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Real name Unknown
Gender Unknown
Status Alive
Location New Los Angeles, 2058
Affiliation Independent
Website Yukimura's Blog
Reddit account /u/mysteryoftheemblem
Twitter account
ARG appearances Mystery of the Emblem, In Reality
First appearance 2016-03-26

Yukimura, also known as the Mystery or ? ? ?, is a Miran programmer in 2058. They are also the mysterious controller of the Archanea world.

Mystery of the Emblem


The /u/mysteryoftheemblem reddit account that originally posted the ARG's trailhead has a flair for the Fire Emblem Fates character Yukimura, whose class is Mechanist, also known as "Puppetmaster".

In the log

A character named only as "? ? ?" appears a few times in the log, usually to comment on one of the character's deaths or the introduction of a new character. One of the txt files found during the ARG also mentions its author being a "Mechanist". It is implied that Yukimura has some form of control over the Archanea world, but the extent of this is unknown.

The ARG's real creator confirmed that they are all the same character in the post-ARG AMA:

The Mystery, also known as ? ? ? or Yukimura, is the mysterious puppetmaster that kept appearing. They're not supposed to strictly represent me, though. They're the manipulating force that sets everything up, although their motives are unknown.

In Reality

Yukimura first appeared in In Reality on 2016-07-11. They live forty-two years into the future, on the planet Mira from Xenoblade Chronicles X. It was revealed that they created Mystery of the Emblem because of their love of Fire Emblem as well as wanting to use a "natural speech library" found in the archives. However, they do not seem to be involved in the return of Sara.