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WareZ (or WareZ Technologies) Is an ARG created by WareZ. It follows the story of an experimental AI originally used for medical purposes.


On July 18th, 2018 a YouTube channel by the name of WareZ Technologies posted a video entitled LOOK AT ME which consisted of a still distorted image with slowed music playing, the music was identified as "The Vogues- Turn Around, Look at Me". The description of the video included:

One-Way Transmission Enabled...
Please call a Security Admin for further details, or contact us at:
[[email protected]].

Thank you for choosing WareZ Technologies!

ERR_SYS_CONNECTION: Unauthorized Entry in Line 32..
Displaying Captured Data:
104 116 116 112 115 58 47 47 119 119 119 46 
121 111 117 114 119 111 114 108 100 111 102 
116 101 120 116 46 99 111 109 47 126 87 97 
114 101 90 47 119 97 114 101 122 116 101 99 
104 110 111 108 111 103 105 101 115

When decoded the description led to a Your World Of Text page, which depicted what looked to be a diagnostics console. The information of which included many encoded messages in various forms, along with various snippets of Email templates and conversations. A full transcript of the page could not be acquired due to issues copying the text from the site, but a partial transcript is available here. (Comments are included on parts of the diagram that have been decoded) One section of the site decoded to a file url available here which provided more information to the story.

Other videos have since been posted to the Youtube channel, providing clues and insight into the story. In the YouTube channel's about section a link to a twitter was found. On the twitter was a link to a wordpress site. (Which was mostly blank at the time of discovery.)

Wordpress site and .RAR

During this time, players attempted to transcript the YWOT site, which proved difficult, unfourtanetly, the site was later updated, stating that the system had crashed and could not display any diagnostic information that players were attempting to transcript. Not long after, players noticed that the wordpress site had been updated. The site had been changed to provide a timeline of the company's accomplishments and history, along with a report from "The Overseer"

Just call me the Overseer. I was following the events about that…thing. We need to stop it from killing more people.
Anyway, I don’t have much time, since I lost contact with the Laboratory as well.
But it is alive. With all those voices urging for blood.
I made an archive just before the connection lost. The file contains a text with a special Group Name and password, if you haven’t cracked it yet.
Meet me there, so we can talk face to face.

Do not trust “her”. She is too much of a risk. We need to get rid of it.

With best regards:
File attached:
[Decryption In Progress..Estimated Time:DONE]


The link directed to a .RAR file, protected with a password. The password to the RAR file was guessed as "Vanessa" by players using information from the timeline page, YWOT site, and twitter. Inside the RAR file were many portions of text that were included in the now deleted YWOT site, along with new codes and copies of the videos that had been posted to the Youtube channel. Some of the videos and audio recordings included were found to have music tracks hidden in them by a method of slowing them down and reversing them.

Song RAR File YT video
The Vogues- Turn Around, Look at Me TURN_AROUND.mp4 LOOK AT ME
Unknown Opera(?) Song Site_Cam_MHall.avi Cam_MainHall
You Are My Sunshine Miss_You_Daddy.mp3 53 56 39 4e...