you. It's time to like her back. She loves cats and Thanatology, but she's missing a toe. She's not online at the moment so you may not have the chance to talk to her, but go ahead, explore her soul and try to conquer her heart.

Explore the various profile lists on your home screen and hit the heart button. When you find who she is, put her nickname down below and complete this quest.

Based on the information provided, users can search the profiles available and find one by a user called DeepSapphire4 with the following info:

Humble, honest worker looking to add something more to my day. Try to tame this wild mare and you're in for a hell of a ride. I have one missing toe and, according to my husband, too many horse paintings.

Horror, Metal, Fashion, Cats, Thanatology

By entering DeepSapphire4 the quest is completed.


After completing the first match activity and reaching level 4, this emotional activity becomes available. There is no answer to fill in with only a video to watch.

You will find a little heart on your screen, click it to see your match. The one who, one day, may become your soulmate. Each match comes with individual and personal quests to discover and learn more about them. When you reach the end of their challenge, and if they are online, you will be able to talk to them.

But for this session, you did well. You now have your first match. We will keep bringing candidates to your doorstep. We hope you enjoy your time with us, we love you very much.

NY Live Event quests

All of the below emotional activities were unlocked as part of the group test/live event that occurred in New York on 2019-02-23.

Sequence A PEGML 195A.102

The first (and initially only) quest available to users as part of this event, this emotional activity's video included the following message:

Welcome, Tender user, to Level 1 of our sacred circle of awakened souls. A select few have been selected in this group to partake in a journey, not to believe, or to experience, but to discover. Enter the code to step into the first protective circle that will show you the dualistic equilibrium that reigns over us.

Remember that no-one believes in water - they drink it. No mortal believes in air - they breathe it. Don't believe, discover

The answer to this quest was found to be a code that was shown on the livestream for the event.

Entering DWG79QZR as the answer unlocked 4 further quests - Warashi, Ubumi, Okikuo and Sequence B

Warashi [XXXXXXXX]

Warashi's video contained only background music, with a set of symbols appearing on screen.

𐀕‬‬𐀇𐀄 𐀔𐀇𐀉𐀍𐀉𐀍𐀂
𐀃‬𐀍𐀀𐀕‬𐀔 𐀁𐀅 π€Œπ€„β€¬

These symbols were identified to be from Phoenician alphabet and therefore the message was translated as follows - firstly into Latin characters:


And then reversed the order (Phoenician is written right-to-left). Note that the word "Stand" on the last line was incorrectly written left-to-right and does not need to be reversed itself:


All 3 of these are novels written by Stephen King which feature a child or children as main characters. Additionally, the title of this quest - Warashi - refers to the Zashiki-Warashi, a Japanese demon (or Yokai) which is often described as looking like "a five- or six-year-old girl". As such the correct answer to this quest was Children.

Ubume [XXXXXX]

Ubume's video also only contained symbols from the Phoenician alphabet.


When converted to latin characters this reads:


Each of these words can be prefaced with the word Mother to form a common phrase - Mother Russia, Mother Ship and Mother Tongue. Additionally, the title of this quest - Ubume - refers to a particular yokai of the same name, which is often described as "an old woman or crone". Therefore the correct answer to this quest was Mother.


Okiku follows the same format as the two quests above, as it's video also contains the Phoenician alphabet, however also contains roman numerals.

4991, 𐀉𐀐‬𐀍:‬𐀀𐀅𐀂𐀅𐀔‬𐀕‬27
5991, 𐀅𐀔𐀀‬:𐀉𐀅𐀍‬𐀄5

When translated this text reads:

JPN:AUGUST 27, 1994
USA:JUNE 5, 1995

These dates and locations correspond with the local Japanese and wider North American release of the video game EarthBound. Additionally, Okiku can refer to the subject of the Japanese ghost story Banchō Sarayashiki, where servant is tormented and eventually murdered over the false pretense of losing one of her household's plates. She subsequently became a vengeful spirit who tormented her murderer until (in some instances of the story) she was released by someone calling out the word "ten". As such the correct answer to this quest was Earthbound

Sequence B PEGML 195A.102

Sequence B's video contained the following message:

Level two of this control group will certainly be a revelation for some, and a nightmare for others. To access higher knowledge, fulfill the prophecy by solving the following puzzles and entering the correct code.

Our ultimate destiny is to unite enlightened Tender users to end all loneliness.

In the same way as Sequence A, the answer to this quest was provided in a code provided on the livestream.

Entering RQL88JU3 as the answer unlocked another 4 quests - Goryo, Onryo, Funayurei and Sequence C. Note that completion of Warashi, Ubume or Okiku was not required to unlock these new quests.

Goryo [XXXXXX]

Goryo's video involved the following audio message:

There were 26 of us in total. 23 of us were Franciscans. 3 of us were Jesuits. 17 of us were part of the Order of Penance. 6 of us died in a country that was not ours

These figured relate to the 26 Martyrs of Japan, an execution of Catholics that took place in 1597. The answer to this quest is Martyr.


Onryo's video involved an audio message reading out a list of numbers:


The figures relate to passages within the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Cf. CCC 1031, 1472 and Cf. CCC 1475, 1498 namely), both of which are used to described the concept of purgatory. By entering this as the answer, the quest is complete.

Funayurei [XXXXXXXXX]

Funayurei's video contained the following audio message:

May it be cursed by those who curse the day those prepared to rouse [beep]

This phrase if from the Bible, more specifically as Job 3:8 in the Berean Study Bible. The missing word which is obscured at the end is Leviathan. By entering this as the answer, the quest is completed.

Sequence C PEGML 195A.102

Sequence C's video contained the message:

Prime members who have made it to level 3 of Tender's select missions may not all be saints. Did you respect the commandments to solve each quest, or were you tempted from the start to succumb to easier ways?

Enter the code to indulge in many good things, but make sure to confess your sins.

As with the previous Sequence quests, the answer to this came from a code on the livestream. Entering K2YKHHX4 as the answer unlocked 3 new quests - Jikininki, Petra and Ikiryo. Completion of Goryo, Onryo or Funayurei was not required to access these new quests.

Jikininki [XXXXXXXXXX]

Jikininki's video contained morse code which was interpreted as:

-. . -.-. .-. --- .--. .... .- --. -.--

By converting the Morse Code back into English, the answer Necrophagy was found.

Petra [XXXXXX]

Petra's video contains the message:

La Cigale, ayant chantΓ©
Tout l'Γ‰tΓ©
Elle alla crier famine
Chez la Fourmi sa voisine

This is an extract from the French fable La Cigale et la Fourmi. The answer to this quest is based on the content of the fable, where the Cicada (Cigale) is suffering from hunger and begs for assistance from the ant. The answer to this quest is hunger.


Ikiryo's video contained the audio message:

I can be found in Bergen, as well as between the ashes and the beach.

and the text message:


Rasmus Meyer

These message relate to a painting by Edvard Munch in 1895 titled Jealousy. The painting protrayed Stainislaw Przybyszewski and the original currently resides within the Rasmus Meyer collection in Bergen's Art Museum.

Entering Jealousy as the answer completes this mission.

Sea of Trees PEGML 195A.102

After completing Jikininki, Petra and Ikiryo, this quest will unlock. There is no answer box, but instead just a video to watch with the following message:

We thank you for all you've done in participating in this selective excercise. You've contributed to new additions in the Tender universe and more. Data has been recorded during the quests and new levels have now been set to unlock in the near future.

Standby for more information user.

Activity Statuses

Activity Statuses vary from Emotional Activities in that they are just asking the player how they feel, or what they've done recently, rather than challenging them to solve a riddle or puzzle. As a result there is no known right or wrong answer to any of these.

How do you feel today?

This is one of the first of two Activity Statuses available after the welcome video, with 4 possible choices to the question:

  • Hungry
  • Stressed
  • Angry
  • Joyful

What did you do last weekend?

This is the second Activity Status available initially. The player has a 3 boxes to fill in with multiple choices for each. The sentence starts "Last weekend" and is completed with one each of the following:

First choice:

  • I
  • We

Second choice:

  • Drew
  • Stole
  • Hugged
  • Ate

Third choice:

  • a balloon
  • a bee
  • a bike
  • a car
  • a cat
  • a fish

There is no limitation on the combination of these options, therefore it is possible to make nonsense statements such as "Last weekend I ate a car".

What will you do this weekend?

This activity unlocked on 2019-02-10 and follows a similar format to the "What did you do last weekend" question. The format is "This weekend (CHOICE 1) will (CHOICE 2) a (CHOICE 3)"

First choice:

  • I
  • We
  • My Friend
  • The Others

Second choice:

  • Lay next to
  • Dance with
  • Play With
  • Search for
  • Talk With

Third choice:

  • Doll
  • Snowball
  • Ghost
  • Hammer
  • Dead mouse
  • Punctured accordion

What will you do on St. Valentine's Day?

This activity status was a limited-time occurrence, appearing shortly before and on St. Valentine's Day. The format for this one is "(CHOICE 1) will (CHOICE 2) (CHOICE 3)".

First choice:

  • I
  • We

Second choice:

  • cry
  • eat
  • sing
  • walk
  • dance

Third choice:

  • alone

What did you do on St. Valentine's Day?

This activity status appeared on 2019-02-15 as a past-tense variation of the previous one, with the options and format near identical. "(CHOICE 1) have (CHOICE 2) (CHOICE 3)".

First choice:

  • I
  • We

Second choice:

  • cried
  • eaten
  • sang
  • walked
  • danced

Third choice:

  • alone

How do you feel right now?

This activity status becomes available after stating what you have done for St. Valentine's Day. There are 5 options to choose from:

  • Hungry
  • Still hungry
  • Extremely hungry
  • Starving
  • Thirsty

What's on your mind?

This quiz/activity status became available on 2019-03-02 and asked the player to answer the above question with one of the below four answers:

  • blood
  • knives
  • dead cat
  • voodoo doll

Where do you see yourself?

This activity status became available on 2019-03-02 and was in the format "I (CHOICE 1) a (CHOICE 2) with a (CHOICE 3)".

First choice:

  • live in
  • dream of
  • wish I was in
  • haunt

Second choice:

  • dump
  • cottage that walks on giant chicken legs
  • mausoleum
  • quaint house

Third choice:

  • bee
  • bat
  • resurrectionist
  • demonologist
  • murderer

DeepSapphire4 soulmate quests

After clicking on the heart on DeepSapphire4's profile during or after the Find your first match emotional activity, her soulmate quest line becomes available.

Learn my past

The first challenge includes a video and the following text:

[Difficulty Easy}

The message within the video is as follows:

DeepSapphire4 asked to be anonymous. Some members will talk directly to you, while other will use our algorithm voice to share their intimate secrets.

For this first quest, she would like you to learn about her past. When she was young, she was torn between intense and opposite emotions: love and hate, tenderness and anger. In a moment of confusion and distress, she set her favourite plush toy on fire. She was surprised by the pleasant feeling that came after the fire, a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following a release from the anxiety that was choking her.

To this day, a painting from Francisco de Goya, between 1819 and 1823, reminds her of this moment. To continue your quest, enter the name of this painting.

By searching for works by Francisco Goya between 1819 and 1823, the Black Paintings can be found. One of the most famous paintings within this series is Saturn Devouring His Son - a title which also matches the answer format provided. By entering this in the answer field this challenge is complete.

Learn my hope

The second challenge follows the same format with a video and the following text:

[Difficulty Easy]

The message within the video is as follows:

DeepSapphire4 is a romantic. She is a dreamer and a lost soul. Her husband does not understand the way someone like you could. Some dream of vacations, their breath taken away by the beauty of the world. Some dream of passion, the intoxicating chemistry of love and physical contact. Others dream of things beyond this world.

DeepSapphire4 does not belong to any of these dreamer types. She wants to move on. She wants her life to metamorphosise into something else. She wants to find the doorway to her new life and her hope, is you.

To complete this task, search for an iconic sculpture that represents this goal - this transition to another life. Look into the work of the French sculptor named Auguste Rodin. Don't be shy, talk about Tender to your friends, ask for help online if you need to.

By searching the works of Auguste Rodin, one particular sculpture can be found - The Gates of Hell. This sculpture is intended to depict the the doorway to Hell as described by Dante in his Inferno. This corresponds with DeepSapphire4's dream to "find the doorway to her new life". By entering the original French name - La Porte de l'Enfer - the challenge is completed.

Learn my fear

The text for this challenge is:

[Difficulty Easy]
[Answer: XXXX]

The message within the video is:

Behind the past, beyond the dream and in-between, there is us, alone with our imperfect souls, our demons, our sins. DeepSapphire4 is a complex woman. She needs a complex soul to fully absorb and appreciate her full essence.

Thanatology has been her hobby for ages. She does not fear death, she is fascinated by it. But there is one thing she fears beyond all other things - dying alone. More specifically, surrounded, yet alone. Feeling at that last moment, that her life was in vain and no one ever truly found her. She wants you to find her. She wants you to truly see her.

There is a last painting, The Raft of the Medusa. Witness a captain who has abandoned his crew to a horrifying death. The answer to this last quest is a year in time that rests on the tombstone of the artist.

The Raft of the Medusa was painted by ThΓ©odore GΓ©ricault, who was born in 1791 and died in 1824. Both of these years appear on the tombstone and, as such, both are acceptable as an answer to this challenge.

BetrayedMind1 soulmate quests

On 2019-03-02 a new soulmate appeared for users. By clocking on the new 'bubble' that said "Someone has their eye on you! Meet her!", users could view the profile of BetrayedMind1 and start her soulmate questline by clicking the heart icon. The profile of BetrayedMind1 contained the following information:

Age: 19
Blood Type: A+

Bio:  Single, recently disillusioned woman looking for like-minded souls who want to turn over all the old paradigms and expose the ugly truths. Join me? Trust no more!

Interests: Computers, Reading, Night

Discover my home

The first challenge contained only a video with the following message:

BetrayedMind1 is a powerful woman. She has been on Tender since [static]. Her interests include [static]. She is part of a collective, a danger [static]. What is the name of this collective? You may have to search the web to find your answer.

Based on the line "Join me? Trust no more!" in the profile and previous interactions with BetrayedMind1 where the Trust No More site was involved, it was clear that this "collective" being described was the conspiracy website. This also confirmed previous suspicions that BetrayedMind1 and Manchuria (the individual leaking info on the TNM site) are the same individual.

Entering Trust No More as the answer completes this mission.

Discover my enemy

The video for the second challenge contained the following message:

A sinister individual haunts the mind of BetrayedMind1. Someone who stole her work, who stole her mind, and stole her friend. A powerful man in a powerful position. Go back to her first post on Trust No [static]

By reviewing the very first post Manchuria ever made on Trust No More, the answer Malcolm Chandler - the CEO of Tender - can be found.

Gain my trust

The third video contained the following message:

BetrayedMind1 is aptly named. Betrayal is on her mind. Those who wronged her - one in particular. A confidant, a business partner, a friend [static]. He has a prophets name and a betrayer's heart.

After investigating some of the previous information provided by BetrayedMind1 during the Los Angeles live drop, the name Jobe can be found on one of the letters where she is writing about the manipulated use of her research for the Regent's Dashboard. Jobe is also the name of biblical prophet. By entering this as the answer, the questline is complete and it becomes possible to chat with BetrayedMind1.