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Gender Female
Status Unknown
Location Archanea simulation
Affiliation Resistance
ARG appearances Mystery of the Emblem, In Reality
First appearance 2016-03-28

Sara was a Fire Emblem unit who fought against AWBO in Archanea.

Mystery of the Emblem

Sara joined forces with Josh during the attack on Senlo by AWBO. She later successfully explored the tower with him and investigated Sarrow to track down AWBO. However, she later returned to Senlo, now under AWBO control, and was quickly killed.

The post-ARG AMA explained more about her character:

Sara was quite different too, but mostly in what her part was supposed to be. The original idea was that she'd be fighting against Josh's regime or whatever other horrible things happened at the end of his part. She was going to be strong and determined for justice, but I think that got lost because I screwed up when I introduced her. In hindsight, I shouldn't have had Josh save her, she should've joined up another way. I still tried to make sure she didn't appear weak and dependent on Josh, but it felt odd to have her experienced with fighting when she was just nearly killed. Her character ended up a bit of a mess and, to be honest, you lot were right to get rid of her.

In Reality

On Sara's Log, an AWBO fighter claims to be Sara. She is writing in a "diary-type thing", which appears as a blog in 2016. Since the end of Mystery of the Emblem, she has become "almost a leader" of the resistance but does not know where the resistance is now. She has been gathering information in the hopes of wiping out AWBO, now growing in strength after the defeat at the final base.

It is unknown whether or not this is the same Sara, but she that she is unreliable if trustrworthy.