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This page summarizes various incidents that were a part of the Dawn Bloom ARG. In some cases, more information about an incident can be found by clicking the link at the start of each section.

First Transformation

See First Transformation for more information.

Second Transformation

See Second Transformation for more information.

Third Transformation

See Third Transformation for more information.

Turkey Mountain

See Turkey Mountain for more information.

Hostage Situation

See Hostage Situation for more information.

Drone Launch Site Raid

See Drone Launch Site Raid for more information.

On 2017-02-22, a complied report was provided to Q98A66 with a list of possible sites that the drones operating in False Point and other areas were coming from. On 2017-03-12 after investigating the various sites a raid was called based on a chain of events stemming from Project Oceanology where strange drone activity was detected. Project Oceanology, Pine Island Marina, Groton New-London Airport and Mystic Shipyard LLC were all taken control over with Mystic Shipyard LLC being what appears to be the Main Base of Operations for the drones. A major engagement occurred at the Shipyard involving drones equipped with rift based weapons, rift entities that this operation had been capturing and using Diagnostic as a biological weapon to fight the entities and triggering the Sleeper entity in him that leveled the site. Cleanup is currently ongoing.

Attempted Kidnapping at 212

See Attempted Kidnapping at 212 for more information.

After discussion with agents on Discord about communication with Bud on 2017-03-19, Liaison left to take a smoke break. During this period, Control was in a meeting with Lphabeta’s CEO and a few other employees and Tactical was at the nearby park walking Flower, the unofficial dog of the team. On his way back from the park Tactical noticed a large gathering of people near 212 that seemed to be playing Pokemon GO until he noticed 2 EMTs with the group and an ambulance sitting nearby which made agents on the discord suspect. Upon noticing a body that was covered by a sheet in the ambulance a more careful observation was done on the group and it appeared the majority were armed with two approaching Liaison and another with a gun trained on him. Agents discussed methods to deal with the situation which ended up leading to Brain throwing a Molotov at the ambulance and running off causing the large group to be distracted, allowing Tactical a chance to rescue Liaison after he was taken to a nearby bathroom. Tactical killed one enemy agent and captured another with Liaison no worse for wear. All members of Q98 got away, including the captured enemy agent, as police were called in to re secure 212.

Lphabeta Double Date

See Lphabeta Double Date for more information.