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This page is a listing of personnel and organizations associated with the Dawn Bloom ARG.

Special Taskforce Q98A66

See also: Special Taskforce Q98A66

This operation involves interaction with Special Task force Q98A66, which we have been told stands for Query 98, Admin 66. Q98A66 has 7 members, 4 of which are from the original team. They are identified by handles that signify their role on the taskforce.

Adjective Alpha

See also: Adjective Alpha

Adjective Alpha is a stray cat adopted by the Taskforce. She has been involved in some minor incidents.

The Expedition

See also: Faunus 2 Expedition

Also called the 'Faunus 2 Expedition', this group has been in contact with the Agents in this operation solely through radio signals that coincide with moon phases. They appear to be trapped in an alternate world of sorts.

Peter Moon

See also: Peter Moon

Peter Moon is an author notable for his writings on the Montauk Project and surrounding conspiracies. He's been retained as a sort of expert for the operation.

Ebon Guard

See also: Ebon Guard

presumably some military organisation from Bud's world.


See also: Poltate


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