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Status Active
Location Archanea simulation; Europe, 2016; Mira, 2058
Known members Grace Pond, Simon, Benjamin, Christina Jackson, Sqbika, VintageKeith, Crauss, Concerned Hobbit
ARG appearances Mystery of the Emblem, In Reality
First appearance 2016-03-27

AWBO, also known as Archanea Will Be Ours or the organisation, are a mysterious organisation that first appeared in Mystery of the Emblem as a revolutionary group attempting to take over the world of Archanea.

Mystery of the Emblem

AWBO were first encountered by Josh when they attacked Senlo. They were a large group of revolutionaries who slaughtered anyone who stood in their way, yelling "Archanea will be ours!", giving them their nickname. After teaming up with Sara, Josh managed to clear the AWBO forces long enough to flee Senlo, but the group ultimately took control of the city and it became a ghost town.

Josh and Sara later interrogated a young, male AWBO member in Sarrow. His family was apparently unaware of his affiliation. Upon returning to Senlo, Sara was killed by AWBO forces. Josh then set out to wipe out AWBO for good, and with the help of the "resistance", almost succeeded. At the final base, AWBO were prepared for an attack and all the attacking resistance (save Josh) were defeated. Josh retreated and the current status of AWBO was unknown other than remaining active and growing.

In Reality

AWBO returned in In Reality. Since the end of Mystery of the Emblem, they have been strengthening and gaining a stronger hold on Archanea, claiming the towns of Reld and Sarrow.