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Gender Male
Status Deceased
Location Archanea simulation
Affiliation None
ARG appearances Mystery of the Emblem
First appearance 2016-03-26

Thomas was the first Fire Emblem unit to appear in Mystery of the Emblem and took player input to explore the world of Archanea.

He was the only one of the three units not to encounter AWBO. After visiting (and being chased out of) Sarrow, he entered the tower where he met his fate, largely down to the players voting him into fighting units who easily killed him as he was found annoying. He was then succeeded by Josh.

The post-ARG AMA revealed more about his character:

Thomas was supposed to be, well, stupid, naive; the tutorial to the game. However, he ended up showing his darker side much more, happily killing guards and even stealing stuff of his own will. His entire part was designed to kill him (you can see in the plan that there was one way for him to survive, but it's unlikely), but people actually wanted him dead by the end. Which is interesting seeing as you lot made him like that in the first place.


  • Thomas' class is Journeyman, which appears only in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. However, Thomas uses lances in battle, despite Journeyman being an axe-wielding class.