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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Shortly after Diagnostic was injured in the first drone attack, Control went rogue chasing after enemy agents. She placed 5 trackers and activated all of them, possibly in an attempt to obfuscate her location.
Trackers all come from one GPS point then send data based on a maintained 'average speed'
So we know about how far an object travels from a location, but not exactly where.
Sorry, but there were five activated. We don't know why Control did this, but we assume one is her data

Tracker One
Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291<br>

Tracker Two
Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291<br>
30mins ~ 3hr20min

Tracker Three
Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291<br>
50mins ~ 1hr10mins

Tracker Four
Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291<br>
30mins ~ 8hr43mins

Tracker Five
Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291<br>
50mins ~ 1Hr30mins

A second dataset was given later

Tracker One
Latitude: 41.306176 | Longitude: -72.93613

Erratic small movement, likely an animal

Tracker Two
Latitude: 41.306176 | Longitude: -72.93613

Erratic small movement, likely an animal

Tracker Four
Latitude: 40.161734 | Longitude: -75.465299

Erratic small movement, likely an animal 

Tactical regrouped with Liaison and Brain, and they went on to search for (and locate) the two trackers that had arrived in New Haven. The two trackers were found to be attached to canisters in the possession of two homeless women from Boston that Control or another agent had paid to go to New Haven and wait for Liaison et al. Upon the group's arrival, they pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a message on the ground in chalk (blue). Brain wrote two other messages in chalk (orange and yellow). Immediately after writing those two messages, he said "I don't speak that" and then lost consciousness (from approximately 8am EST to 7pm EST).

The blue message was written in hobo code, and translated (roughly) to:

If you are sick, they'll care for you
Doctor here, won't charge
Vicious dog here
Be prepared to defend yourself
You'll be cursed out
Authorities here are alert
Thieves are about

The orange we believed was Enochian, but had difficulty getting a translation that made sense. One possible translation:


The yellow appeared to be Ogham, and possibly translated to:


LPHABETA is a company funded by Aconite Capital, who are linked to SIGIL. Evidence of direct SIGIL involvement triggered a parameter for Q98A66, leading Liaison to open an envelope with the Black Watchmen logo. He refused to share the contents of the envelope with the agents in Discord until getting approval from Control.


On the 22nd, we were finally briefed on the contents of the letter that Liaison opened as a result of a parameter being 'tripped'. The letter indicated that Q98A66 now has an additional objective-- compromise Lphabeta. Lphabeta is apparently not a real company, and instead is an Aconite Capital funded front for a mobilized division of SIGIL, who are also chasing the aberrant signal or may have information on the source. Liaison has also indicated that this engagement is now considered 'black' or terminal-- anyone directly exposed is not expected to survive. Ideally, this means only the members of Q98A66, but if any agent involved in the mission were to be compromised somehow, they could be at risk.

Control and Tactical were working together, having grouped up in Pennsylvania. Their current objective was infiltrating Lphabeta through the Pennsylvania facility, with the goal of acquiring the data from signal #3 that we were unable to capture ourselves. Control apparently stopped by Liaison's office from time to time, but didn't seem to be staying onsite with him long term. Their goal was to infiltrate the organization, and then send out documents from the compromised location to agents working on the operation. Any agents who wanted to receive these documents (knowing that it does increase the likelihood of them being targeted by SIGIL) were instructed to email their mailing address to [[email protected] [email protected]].

The two canisters that were recovered in New Haven apparently contained water from the Atlantic Ocean. Liaison hypothesized that there is some microbial agent within them, or SIGIL is harvesting something that is generated by the aberrant signals in the water. Further analysis of the water by the science team should shed more light on their role in this scheme. Liaison indicated about a week later that Medical was given these samples, prior to joining the Taskforce.


Liaison indicated in the chat that they had what they believed was Transmission #3, as well as 4 transmissions recorded from Pearl Harbor (which are both on AM and FM spectra), on an encrypted drive. It was decided that Lexic_Meise would be the agent to receive the drive and (hopefully) decrypt its contents.


Control stopped by the Discord for a short while to update agents on progress in responding to letters, and also told us that she was currently having dinner with the CEO of Lphabeta. She said that it was going similarly to the Vice interview with Martin Shkreli.


A twitter account for Lphabeta Inc. was discovered, although the majority of it seems to be retweets of spam bots. Control said this is because they, themselves, are basically a spam bot at this point. The purpose of their twitter seems to be simply creating an illusion of content rather than using it as a communication platform. By looking at their recently discovered twitter timeline, we decided they were likely interested in wearable biotech, as well as vein scanning tools.


Control gave her version of the events of the Boston incident in the Discord, which were compiled by agents.

Alright, well after a while of observing I realized it wasn't going anywhere, they sent a stooge, you know like liaison. Well I gambled that whoever sent her to the location likely didn't have anything more than a name on Ms. Alma Oakley.
I was correct in my assumption. and now much like @Kokuei will be I assumed  her identity. Changing my appearance to look similar enough to her that the no one who had seen her in passing since her arrival would question it.
It turns out Lphabeta really liked the work they had gotten from Alma, infact she had just sent in a rather stellar resume for an opening in their office of human research.
Not long after I gained control of her devices I was contacted by someone, who instructed me to pick up the canisters and bring them to new york.
The observation team listening in on her calls allowed me to recognize the voice and confirm their connection
Prior to the mission I had prepared several possible pawns. I activated  and instructed to go to their various locations. I figured tactical could figure it out.
After handing off the canisters and placing various devices, I began using tactics to ward off any possible counter intelligence. At this point I still was unsure of exactly who I was infiltrating.
Anyway they're extremely unorganized so I was kind of able to ensure that Alma got hired and wit her new clearance level I was able to get rid of any trace of the canisters from their system.
Agent on Discord: So when you had given the two trackers to the two homeless people that relayed that message to us in hobo code, what info were you specifically trying to give us?

Control : And I didn't send the message until I had already arrived in Penn
The message informed Q98A66 that coming to me could potentially cure diagnostic
but there was danger so I needed tactical to be prepared
once there it was actually very simple as a pfizer employee to see what was going on with Lphabeta.
As for Brain, yes I had hoped that the homeless women would leave the chalk for him to have some fun. I hadn't expected him to draw directly over my message.
As for a cure I believe that there are assets or personnel on this campus that could lead me to one if one is possible.


During the operation an idea was pitched as a means to try and gather more information from Lphabeta but it required an agent to assist. This method went through several changes ultimately ending up in a double date with the agent and Control with two people from Lphabeta, one being the head of HR within the organization. This operation was conducted on 2017-03-24 and the full details of the operation can be found on the Lphabeta Double Date page. In the end the operation was a success though in ways that were not expected by capturing several key people from Lphabeta including the CEO and obtaining info from Virgin Sacrifice after the field agent was glasswicked.

It was also during this time that it was found that Lphabeta had purchased the 212 Showroom company which was where Q98A66's safehouse was located.


Following some inquiries to Control about future leaks from Lphabeta it was found that mail from the 212 safehouse was most likely getting intercepted by an outside party but was unknown if it was Lphabeta or SIGIL doing so. Its believed that this interception was what led to the 212 Showroom getting purchased by Lphabeta and the incident outside 212. The contents of the leaks were files that Control's cover identity, Alma, had access to and is leading her to be concerned that her identity may be compromised but so far no moves against her have been made.

Unknown Twitter Messages


Full list and description of wip for all Twitter posts can be found here.

Starting on 2017-03-11, some activity that was unusual for Lphabeta started to occur on their Twitter. Namely on this day they posted up a video they had made when normally they are just doing mass retweets of other things. It was in this video that some sort of hidden message was found starting at around 16s in when a moon with Morse code beside it appeared in the top right corner of the video and persists till 21s when it faded out. Also during this period some mild buzzing can be heard in the audio that also corresponds to Morse code. Neither Morse has yet to be fully translated as the quality of the video and difficulty isolating audio has caused problems.

Video Translation
Video Morse: -.. .--. .-.. -.-. ??
Audio Morse: -.. .--. ??


On 2017-03-13, Lphabeta posted another media related post on Twitter. In this case a gif was posted up with the message about looking for new recruits. As the gif plays through it was discovered that Morse code was in the background and efforts were made to translate it. Using various image editing methods agents managed to get clearer views of the Morse with the following being some of the attempts:

After some time reviewing the following translation was formed:

Morse: ...-- -....- .---- ..... -....- .---- ....- -....- .---- ....- -....- ..... -....- ...-- -....- ..--- ----- -....- ----. -....- .---- ..... -....- .---- -....- .---- --... -....- ..--- ----- -....- .---- ---.. -....- .---- ....- -....- .---- ----.
Translation: 3-15-14-14-5-3-20-9-15-1-17-20-18-14-19


In honor of Pi day Lphabeta made pie themed tweets (1,2) on their twitter, this time the pictures were inconsequential but the messages were the important part. In particular both tweets had what appeared to be the number PI in them but in actuality the numbers deviated from the actual value of PI at certain points. These values were then able to be converted to letters as follows:

Almond Pie Tweet
PI from tweet: 3.1415926531951449147851212152313751
Deviation from PI: 1951449147851212152313751
Separated out: 19-5-14-4-9-14-7-8-5-12-12-15-23-13-7-5-1

Ice Cream Tweet
PI from tweet: 3.141592619971411218535922541912152393
Deviation from PI: 19971411218535922541912152393
Separated out: 19-9-7-14-1-12-18-5-3-5-9-22-5-4-19-12-15-23-9-3


On 2017-03-18 Lphabeta posted a normal looking tweet but again a hidden side to the message appeared to be present. In this case it seemed like there was perhaps a secret in the text and the image. In the case of the text random words had out of place spaces leading agents to believe that those words were significant and came up with the following:

Original message: We love when a plan  comes together in a very  successful  way! Are you excited for our launch ? #business #startup #success  #soon
Filtered message: plan very successful launch #success

Although not fully understood yet, according to one agent his phone when viewing the image recognized strings of numbers so the dots in the image were extended and inverted which lead to the creation of a bar code of sorts as seen below: